eCommerce Fuel
eCommerce Fuel
Dec 4, 2020
The ECF Benchmark: A Performance Index for Store Owners
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How can we arm the “rebel force” or smaller merchants with the similar AI and data sets that Amazon has? In this episode, Jake Cook, co-owner of, explains this and more. Listen in as we cover topics such as the benefit of creating an index, what metrics an index tracks, and how this can help the community going forward. Jake also shares what it was like cruising around the USA in a van over the summer during a pandemic.

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Growth Experts with Dennis Brown
Growth Experts with Dennis Brown
Dennis Brown
3 Insider Secrets to Getting More Clients with Podcasts w/ Jeremy Slates
Jeremy Slate is a podcast and public relations master, as well as the CEO of Command Your Brand, a PR agency that books guests on podcasts to help them grow their brands and helps people in the podcast space utilize their content effectively. Jeremy is back on the show for the second time to divulge three insider secrets to getting more clients through podcasts. Tune in to learn how to maximize your ROI and get more clients with proven tactics (plus a few bonus PR hacks) he’s used with his own business and his own clients. During this interview, we discuss: 1:30 – Jeremy’s background + About Command Your Brand 4:36 – How to deliver an effective call to action with a dedicated landing page 9:14 – Utilizing email sequences 11:23 – Facebook Pixel code on your landing page 12:25 – How to leverage retargeted ads for your podcast 15:50 – Who do these strategies work for? 16:44 – Being effective with your appearances in the media 17:17 – How to connect with and work with Jeremy Plus, a whole lot more! Resources: Command Your Brand Create Your Own Life Podcast GetEmails Facebook Pixel The 7 Reasons You’re Not Getting Featured In Your Favorite Podcast ————————- If you enjoyed this episode, please RATE / REVIEW and SUBSCRIBE to ensure you never miss an episode. Connect with Dennis Brown LinkedIn Twitter Instagram [Free Giveaways]
19 min
Foundr Magazine Podcast with Nathan Chan
Foundr Magazine Podcast with Nathan Chan
Nathan Chan
340: How Gabi Lewis dominated a $40 billion industry
Gabi Lewis, Co-Founder, The Magic Spoon In this yummy episode, Gabi Lewis, Co-Founder of The Magic Spoon, sits down with Nathan Chan to discuss his journey from founding the revolutionary EXO protein snack made from crickets, to dominating the $40billion a year cereal industry. Listen in as Lewis reveals how he managed to get Tim Ferris and Nas as angel-investors onboard for EXO snacks, his journey into the competitive world of cereal, and how Magic Spoon continues to stay ahead of the competition. In this deep-dive interview, you’ll find out why Lewis swears by agencies, the opportunities in influencer marketing, and why product-fit is an absolute essential for any founder. Lewis’ incredible journey from crickets to cereal is a not-to-be-missed lesson in entrepreneurship and the importance of saying “no”. Key Takeaways * How Lewis started Exo Protein, selling cricket protein bars * Recognizing the paleo food trend and targeting that market * How Lewis got angel investors such as Tim Ferris and Nas * His decision to sell the company and launch Magic Spoon cereal * Why Magic Spoon is a direct-to-consumer product and the advantages of ecommerce * The successful launch of Magic Spoon and the power of influencers * Why product-market fit is the most important aspect of launching a business * How Magic Spoon was affected by Covid and the evolution of hiring and scaling * The decision to not sell Magic Spoon on Amazon, and the power of customer-brand loyalty * Why Lewis believes that a high-quality product is the most important aspect of any business * Lewis’ advice to others that as a founder, you should never be distracted, and why your job is to say “no”
52 min
Everyone Hates Marketers
Everyone Hates Marketers
Louis Grenier
[Replay] How to Position Your Freelance Marketing Business (& Stop Feeling Burn out)
Are you feeling burnt out at the end of your workday? Do you feel like your flailing around with no direction when working with your current clients? Kaleigh Moore was in your position not too long ago. Now after taking a leap as a niche freelance writer, Kaleigh runs a successful business writing blog content for e-commerce platforms and SaaS tools. Kaleigh joins the show today to help us understand how to find work your passionate about and make money doing it. We discuss how to find your niche and properly position your brand so people remember what you do and you can work with clients on your own terms. We covered: * Why being a specialist will get you more business * Two reasons to be selective when bringing on new clients * Keeping variability in your projects when selecting your expertise niche * How Kaleigh conquered her fears and burnout when she repositioned her business * The trigger that pushed Kaleigh to reposition her business * The online freelance course Kaleigh took to figure out the work she truly enjoyed * Why you need to have some hands-on experience before positioning your business * Three questions that can help you find work you actually enjoy doing * Kaleigh’s advice for setting up your project fee structure * The best way to discover work you are passionate about * Potential red flags from clients and how to tactfully move away from those clients * A formula for creating your really simple positioning statement * Why you should ask your mom if she understands your positioning statement before you publish it * Simple ideas to keep your network updated on your brand Resources: * Paul Jarvis Creative Class * Paul Jarvis: More Isn’t Always Better - Challenging the Growth at all Cost Mindset * Casey Neistat * The Unique Ability * Tim Ferriss - How to Build a World-Class Network in Record Time * On Writing Well * Tim Ferriss Podcast * Joe Rogan Podcast * * Kaleigh Twitter * Kaleigh's Newsletter Cup of Coffee
Play with Ryan Daniel Moran with Ryan Daniel Moran
The Owners Model - How To Pivot From "Entrepreneur" to "Owner"
Hey entrepreneur, are you sitting in the owner's chair? Or are you operating every piece of your business? If it is the latter, you are probably way overstressed, way undercapitalized, way confused about the direction of your business, and growing really slowly. You’ve discovered that the worst businesses in the world are seven figure businesses. Why would the author of 12 Months to $1 Million say a thing like that? Because: * You have to hire really good talent, but you don't have the money to hire really good talent. You have to have the cash flow to be able to reinvest into growth, but you don't have enough cash to grow the business. * You're just stuck paying yourself and then getting by on the rest of the revenue. * You're able to pay yourself and for your overhead and maybe some team members, but you’re caught in a trap where you're not really able to grow to that $10,000,000 point, or even higher. So, in today’s episode, we’re going to help you make the shift from entrepreneur to owner. After listening, you’ll be crystal-clear on the three things a business leader needs to focus on. With that clarity, you’ll see the path forward for making your current business - or your next - the freedom machine that fuels your life and lets you make an enormous difference for your customers. Let me know what you think. I think this message has the power to change everything for the entrepreneurs who really get it.
29 min
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