Diabetes Core Update
Diabetes Core Update: Therapeutic Inertia – April 2020
Apr 14, 2020 · 22 min
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In this first episode of a three-part series on “Disrupting Therapeutic Inertia in Diabetes Management,” Drs. John Russell and Neil Skolnik examine a case study of a 55-year-old man with type 2 diabetes (3 years duration, A1C 8.2%). In so doing, they review six articles that define achievement gaps in reaching A1C goals and the reasons for why those gaps exist. In episodes 2 and 3 of this series, Drs. Russell and Skolnik we will look at additional causes of therapeutic inertia and solutions for overcoming it. This special three-part series on therapeutic inertia is supported by independent educational grant from Sanofi (https://www.sanofi.com).

This issue will review:

  1. Achievement of target therapeutic goals in persons with T2DM
  2. Achievement of therapeutic goals from 2005 – 2015
  3. Clinical Inertia in Newly Diagnosed Type 2 DM
  4. Clinical Inertia over Time in Type 2 DM
  5. Gap Between Efficacy in Randomized Controlled Trials and Effectiveness in Real-World Use
  6. Difference between Clinical Trial and Real-World Studies Achievement of Target A1C
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