You Can Glance Backward, but You Should Focus Forward (Hour 1)
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The Dr. John Delony Show
The Dr. John Delony Show
Ramsey Network
Repairing Relationships, Parenting Challenges, & Newlywed Drama
The Dr. John Delony Show is a caller-driven show that gives you real talk on life, relationships and mental health challenges. Through humor, grace and grit, John gives you the tools you need to cut through the chaos of anxiety, depression and disconnection. You can own your present and change your future—and it starts now. So, send us your questions, leave a voicemail at 844-693-3291, or email We want to talk to YOU! Show Notes for this Episode * 4:39: How do I repair my relationship with my grown kids after damaging our relationship when they were younger * 17:30: My 2-year-old has reverted back to breastfeeding since we recently had a baby * 29:40: How do I deal with hurt feelings from something my child said? * 38:18: How do I deal with with my wife triggering me in our new marriage? * 49:24: Lyrics of the day: "Stand By Me" - Ben E. King tags: forgiveness, family relationships, parenting, reconciliation, breastfeeding, boundaries, raising kids, divorce, newlyweds, marriage, conflict These platforms contain content, including information provided by guests, that is intended for informational and entertainment purposes only. The content is not intended to replace or substitute for any professional medical, counseling, therapeutic, financial, legal, or other advice. The Lampo Group, LLC d/b/a Ramsey Solutions as well as its affiliates and subsidiaries (including their respective employees, agents and representatives) make no representations or warranties concerning the content and expressly disclaim any and all liability concerning the content including any treatment or action taken by any person following the information offered or provided within or through this show. If you have specific concerns or a situation in which you require professional advice, you should consult with an appropriately trained and qualified professional expert and specialist. If you are having a health or mental health emergency, please call 9-1-1 immediately.
51 min
The Art of Manliness
The Art of Manliness
The Art of Manliness
#653: The Dirtbag's Guide to Life
If you call someone a dirtbag, you might be insulting them for being dishonest. Or, you might be describing their lifestyle -- their pursuit of an outdoor passion at the expense of more mainstream options and commitments. If you've ever dreamed of being a rock climber living in a van or becoming a rafting guide, thru-hiker, world traveler, or some other kind of nature-loving, adventure-seeking wanderer, my guest has written a handbook for making it happen. His name is Tim Mathis and he's the author of The Dirtbag's Guide to Life: Eternal Truth for Hiker Trash, Ski Bums, and Vagabonds. Tim and I begin our conversation with what it means to be a dirtbag, the origin of the term amongst the early rock climbers who explored Yosemite in the 50s and 60s, and why Tim thinks the lifestyle embodies a countercultural philosophy. Tim then offers a window into why others might adopt this approach to life, by sharing his story of how he personally became committed to dirtbagging. From there we turn to the brass tacks of embracing a life centered on outdoor adventure and exploration, beginning with how much money you need to make it happen, and the kinds of jobs and careers that are conducive to it, including, perhaps surprisingly, the field of nursing. Tim also shares how he responds to criticism that being a dirtbag isn't a responsible way to live. We then discuss the effect dirtbagging can have on someone's relationships, and whether this lifestyle is viable if you have a spouse and kids. At the end of our conversation, we discuss how, even if you're living a more freewheeling lifestyle, it's important to have a sense of meaning beyond traveling around and doing cool stuff, and the three elements that go into finding that kind of meaning, which apply to dirtbags and non-dirtbags alike. Get the show notes at See for privacy information.
