A Small Town Affair
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Their relationship started with an affair that ended two marriages. Now they wonder if there’s enough trust there to build something stable together.

By The Book
By The Book
Stitcher & Jolenta Greenberg, Kristen Meinzer
Epilogue: The House Witch
Kristen & Jolenta respond to listener questions about The House Witch by Arin Hiscock-Murphy Kristen and Jolenta's new book How to be Fine is available now [amazon.com]. You can subscribe to Jolenta and Kristen's show, We Love You (And So Can You) on Stitcher, Apple Podcasts [podcasts.apple.com], or wherever you listen to podcasts. We love hearing from you! CALL us at 302-49B-OOKS. Email us at kristenandjolenta@gmail.com, or tweet us @jolentag, @kristenmeinzer, or @bythebookpod. And if you haven't already, please join our By The Book Facebook community! https://www.facebook.com/groups/116407428966900/?source_id=475465442806687 [facebook.com] To get By the Book merch, head over to PodSwag.com: https://www.podswag.com/collections/by-the-book Check out Kristen's other podcasts! The Pursuit of Happier on Knowable https://knowable.fyi/courses/happiness [knowable.fyi] Innovation Uncovered https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/innovation-uncovered/id1516667844 [podcasts.apple.com] Movie Therapy with Rafer & Kristen https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/movie-therapy-with-rafer-kristen/id1508455193 [podcasts.apple.com] This episode is brought to you by: BetterHelp [betterhelp.com/btb [betterhelp.com]], Oscar Mayer [oscarmayer.com [oscarmayer.com]],  Indeed [indeed.com/bythebook [indeed.com]], Sanvello [sanvello.com/btb], Bona [bona.com/antibac], and Jelmar CLR [https://clrbrands.com/] See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.
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Food Psych Podcast with Christy Harrison
Food Psych Podcast with Christy Harrison
Christy Harrison, MPH, RD, CDN
#257: Body Image Beyond Weight, How to Push Back Against Body Ideals, and Unintentional Restriction with Nadia Craddock, Body-Image Researcher
Body-image researcher Nadia Craddock joins us to discuss body image beyond body size and weight, her experiences in inpatient eating-disorder treatment, colorism and its harmful effects on body image, how to push back against body ideals, and so much more. Plus, in Ask Food Psych, Christy answers a listener question about how to talk to a doctor who put you on an elimination diet that triggered an eating disorder. TW: This episode includes descriptions of Nadia’s traumatic experiences in long-term inpatient eating-disorder treatment, including mentions of self-harm. If this subject matter is likely to be troubling to you, please listen to the introduction for Christy's recommendation of sections to skip. Nadia Craddock is a body-image researcher. She is Research Fellow at the Centre for Appearance Research, at the University of the West of England in Bristol and is a member of the Dove Self Esteem Project partnership team. Nadia is currently leading the development and evaluation of a school-based body image intervention in Indonesia in collaboration with UNICEF Indonesia, the Dove Self Esteem Project, researchers at the University of Indonesia and the Indonesian Ministry of Education and Culture. Nadia co-hosts the Centre for Appearance Research's podcast, 'Appearance Matters' with Jade Parnell and co-costs 'The Body Protest' podcast with Honey Ross. Find her online at people.uwe.ac.uk/Person/NadiaCraddock. If you're ready to break free from diet culture once and for all, come check out Christy's Intuitive Eating Fundamentals online course. Christy's book, Anti-Diet, is available wherever you get your books. Order online at christyharrison.com/book, or at local bookstores across North America, the UK, Australia, and New Zealand. Grab Christy's free guide, 7 simple strategies for finding peace and freedom with food, for help getting started on the anti-diet path. For full show notes and a transcript of this episode, go to christyharrison.com/foodpsych. Ask your own question about intuitive eating, Health at Every Size, or eating disorder recovery at christyharrison.com/questions.
1 hr 36 min
Breaking Beauty Podcast
Breaking Beauty Podcast
Dear Media, Jill Dunn and Carlene Higgins
15+ Ways to Make Your Vanity Instagram-Worthy With Curation Queens Claire Mazur and Erica Cerulo of A Thing or Two
Who’s up for a little re-decorating while we’re spending so much time at home? The perfect duo to help us out are Brooklyn-based curation queens Claire Mazur and Erica Cerulo of A Thing or Two. You may remember them from the wildly popular (and sadly shuttered) e-commerce platform “Of a Kind,” where their knack for identifying the next big things in shopping and design landed them a spot on Forbes’ “30 Under 30” list, while Fashionista dubbed them the “Most Influential People in New York Fashion Right Now.” In today’s episode, Claire and Erica dish on every single thing you could want to create your dream beauty space, from the perfect double-duty vanity desk, to the best makeup organizers, to the ‘it’ wall colours, dry flower advice, shower curtains and more! (Guys, we even got excited about trash cans?! ) If you haven’t already, sign up for Claire and Erica’s “10 Things” newsletter, where they expand their enthusiasm for new discoveries across even more lifestyle topics. You won’t wanna shop for your home without their two cents! Btw - podswap alert! We will be featured on Erica and Claire’s show, A Thing or Two, this week, where we’re discussing the biggest beauty industry trends in 2020. For any products mentioned in this episode, check out our blog, where we’ve linked them all for you! www.breakingbeautypodcast.com/blog PROMO CODES: Thank you to our show partners. When you support them, you support the creation of Breaking Beauty Podcast! Aurate Aurate is fine jewelry, founded by women for women. For 15% off your first Aurate purchase, go to AurateNewYork.com/breakingbeauty and use promo code BREAKINGBEAUTY. Sakara Sakara is a wellness company that delivers organic, plant-rich meals and functional products to doorsteps nationwide. Sakara is offering our listeners 20% off their first order when they go to sakara.com/beauty or enter code BEAUTY at checkout. Hum Nutrition HUM creates vitamins for skin, body and mood, and they have a special offer just for our listeners: go to HUMNutrition.com and use code ​BEAUTY​ for 15% off your first order of $29 or more. Got Milk Learn more about milk’s nutrients at whatcantmilkdo.ca, because really, What can’t milk do? Get social with us and let us know what you think of the episode! Find us on Instagram, Twitter and ioin our private Facebook group , or give us a call and leave us a voicemail at 1-844-227-0302. *Disclaimer: Unless otherwise stated, all products reviewed are gratis media samples submitted for editorial consideration.* Hosts: Carlene Higgins and Jill Dunn Theme song, used with permission: Cherry Bomb by Saya Produced by Dear Media Studio
