Jan 22, 2018
Millennials – Myths and Truths about Millennials
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Millennial Series

Welcome to the conversation. This is Deeper, a podcast considering the forces that shape our culture. In the current series, Deeper’s hosts David Russell, Payton Minzenmayer, and Lex Moore are exploring the culture shaping generation of millennials. For more, go to the Deeper website at

In this episode, the guys discuss millennial myths and millennial truths. When it comes to millennials, there are many things said about the generation that are true to some and false to others. In fact, in this episode the guys break down Payton’s “truths” and “myths” regarding millennials. Hot topics, disagreements, and more in today’s episode! Do you agree or disagree with Payton?

Payton’s Myths:

  1. Millennials all want to be entrepreneurs.
  2. Millennials dislike wedding bells and baby carriages.
  3. Millennials don’t want to own a home.
  4. Millennials are slackers.
  5. Millennials are addicted to social media.

Payton’s Truths:

  1. Millennials save money.
  2. Millennials are skeptical and find it difficult to trust others.
  3. Millennials really do lack basic life skills.
  4. Millennials feel conflicted about free speech.
  5. Millennials are willing to learn and adapt.

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