54 min
Leading Saints Podcast
Leading Saints Podcast
Leading Saints
How to Keep Your Ward Looking Forward, Not Backward | An Interview with Mark Johnson
Mark Johnson grew up in South Florida, studied aerospace engineering, and attended the Naval Academy. He served in the first Gulf War and then attended Harvard Business School, where he studied with Clayton Christensen. Together they started a strategy and innovation consulting firm, Innosight, and Clayton was instrumental in Mark's conversion. Mark is married to journalist and author Jane Clayson Johnson, a former guest on the podcast. He is the author of several books, including Lead from the Future: How to Turn Visionary Thinking Into Breakthrough Growth. Highlights 6:00 Starting Innosight with Clayton Christensen 6:50 Mark's conversion experience 10:30 Experience dating Jane Clayson 14:30 About Innosight 16:10 Innovation in church leadership: Defining the areas where innovation is applicable 20:20 Start with the individual: What need are they trying to fulfill? What are their barriers and how can they be overcome? 23:00 Meeting the individual where they are, seeking first to understand and having empathy 25:30 Ladder up: Where are the opportunities for me to feel included and help others? 27:00 An outside-in approach: Approach outside the Church offerings first and find out what the individual needs in their life 30:00 Younger generations have many questions and we need to offer a safe space for those questions 32:00 Dealing with constraints: don't innovate for innovation's sake, and recognize what is not open to innovation 35:45 Strategy with vision Start with offering hope and purpose, and a vision of where the organization is going—the destination Strategy is about how to get there 39:50 The tyranny of the urgent vs. planning for the future: carve out time regularly for considering the future 43:35 The vision may be the same for different communities, but the strategy will change depending on the variety of situations 45:45 Recognize that the future is not as unpredictable or daunting as we might think 47:25 There is no certainty about the future, but you can get clarity about how things can unfold 49:30 Looking forward in the midst of so much disruption: create a vision for your people to offer hope and create a path 53:10 Being a leader gives perspective beyond present difficulties Links Lead from the Future: How to Turn Visionary Thinking Into Breakthrough Growth How to Support Latter-day Saints Struggling With Depression & Anxiety | An Interview with Jane Clayson Johnson
56 min
The Money Pit Home Improvement Podcast
The Money Pit Home Improvement Podcast
Tom Kraeutler & Leslie Segrete
Episode #2041: Easy 1-Weekend Projects | Hassle Free Yard Cleanup | Colorful Wall Coverings | Best Flooring by Room
If you’re a home improving weekend warrior, we’ve got tips on easy “all-in-one-weekend” home improvement projects that are so easy on your schedule you can fit them in after your Saturday morning coffee and still have enough time for a leisurely dinner Sunday! Plus… Fall is a great time to get your lawn, garden and landscape ready for winter and a quick comeback next spring. But to do that, you need great quality tools. We’ll introduce you to a line of cordless products -- including blowers, and even chain saws that are affordable and TRULY work just as well as gas-powered tools without the smells and hassles of maintaining them. If you want to give your walls a new look – we’ve got tips on wall coverings that can add interest and color to your décor. Tips on the best type of flooring for every room in the house. We announce a new way to win bathroom faucets and fixtures in the Riverbend Beautiful Bath Giveaway, and we’re giving away sets of sturdy bar clamps from Pony Jorgensen to help with all your home projects.   Plus, answers to your home improvement questions, leveling a floor, gutter repair, turning a sauna into a shower, repairing HVAC returns. Do you have a home improvement or decor question? Call the show 24/7 at 888-MONEY-PIT (888-666-3974) or post your question here. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
40 min
Retirement Starts Today Radio
Retirement Starts Today Radio
Benjamin Brandt CFP®, RICP®
How to Avoid Burnout While Working From Home, Ep # 162
Are you one of the many people still working from home due to the pandemic? What seemed like a phase that would last a few weeks has turned into a trend with no end in sight. While working from home creates exciting possibilities, especially for those considering retirement, it also has its downfalls. Many people have discovered that working from home means the lines between work life and home life are being erased. As long as you are conscious that burnout is a real risk then you can take active steps to keep your home life and work life in balance. On this episode, I’ll share an Inc. magazine article about avoiding burnout while working from home. We’ll also take a look at a WSJ article on early retirement buyouts. Then we’ll wrap up this episode with a listener question about strategies for those on the cusp of retirement. So, grab your Airpods or your favorite listening device and take a walk with me. Outline of This Episode * [1:02] How to avoid burnout while working remotely * [6:30] Should you consider early retirement? * [11:55] Are there any one-time financial strategies for those on the cusp of retirement? Is working from home leading you to burnout? While the work from home revolution that picked up momentum during the pandemic has opened many doors, it has also revealed its own set of problems. People spend more time actively working and it seems that the 40-hour workweek has gone out of the window. Employees are now spending 25% more time ‘at work’ than before the pandemic. Many have stated that they find they are often sending work-related messages and emails after traditional work hours. Their desire to be productive now puts them at risk of burnout. Try taking a virtual commute Microsoft has come up with a creative way to help its team avoid burnout while working remotely. Their solution is to bring back the commute. They don’t recommend you jump in the car and drive to your workplace, but rather a virtual commute. The Inc. article recommends a 20-minute meditation commute. I love this idea. However, if you are not a meditator, a walk to work commute might be a better alternative. Before you start working each morning, head out your front door, and walk around the block. You can use this time to get in the right headspace for work and plan your day. Working from home could extend your working life Working from home can create amazing possibilities, especially for those of you considering retirement. The possibility of working from anywhere means that you could extend your work timeline. However, to take full advantage of the possibilities it is imperative to avoid burnout. As long as you are conscious that burnout is a real risk then you can take active steps to keep your home/work life in balance. Have you been offered an early retirement package? Press play and listen in to hear whether you should consider taking an early retirement package. And keep listening until the end to hear the answer to Frank’s question about one-time financial strategies for those on the cusp of retirement. Resources & People Mentioned * Inc magazine article on the virtual commute * WSJ article on early retirement buyouts Connect with Benjamin Brandt * Get the Retire-Ready Toolkit: * Follow Ben on Twitter: Subscribe to Retirement Starts Today on Apple Podcasts,Stitcher,TuneIn,Podbean,Player FM,iHeart, or Spotify
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