38 min
Good Ancestor Podcast
Good Ancestor Podcast
Layla F. Saad
Ep036: #GoodAncestor Dr. Jaiya John on Freedom Work
In this episode, I speak with a freedom worker, author, speaker, poet and youth mentor, Dr. Jaiya John. Dr. Jaiya John was born into foster care in New Mexico, and is an internationally recognized freedom worker, author, speaker, poet, and youth mentor. Dr. Jaiya is the founder of Soul Water Rising, a global rehumanizing mission that has donated thousands of Dr. Jaiya’s books in support of social healing, and offers scholarships to displaced and vulnerable youth. Dr. Jaiya writes, narrates, and produces, the I Will Read for You podcast, and is the founder of Freedom Project, a global initiative reviving traditional gathering and storytelling practices to fertilize social healing and liberation. He is a former professor of social psychology at Howard University, has authored numerous books, and has spoken to over a million people worldwide and audiences as large as several thousand, including national and international conferences, schools, Indigenous reservations and communities, prisons and detention centers, shelters, and colleges. Dr. Jaiya is a National Science Foundation fellow, and holds doctorate and master’s degrees in social psychology from the University of California, Santa Cruz, with a focus on intergroup relations and identity development. As an undergraduate, he attended Lewis & Clark College in Portland, Oregon, and lived in Kathmandu, Nepal, where he studied Tibetan Holistic Medicine through independent research with Tibetan doctors.
1 hr 25 min
Happier with Gretchen Rubin
Happier with Gretchen Rubin
Gretchen Rubin / The Onward Project
Ep. 297: Happier Podcast Book Club: Author Yaa Gyasi Talks about Family, Faith, Science, and Belonging in “Transcendent Kingdom”
We talk to writer Yaa Gyasi about her compelling bestselling novel “Transcendent Kingdom.” Join my brand-new Outer Order Inner Calm 30-Day SMS Challenge! You’ll get daily text messages with an audio message from me that gives you a simple challenge to create more outer order in your home. Learn more: http://gretchenrubin.com/sms Get in touch: @gretchenrubin; @elizabethcraft; podcast@gretchenrubin.com Get in touch on Instagram: @GretchenRubin & @LizCraft Get the podcast show notes by email every week here: http://gretchenrubin.com/#newsletter Get the resources and all links related to this episode here: http://happiercast.com/297 Order a copy of Gretchen’s new book OUTER ORDER, INNER CALM here: http://outerorderinnercalmbook.com Leave a voicemail message on: 774-277-9336 For information about advertisers and promo codes, go to happiercast.com/sponsors. Happier with Gretchen Rubin is part of ‘The Onward Project,’ a family of podcasts brought together by Gretchen Rubin—all about how to make your life better. Check out the other Onward Project podcasts—Do The Thing, Side Hustle School, Happier in Hollywood and Everything Happens with Kate Bowler. If you liked this episode, please subscribe, leave a review, and tell your friends! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoices
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Melody, Helen, and Janet
Episode 87: The Haunting of Your Corporate Horror Stories
Happy early Halloween everyone!! In episode 79, we shared with you all some of our spooky horror stories from our time working in corporate. Not a lot of us like to air out our dirty laundry when it comes to our jobs, out of fear of looking like a disgruntled worker, or even the possibility of getting fired. But we asked you on IG if you were open to sharing, and to our surprise, our DMs were FLOODED with your messages. From physically, emotionally, and verbally abusive bosses to countless stories of mismanagement, these are pretty heartbreaking to read. It seems there isn’t enough done to combat these toxic work environments. At the end of the day, we’re all in this together. And the more we share, the more we know that we’re not alone in these experiences. So on theme with this weekend’s Halloween celebrations, we decided to share some of YOUR work-related horror stories! This episode was edited by Michelle Hsieh. --- P A R T N E R S mentioned in this episode: - Glossier: Get 10% off your first order at Glossier.com/podcast/ABG. - Function of Beauty: Get 20% off your first order at FunctionofBeauty.com/ABG - Spanx: Get 10% off order + free shipping/returns at spanx.com/ABG - PrettyLitter: Get 20% off your first order at prettylitter.com code: abg - AcornTV: 30 days free at acorn.tv code: abg S U B S C R I B E T O U S ! - podcast: spoti.fi/2w8tk1n - instagram: instagram.com/asianbossgirl - youtube: bit.ly/3ep2Dqp - website: asianbossgirl.com E – M A I L U S ! - asianbossgirl@gmail.com S U P P O R T U S ! - merch: asianbossgirl.myshopify.com - donation: anchor.fm/asianbossgirl/support --- This episode is sponsored by · First Republic Bank: First Republic Bank is committed to offering personalized financial solutions that fit your needs. https://www.firstrepublic.com/ · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/app · Charity Promotion: BallotReady: The goal of this initiative is to increase voter education and encourage your listeners to get the vote out during the 2020 General Election this November. https://www.ballotready.org/ --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/asianbossgirl/message
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