#403: Stories That Scale with Casey Graham
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Businesses put a lot of energy into the chase—you know, wooing and winning over potential customers with emails, paid ads and fancy landing pages. They work hard toward that sweet moment of victory when their customers finally decide to purchase. But then what? That’s where a lot of businesses fall short. They’re really good at acquiring customers, but not so good at keeping them and making them come back for more. Sound like you? You’re in luck. Customer service pro and co-founder of Gravy, Casey Graham, gives us the inside scoop on what really makes customers stick around: doing unscalable things. No, seriously. He deep dives into how getting personal (and going above and beyond) for just one paying customer can help you reach, and keep, thousands more.



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The Brian Buffini Show
The Brian Buffini Show
Brian Buffini
The Power of a Made-Up Mind #262
“You can do it, but you’ve got to have your mind made up.” – Therese Buffini All successful people have made up their minds to win long before they experience their first victory. In this episode, a rebroadcast of our most popular message ever, Brian discusses the power of a made-up mind and shares inspiring stories from his own life and the lives of people who’ve defied the odds. Brian also examines the two questions to consider when you want to make up your mind to live the life you’ve always dreamed of. YOU WILL LEARN: * Five benefits of harnessing the power of a made-up mind. * How to turn negative feedback into life lessons. * The importance of making a decision, no matter how big or small. MENTIONED IN THIS EPISODE: “Man’s Search for Meaning,” by Viktor Frankl INSPIRATIONAL QUOTES FROM THIS EPISODE: “Inside all books of success and all stories of victories, there are chapters of failure.” – Brian Buffini “Even though you may stop for a while, when your mind is made up you never, ever give up.” – Brian Buffini “If you’re giving up, your mind is not made up.” – Brian Buffini “A human being whose mind is made up is a force of nature in this world.” – Brian Buffini “I have made up my mind. And I have been blessed in my life as a result of it. But I did not do it by myself.” – Brian Buffini https://www.TheBrianBuffiniShow.com http://www.brianbuffini.com Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/brian_buffini Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/brianbuffini Twitter: https://twitter.com/brianbuffini Theme Music: “The Cliffs of Moher” by Brogue Wave
44 min
BiggerPockets Podcast : Real Estate Investing and Wealth Building to Help You Get Bigger Pockets
BiggerPockets Podcast : Real Estate Investing and Wealth Building to Help You Get Bigger Pockets
BiggerPockets.com : Joshua Dorkin and Brandon Turner
BiggerPockets Podcast 438: The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Finding GREAT Deals in ANY Market with Anson Young
Anson Young’s voice may sound familiar to you, that’s because he’s been on the podcast four times! Every time he’s back we learn something new, and today, Anson is talking about how to find and fund great deals, regardless of your schedule, or budget. You don’t need to be a full-time real estate professional to find great deals, just be sure to follow Anson’s advice. If you haven’t heard Anson’s prior episodes, here’s a recap. Anson has touched on almost every aspect of real estate investing. He flips, he wholesales, and he sells houses as an agent, meaning he has a huge amount of knowledge to share to BiggerPockets listeners. On average, Anson is doing 12-15 flips a year, 10 wholesale deals a year, and a dozen or so sales a year as an agent. Anson has some great advice on finding off-market (and on-market) deals that include driving for dollars, door knocking, and list building. He also shares how to build a profitable list, what neighborhoods to look into for deals, and how to specify what type of home you’re trying to get depending on your goals. If you’ve been trying to get your foot in the door to real estate investing, Anson shares why many people have trouble at the start. It all comes down to consistency. If you’re new, it may be fun at first to start driving for dollars, but are you doing it consistently? Do you have an accountability partner that can hold you to a high standard to get the work done? Are you systematizing your leads or trying to juggle them all in your head? We also talk about Anson’s fantastic book Finding and Funding Great Deals, where you can find everything you need to find and fund your next real estate deal. We’re also happy to announce the BiggerPockets Book Club, where you can hear from Anson live and ask him questions about his deals, his book, and his portfolio!
The Flipped Lifestyle Podcast
The Flipped Lifestyle Podcast
Shane & Jocelyn Sams
How To Build An Online Business As A Couple!
Today we are talking to Kurt + Sirena Wuerfele - they have an incredibly inspiring story abut how they are pursuing time freedom so they can build an online membership to impact lives all over the world! You will hear Sirena’s amazing and inspiring story about how she overcame an accident that left her in a wheelchair and a breast cancer diagnosis to build a better life for her and her family! Kurt and Sirena talk about how they are building an online business together! We are helping them structure their membership so they can be successful when they launch later this year!     What You'll Learn:   How to turn your dreams into reality! (12:00) How to use your struggles! (23:00) Niche down one more layer! (39:00) What are your next steps? (48:00)   Show Notes Kurt’s background is in sales consulting but he is a full-time coach. Kurt’s wife quit her 9 to 5 to be a stay-at-home contract worker as a virtual assistant - one of whom is a podcaster who lead them to us! Now, they are in the process of building their own online membership for coaching!   Turn your dreams into reality! When you hear stories of inspiration - you HAVE to take action! You have to take the leap and do things that can be a bridge to help you get into online business. When you leave jobs it is a hard decision. You have to think about the things that you want (starting your own online business). Success is not without sacrifice. You have to push the first domino!   Use your struggle! You can use every single God-given experience you go through to help you through your online business journey! When you have a vision those experiences can lead you to what you need to do get your business off the ground! Just like Sirena, NEVER stop moving towards your goals and vision - so inspiring!   Niche down one more layer! You have to niche down enough to be the solution to a problem. When you niche down one more layer and really focus on your avatar you solve a specific problem and you find those members that you want and need. Make your message tight so people know they’re in the right place. Answer the “so that” result that people really want! Don’t lose your bigger picture by not niching down enough - click it all together!   What are your next steps? I want Kurt and Sirena’s membership to be a little more work-intensive in the beginning. Here’s what I’m thinking: Kurt needs to lead live weekly coaching in the beginning.  Allow access to weekly courses that they will create. Do 50, 20 minute coaching spots for the month. Make the membership offer $97/mo (offer good discounts for annual).   Find us on: Apple Podcasts Spotify YouTube Facebook Twitter The Official Flipped Lifestyle Podcast Facebook Group Join the Flip Your Life Community! We would love to have you as a member of The Flip Your Life Community! We believe you have God-give talents and experiences you can use to start an online business! All you need is 100 people to pay you $50/m online to make $5,000/m, $60,000/y! Let us help you start build and grow a membership of your own. We offer a 30-day FREE trial to all new members. Click here to learn more: https://flippedlifestyle.com/flipyourlife   Check out last week's episode!
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