Episode 82 - Practical Pumpkin Spice Magic
59 min


Hey friends and thank you so much for tuning in to the show! Today’s episode is pumpkin spiced and full of practical magic. I’ll be talking about the magical properties of pumpkins and the spice blend we use to flavour them – ie how magical IS your pumpkin spice latte, really? I’m also talking a bit about Practical Magic! This 90s rom-com is so popular with witches of my generation and the continuation of the series of books on which the movie is based has only dragged us all further and further into the world of the Owens witches. The newest installment – Magic Lessons – which tells the story of the OG Owens witch Maria has just come out. If it’s even half as good as Practical Magic and The Rules of Magic it should definitely be on your to-read list.



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The Witch Wave
The Witch Wave
Pam Grossman
#60 - Susan L. Aberth, Occult Art Doyenne
Susan L. Aberth is the Edith C. Blum Professor of the Art History and Visual Culture Program at Bard College, and a world-renowned expert on occult art and surrealism. Her 2004 book, Leonora Carrington: Surrealism, Alchemy and Art (Lund Humphries) helped introduce Carrington’s magical work to the masses. She also recently co-authored The Tarot of Leonora Carrington (Fulgur Press, 2020) with Mexican curator Tere Arcq, which is an analysis of Carrington’s tarot paintings and original major arcana deck. Susan has also contributed to Surrealism and Magic, Guggenheim Venice (2021); Not Without My Ghosts (2020, Traveling exhibition in England); Agnes Pelton: Desert Transcendentalist (Phoenix Art Museum, 2019), Juanita Guccione: Otherwhere (Napa Valley Museum, 2019), Surrealism, Occultism and Politics: In Search of the Marvelous (Routledge Press, 2018), Leonora Carrington: Cuentos Magicos (Museo de Arte Moderno & INBA, Mexico City, 2018), Unpacking: The Marciano Collection (Delmonico Books, Prestel, 2017), and Leonora Carrington and the International Avant-Garde (Manchester University Press, 2017), as well as to Abraxas: International Journal of Esoteric Studies, Black Mirror, and Journal of Surrealism and the Americas. She received her B.A. from UCLA, M.A. from the Institute of Fine Arts, New York University, and her Ph.D. from the Graduate Center, City University of New York. On this episode, Susan discusses her groundbreaking scholarship on Leonora Carrington’s occult art oeuvre, the newly discovered Carrington Tarot, and how bewitching women change the world. Pam also speaks about gratitude magic, and answers a listener question about how to give thanks for a priceless gift. Our sponsors for this episode are Luna Lux Botanicals, BetterHelp, Clarissa Eck Ceramics, Mithras Candle, Zouz Incense
1 hr 29 min
The Strology Show
The Strology Show
The Strology
15. Lunar Nodes & Eclipses
The Strology Show Season 1 Finale is here! Previous guests of the show Bear Ryver, Diana Rose Harper & Sabrina Monarch join Kirah again to discuss the lunar nodes and eclipses. The discussion starts off with a discussion about the nodes and what they mean in the birth chart, planets square the nodes, and nodal synastry (aka nodal contact). In the second part of the interview, they discuss eclipses and what tends to happen around eclipses. Kirah will be back with Season 2 of The Strology Show in February 2021! Until then be sure to catch up on all 15 episodes of Season! Check out the December webinars for Fresh Voices In Astrology featuring Sabrina Monarch on 12/5 speaking about The Craft of Astrological Writing & Forecasting and Mo on 12/19 speaking on The Place of Acquisition aka The 11th House. Bear Ryver http://www.psycheandsoulastrology.com/ (psycheandsoulastrology.com) http://www.instagram.com/astral.ids (@astral.ids) on Instagram http://www.twitter.com/astral_ids (@Astral_ids) on Twitter Diana Rose Harper https://my.captivate.fm/www.ddamascenaa.com (www.ddamascenaa.com) https://www.instagram.com/ddamascenaa/ (@ddamascenaa) on Instagram https://twitter.com/ddamascenaa (@ddamascenaa) on Twitter Sabrina Monarch http://www.monarchastrology.com/ (monarchastrology.com) https://sabrinamonarch.mykajabi.com/eaintensive (Sabrina's Evolutionary Astrology Course) The next evolutionary astrology intensive (Pluto based astrology) begins January 2021! https://my.captivate.fm/www.instagram.com/sabrinamonarch (@sabrinamonarch )on Instagram https://my.captivate.fm/www.twitter.com/sabrina_monarch (@sabrina_monarch) Twitter https://my.captivate.fm/facebook.com/monarchastrology (Sabrina Monarch) on Facebook Me, Kirah Tabourn http://www.thestrology.com (www.thestrology.com) https://thestrologyshow.captivate.fm/episode/www.instagram.com/thestrology (@thestrology) on Instagram https://thestrologyshow.captivate.fm/episode/www.twitter.com/thestrology_ (@thestrology_)on Twitter Here's the link to the https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4kLKW9LIHLOiIIcc8qt1UA?view_as=subscriber (Youtube) page where you can watch the video version of this interview. Support the show and get some cool perks:  http://patreon.com/thestrologyshow (patreon.com/thestrologyshow)  Many thanks to our awesome podcast editor https://my.captivate.fm/www.instagram.com/pvc_prowler (@pvc_prowler) Thanks, and talk to you again in Feb 2021! Support this podcast
2 hr 13 min
Tarot for the Wild Soul with Lindsay Mack
Tarot for the Wild Soul with Lindsay Mack
Lindsay Mack, founder of Wild Soul Healing
143. Monthly Medicine: December is You are Enough
December is a bridge month, a cycle ripe with massive energetic thresholds and wild opportunities for transformative change. We will be in an Eclipse portal until December 14th, and a week later, on December 21st, we will move through the Solstice and The Great Conjunction, Jupiter conjunct Saturn in Aquarius. We are preparing for our shift into 2021, a Hierophant year, a year that will invite us like never before to say yes to ourselves, to step into our truth, power, and integrity, to know in our bones that we are enough. The entire month of December (and all of it’s astrological and energetic invitations) is devoted to assisting us in clearing and releasing anything that separates us from the belief, the knowing, that we are inherently worthy, potent, powerful, intuitive, capable, and whole. In today’s episode, we will dive into the Wild Soul Collective Reading for the month ahead, Tarot cards for Sagittarius season, Tarot cards for the Great Conjunction, the medicine of Eclipse season, and so much more. WILD SOUL COLLECTIVE READING FOR DECEMBER Card for the month ahead: Seven of Swords The card that is showing up as our teacher: Queen of Cups The lesson of the month ahead: Five of Wands What are we complete with?: Justice, Rx What are we making space for?: Queen of Swords The card that is helping to move us into 2021: Three of Pentacles CWs: The content in this episode contains references to trauma, ancestral trauma, grief, physical illness, injury, and pain, systemic oppression, racism, capitalist structures, and environmental degradation. To read the transcript for this episode: https://bit.ly/3mGR9Ck LINKS The Threshold: The Hierophant, 2021, and Your Year Ahead is open for enrollment! https://lindsaymack.com/threshold2021 Courses & Classes: https://lindsaymack.com/coursesandclasses Sign up for my newsletter: https://lindsaymack.com/mailing-list My sweet friend Alia Walson, a brilliant Tarot worker (and friend of the pod) is looking to our community for support during a time of huge transition! To donate & learn more: https://gf.me/u/y47fzz ABOUT THE PODCAST Welcome to Tarot for the Wild Soul, a Tarot podcast for soul centered evolution, hosted by Lindsay Mack. Tarot for the Wild Soul explores the Tarot through an inclusive, trauma informed perspective, rooted in compassion, common sense, and critical thinking. Through a weaving of intuitively channeled downloads, answers to listener questions, and lessons around the cards, Tarot for the Wild Soul explores the Tarot as helpful, applicable medicine that can provide nourishment and clarity to us in our day to day lives. ABOUT LINDSAY Lindsay Mack is a queer intuitive Tarot teacher, writer, and the host of the Tarot for the Wild Soul podcast. Lindsay is the creator of Soul Tarot, a reinterpretation and intentional utilization of the Tarot as a healing tool, one that can assist us in differentiating the noise of our brain from the truth of our soul. Soul Tarot is a fusion of Lindsay’s 24 years of experience reading and studying Tarot, her work with her mentor, her own healing journey through complex PTSD/chronic illness, and channeled wisdom from her Guides. Through her regularly sold out workshops, retreats and online Tarot courses, Lindsay has had the profound honor of teaching Soul Tarot to thousands of people from all around the world. As a joyful and healthy survivor of childhood abuse, trauma & PTSD, Lindsay is passionately dedicated to honoring and helping to bring space, light and healing to those who are experiencing mental, emotional or physical suffering. It was the healing from a breakdown in 2014 that fully birthed her into this sacred work and onto her soul path. It is an organic part of her healing work with the Tarot, and she is honored to be sharing these offerings to those who feel called to them. WEBSITE: www.lindsaymack.com PODCAST EDITOR: Chase Voorhees PODCAST ART: Chelsea Iris Granger
