Where Awareness Goes, Energy Flows | Dandapani
54 min

Meet Dandapani, a Hindu priest, entrepreneur, and former monk who is revolutionizing the business world with his practical and simple systematic approach to balancing work/life challenges. Dandapani is an expert on various topics surrounding self-development and provides simple, practical tools that are easily applicable in every aspect of daily life. This conversation will focus on life's purpose and managing energy.

Timestamped show notes 01:51 - How Dandapani became a monk and an entrepreneur 04:00 - Finding life’s purpose 06:21 - Entrepreneurs don’t know their purpose 09:54 - Dandapani’s core purpose 11:21 - It’s always about alignment 13:43 - How to spend real time 17:44 - Sometimes it takes a catalyst to find your purpose 18:45 - Advice for energy management 22:14 - What is an “energy vampire” 25:43 - “Where awareness goes, energy flows” 29:11 - How do you be present? 34:02 - How does someone know that you’re not present? 36:52 - Practicing distraction 38:26 - How do you concentrate? 43:23 - Making a change 47:41 - Dandapani’s journey from Santa Monica to New York to Florida 51:53 - How can entrepreneurs help others? 53:24 - How to reach out to Dandapani

Links Dandapani’s Website: https://dandapani.com/

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