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Sep 5, 2018
The Decemberists - Once In My Life
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The Decemberists are a Grammy-nominated five-piece band from Portland, Oregon. They released their first album in 2001, and since then they’ve put out seven more, including the 2018 album I’ll Be Your Girl. In this episode, singer and guitarist Colin Meloy breaks down The Decemberists’ song “Once In My Life," from his first demo, to the final tracks they recorded in the studio.

Strong Songs
Strong Songs
Kirk Hamilton
"Hide and Seek" by Imogen Heap
Where are we? What the hell is going on? Oh right, we're here with our podcast device, listening to an episode of Strong Songs. On this episode, Kirk dives into Imogen Heap's one-woman choral masterwork "Hide and Seek," taking a closer look at the technologies and processes Heap used to get that bewitching sound, her striking use of breath and dynamic contrast, and the many subtle ways she took the oh-so familiar "four chords" and made them sound unique. Written by: Imogen Heap Album: Speak for Yourself (2005) Listen/Buy: Apple Music | Amazon | Spotify ALSO FEATURED/DISCUSSED: * “Let Go” by Frou Frou from Details, 2002 * “Headlock” and “The Moment I Said It” from Speak For Yourself, 2005 * “Even Better than the Real Thing” by U2 from Achtung Baby, 1991 * iZotope’s helpful history of the vocoder: * An excerpt from Heap’s 2015 Tedx talk about the development of her Mi.Mu gloves: * Some more cool demonstrations of the gloves: OUTRO SOLOIST: Erik Elligers Erik is a Connecticut-based multi-instrumentalist and music educator. He plays saxophone with the New London Big Band and sings and plays guitar for the fabulous band Goodnight Blue Moon - check them out, you won't regret it: STRONG MERCH! Visit the Strong Songs merch store for some cool t-shirts, mugs, totes, and more: KEEP IT SOCIAL You can follow Strong Songs on Twitter @StrongSongs: And you can find Kirk on Twitter @Kirkhamilton and on Instagram at @Kirk_Hamilton: NEWSLETTER/MAILING LIST Sign up for Kirk's mailing list to start getting monthly-ish newsletters with music recommendations, links, news, and extra thoughts on new Strong Songs episodes: STRONG PLAYLISTS Kirk has condensed his Strong Songs picks into a single new list, which you can find on Spotify and Apple Music, and YouTube Music. SUPPORT STRONG SONGS ON PATREON! Thank you so much to all of Strong Songs' Patreon supporters - you make this all possible. For more on how to support the creation of Strong Songs, go here: JANUARY 2021 WHOLE-NOTE PATRONS Patrick Funston Jamie White Johanna L. Branson Thomas König Angus McKimm Christopher Kupski Christopher McConnell Joshua Jarvis Rick Klaras Niko Laurie Acreman Ken Hirsh Jez Jenness Gardner Simon Cammell Guinevere Boostrom Narelle Horn Nathaniel Bauernfeind Bill Rosinger Anne Britt David Zahm Erin Aidan Coughlan Jeanneret Manning Family Four Matt Butler Doug Paton Robert Paul R Watson Viki Dun Christer Lindqvist Sami Samhuri Craig J Covell AccessViolation Ryan Torvik Merlin Mann Fraser Glenn CALEB ROTACH Andre Bremer Chad Barnard Mark Schechter Dave Florey Dan Apczynski JANUARY 2021 HALF-NOTE PATRONS Achint Srivastava Ryan Rairigh Michael Berman stephen matthews Bridget Lyons Melody Valdez Olivia Bishop Jeremy Schwartz John Gisselquist Elaine Martin Belinda Mcgrath-steer Eoin de Burca Kevin Potter M Shane Borders Pete Simm Shawn McCarthy Dallas Hockley Jana J Terron Ishihara Jason Gerry Rich Roskopf Melissa Gallo Joel Stevenson Will Dwyer Alethea Lee Lauren Reay Eric Prestemon Erika L Austin Cookies250 Damian Brady Angela Livingstone Jeffrey C. Yarnell David Friedman Phillip Dalton Christopher Cudnoski Mark Edwards Randall Browning Sarah Sulan Diane Hughes Kenneth Tiong Jo Sutherland David Catlett Joe Laska Michael Casner Michael York Barb Courtney Derek Bender Melanie Andrich Jen Small Don Hutchison Lowell Meyer Etele Illes Jeff Almond Stephen Tsoneff Lorenz Schwarz Becca Sample Wen Jack Sjogren Aparajit Raghavan Benedict Pennington Geoff Golden Robyn Fraser Alexander Geddes Pascal Rueger Randy Souza JC Brendan Jubb Clare Holberton Jake Tinsley Diane Turner Tom Coleman SUELLEN MOORE Judy Chapple Stuart Terry Mark Perry Malory Dhu Wik Mel Eric Helm Jake Roberts Briony Leo Bill Fuller Jonathan Daniels Steven Maron Michael Flaherty Jarrod Schindler Zoe Little Albukitty Caro Field Judith Stansfield Jenifer Carr michael bochner Duncan Dave Sharpe brant brantphillip Markus Koester David Cushman Alexander Jeremy Dawson Robbie Ferrero Gavin Doig Sam Fenn Tanner Morton AJ Schuster Jennifer Bush David Stroud Amanda Furlotti Andrew Baker Brooke Wilford Cyrus N. White Chris Brown Mark Haberlen Juan Carlos Montemayor Elosua Matt Gaskell Jules Bailey Eero Wahlstedt Bill Thornton Brian Amoebas Brett Douville Jeffrey Olson Matt Betzel Mueller Nate from Kalamazoo Melanie Stivers Richard Toller Alexander Polson John and Sharon Stenglein Tom Lauer Forrest Chang Earl Lozada Jon O’Keefe Justin McElroy Arjun Sharma Shane DeLeon James Johnson Andrew Lee Kevin Morrell Tom Clewer Kevin Pennyfeather Nicholas Schechter Justin Liew Emily Williams
58 min
Melody, Helen, and Janet
Episode 99: How Are Parents Coping With Today's Social & Political Climate? Feat. Asian American Parents