1 hr 24 min
Witchy Woman Podcast
Witchy Woman Podcast
DaNae Sweet
I Get A Palm Reading - From Kalem Turner Palmistry Expert
I Get A Palm Reading - From Kalem Turner Palmistry Expert I sent my hand pictures to Kalem Turner and he did the reveal and reading live in our WW Coven group on Facebook! It was an amazing and spot on reading! I had no idea all that information was right there on my hands! Want to learn palmistry? Kalem is offering live and recorded classes! All classes are on Sundays. Class 1 is 6th of December. Class 2 is the 13th December. Class 3 is 20th December. Class 4 is 27th December. Class 5 is 3rd January. Class 6 is 10th January. Class 7 is 17th January. All are held at 7PM (UK time). Contact him directly to save you spot! First class will be covering the history of palmistry, flexibility, colour/consistency in the hands and fingernails. Class 2 is hand shapes including the three worlds, 4 elements and 7 archetypes. Class 3 is planets in hand, the mounts and relationship to astrology. Class 4 is life line/health line. Class 5 is head line, heart line and lines of affection. Class 6 is saturn & apollo lines. Class 7 is minor lines and signs in the hand. All classes expect the first will include example pictures sent by email. Each class is £10, weekly payment options available. Contact him here at https://www.facebook.com/fortunebykalem or https://www.instagram.com/fortunebykalem/ Join the WW Coven Join the coven to get access to our Classes in the WW Coven Group! Check out all the info at the link below! Join our online coven here: www.patreon.com/witchywomanpodcast Sign Up for my Newsletter HERE Patreon Sponsors Looking for 2 sponsors this quarter! Must be able to do a one hour class for our Citrine Patreon group! Email me for more information! witchywomanpodcast@gmail.com Merchandise, Cool Witchy Stuff & More HERE Social Media Contact Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Witchy-Woman-Podcast-1262580323895712 Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/witchywomanfriends/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/witchywomanpodcast/ YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC41GDEA0c1fGHRpC22nqx6w Twitter: https://twitter.com/DaNae_Sweet_ Snail Mail: to DaNae Sweet PO Box 333 Hyannis, NE 69350
57 min
That Witch Life
That Witch Life
That Witch Life
Episode 61: Shadow Magick With Kate Freuler
As always, a profound thanks to our sponsors! See below for listener specials! What is Shadow work? Why is it helpful for Witches? Kate Freuler, author of Of Blood and Bones Magick joins us to discuss the power in stepping outside the “love and light only” framework. We discuss working with the dark moon, common misconceptions about cursing, and the use of blood or bodily fluids in spellwork. We also explore the ethical use of animal components in Magick, along with modern day sacrifices (they aren’t what you might think they are!). Kanani’s husband reviews “The Craft” for us. Listen out for the new word Kanani claims she made up: “Witch-ism!” A listener is struggling with imposter syndrome with regard to their spirituality. How can they feel more comfortable with embracing the title of Witch? Show notes and audio transcript at thatwitchlife.com. Support the show: Patreon.com/thatwitchlife Ko-fi.com/thatwitchlifepodcast etsy.com/shop/thatwitchlifepodcast * Manifest The Change You Want To See In Yourself And The World Around You through Sacred Mists Academy. Visit sacredmistsacademy.com for free enrollment (a $30 savings) when using the code WITCHLIFE at registration. Available until 12/31/2020.* Looking for Magickal supplies? To get 10% off your purchase of $35 or more at Sacred Mists Shoppe, go to sacredmists.com and use code WITCHLIFE at check-out.* Since 1901, Llewellyn has been at the forefront of holistic and metaphysical publishing and thought. Save 20% on their incredible titles during Llewellyn’s holiday sale at llewellyn.com!* Check out the Opal Oracle Cards, a vibrant and joyful oracle deck, in which readers can dive more deeply into a path of self-compassion and reveal to themselves love that exists in the world around them.
