#038: Dr. Aniruddha Malpani on The State of Indian Education - Outdated Systems, Flawed Teaching Methods and Myopic Parenting
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Dr. Aniruddha Malpani is a pioneering IVF Specialist, Angel Investor and Social Impact Entrepreneur. Through his firm Malpani Ventures, Dr. Malpani has contributed immensely in promoting India's startup ecosystem. A strong believer in the power of entrepreneurship, Dr. Malpani funds frugal innovation in India, and is also among the leading voices seeking a transformative change that India's outdated education system needs.

In this enlightening conversation with Swaminathan & Vignesh, Dr. Malpani deep dives into:

- Social impact investing and compassionate capitalism

- The transformative power of reading books

- Why parents, teachers and students need to speak up against archaic structures

- Dr. Malpani's Social Ventures - Apni Patshala

- Why we need to break the mould of one-size-fits-all education

- Why students need to be respected and given the freedom to think

- How we can change from being a nation of answer-givers to question-askers

- The nonsensical need for social validation through degrees earned


- The mental tenacity, competency parents need to retrain their thinking 

Dr. Malpani has authored 4 books – 

How to Get the Best Medical Care, Successful Medical Practise, How to Have a Baby and Using Information Therapy to Put Patients First


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