We are a couple of weeks into 2021, the year following an U.S. election year unlike any other many of us in our lifetime have, and perhaps ever will, experience. And though we are hot off the inauguration last night where Joe Biden and Kamala Harris were formally sworn into office, marking the start of a new presidency, the intensity and aftermath of the social and political landscape from 2020 continues to affect us all. Like many people, we have been feeling overwhelmed, and sometimes numb, by all that has happened, and continues to happen, in our world today. To help us understand, ground, and interpret the current world state from a different perspective than our own, we are going to speak with people we think have one of the hardest jobs when it comes to coping with today’s current events - parents. Thank you to Kelly Lang, Michael Banaag, and Divya Anand for sharing their stories and perspectives with us! And thank you to Divya for the resources below: - Parents pause!: Talking race with White and non-Black children. Dig Boston, Anand, D., (2020, June 18). - Think outside the book: Transformative justice using children’s literature in educational settings. Journal Of Curriculum Studies Research, 2(2), 122-143. (Pages 127-132) features a transformative justice questionnaire which would be useful for teachers and caregivers of young children, Anand, D., & Hsu, L. (2020). - COVID-19 and Black Lives Matter: Examining Anti-Asian Racism and Anti-Blackness in US Education. International Journal of Multidisciplinary Perspectives in Higher Education, 5(1), 190–199, Anand, D., & Hsu, L. (2020).  This episode was edited by Michelle Hsieh. ___ P A R T N E R S mentioned in this episode: - Function of Beauty: Get 20% off first purchase at - Issuu: Get a Free Account or 50% off a Premium Account at with code: ABG - Ned: Get 15% off first one-time order or 20% off first subscription order plus free shipping at or use code ABG at checkout. - Skillshare: Get 2-Week Trial of Premium Membership at - All of Us: A chance to get $25 gift card, personalized genetic results, and 1/10,000 fitbit devices at S U B S C R I B E T O U S ! - @asianbossgirl on Apple Podcasts / Spotify / YouTube / Instagram / Twitter / Facebook - More about us at E – M A I L U S ! - S U P P O R T U S ! - merch: - donation: --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. --- Send in a voice message:
1 hr 2 min
Script Apart
Script Apart
Script Apart
Terminator 2: Judgement Day with William Wisher
It’s the final episode of Script Apart season one, and here to help us say “hasta la vista” is William "Bill" Wisher, co-writer of the timeless Terminator 2: Judgement Day. Released thirty years ago this summer, the film was the most expensive blockbuster in Hollywood history upon release. The 1984 original had been a sleeper hit. Written and directed by James Cameron, The Terminator was a lean sci-fi slasher movie, in which the unstoppable killer was not a Freddy or Jason monster, but a machine, played by Arnold Schwarzenegger in a role that catapulted the Austrian to superstardom. Writing a sequel was a daunting task for James: how could he unleash on audiences a follow-up that retained the surprise and innovation of the first movie? To help answer this question, James turned to an old friend. Bill used to make DIY movies with James back home in the small town of Brea, California. He was an emerging screenwriter at the time, with some Hollywood experience but nothing of this scale and magnitude. The pair had a lot of big ideas and not a lot of time to come up with a function screenplay for T2. They knew they had to bring back Arnie, despite the exoskeletal assassin he played in the first film dying in that movie’s final moments. The challenge of bringing back the character in an organic, meaningful way was one problem. Getting Arnie to agree to the daring creative solution they came up with, they feared, might be another. T2 was frenzied, intense work for James and Bill, but worth it. The movie took no time at all to become regarded an action classic, grossing over $520m and introducing the world to more than one iconic catchphrase. Key to its success was the way Judgement Day added heart to the horror of the first movie, turning the 1984 original on its head by making the T-800 a good guy and giving him a tender relationship with future leader of the resistance John Connor, played by Edward Furlong. We spoke to Bill over Zoom from his home in California to hear how the foundations for Terminator 2 were laid out across six years’ worth of racquetball games with James Cameron. We also delve into the creation of the villainous T-1000, his own blink-and-you’ll-miss-it cameo in T2, and why Judgement Day is deep down a film about family. We’re already hard at work on season two of Script Apart, which we’re excited to bring you very soon. As Arnie might say: we’ll be back. Script Apart is a podcast about the first-draft secrets behind great movies. Each episode, the screenwriter behind a beloved film shares with us their initial screenplay for that movie. We then talk through what changed, what didn’t and why on its journey to the big screen. All proceeds go to Black Minds Matter UK, the NHS Charities Covid-19 Appeal and the Film and TV Charity. Script Apart is hosted by Al Horner and produced by Kamil Dymek, with music from Stefan Bindley-Taylor. You can follow Script Apart on Twitter and Instagram. You can also email us on
1 hr 25 min
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