1 hr 17 min
The Holistic Herbalism Podcast
The Holistic Herbalism Podcast
CommonWealth Center for Holistic Herbalism
A Case Study: Herbs and Nightmares
Dreaming matters: it’s a critical part of our identity-building and experience-processing work, and vital to our ability to regulate our emotions. But not all dreams are good. When nightmares happen, especially if they happen chronically, they can make dreaming itself feel unsafe. But never fear: when we need help we can always turn to herbs, and nightmares are no exception. In this episode we present a very personal case study about working with herbs and nightmares to improve one’s relationship with dreaming. This is katja’s story, and it’s a story involving trauma from assault, which led to nightmares for more than a decade. It was exacerbated by an abusive living situation – as Katja puts it, “like microdosing the original traumatic experience”. The work she engaged in, with the help of plants, was about building agency in dreams. This effort paralleled work she did in waking life, building healthier boundaries and developing her own empowerment. These efforts supported each other – each one helped the other proceed. Of course, nightmares and poor sleep are connected – nightmares lead to dread of sleep, poor sleep worsens nightmares. So the approach is to combine herbs for dream work – cultivating feelings of safety, lessening fear of dreaming & dread of sleep – together with a comprehensive sleep protocol, plus herbs that helping her build agency in her waking life. Herbs discussed include: mugwort, motherwort, ghost pipe, yarrow, blue vervain, ginger, chamomile, skullcap, passionflower, linden, hawthorn, tulsi, wood betony, rose, nettle, elecampane, st john’s wort, sage, elderflower, calamus. Interested in deepening your dreaming? Want to explore herbs who can help you dream more vividly, or achieve lucidity in your dreams? Our mini-course on Herbs and Dreaming is for you! Learn key herbs from across the world (and probably in your backyard!) with oneirogenic activity. As always, please *subscribe, rate, & review* our podcast wherever you listen, so others can find it more easily. Thank you!! Our theme music is “Wings” by Nicolai Heidlas. Support the show (https://commonwealthherbs.com/supporters/)
1 hr 20 min
Love & Light Live Crystal Healing Podcast
Love & Light Live Crystal Healing Podcast
Ashley Leavy
Card Reading from the Heart: An Interview with Dana Whitby (Host of the Soul Rising Podcast)
Hi everyone and welcome. Today, I have the pleasure of re-interviewing the amazing Dana Whitby about card reading. Dana has been on the podcast before so you can go back and check out that previous episode because she always has so much to share.    Thank you so much for being here with us today again! Dana: Thank you so much for having me, Ashley. Ashley: So for those of you who remember Dana, you probably recall that she is the host of the Soul Rising Podcast, which is one of my faves. It is so worth binge listening to, so if you are in quarantine and you need something to do, the Soul Rising Podcast is so so perfect. I was wondering if you could tell everybody a little bit about your journey? You have so many roles in your work as an empath and a Healer. Dana: Yes, thank you so much, Ashley. First of all, I am just so excited to be here. I love spending time with you Ashley. So, I began my podcast journey almost two years ago, and this really was born out of a spiritual awakening that I had a few years prior. I started going down this path of wanting to heal myself and searching out different healing modalities. I had become certified in regression and hypnosis as well as Reiki -- I am also just interested in any homeo-healing modality that comes my way. My podcast is really a way to share what I have learned and the different ways that we can find to heal, because they are absolutely endless. I want to share them with my listeners to help ignite a passion for someone along that path. It has always been born out of wanting to heal myself and that goes way back into my childhood. I have a degree in Psychology and a master's degree in counseling. So those are kind of my more mainstream modalities that started me on this path. Eventually though that really dovetailed into a spiritual awakening that opened up so much more. So now I offer intuitive one-on-one Oracle readings and custom meditations. These really help my listeners deepen their practice with getting in touch with themselves, what is going on for them right now, and how to take their healing to a deeper level. Ashley: I think this is really cool because you have kind of created this podcast from your own journey taking others along the ride with you. You are like, come along with me as I discover all these things about healing and about myself, and about how we fit into the world. And now you are doing some more one-on-one kind of heart-level connections with people. You're getting to go a little bit deeper into the individual journeys and stories of each person. I'm wondering, how did this really come about for you? What was the driving factor behind deciding to incorporate readings into the healing work that you do? Could you also share a little bit about how that journey has evolved? I know there are so many of you listening or reading who want to do this kind of work. Dana is so courageous to really get going with it and do it. So Dana, we would love to hear that story. Dana: Yes. It really began almost five years ago. I went to a medium and at that time I was open to spiritual topics, but I did not know much about them. I knew I wanted to go to someone who would not just connect me with my dead grandmother, I wanted guidance. Because I felt so lost in my life and she gave me this beautiful reading and basically said to me you are an intuitive and you are not using your abilities and I just was so floored. I had this feeling like, "Who, me?" I did not think I was anything special at that point in my life. That was really how I felt about myself. So that really pushed me to start looking into my own intuition and to think, "Okay, well, if really everyone has intuition, how does it show up for me? What are my abilities? What can I do?" and so the medium that I saw began teaching intuitive listening courses. I was among her very first cohort in her class to take her intuitive listening class,
37 min
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