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Instagramming for Clients and FREE Hotel - Zach Benson - FHR #330
Apr 30, 2019 · 24 min
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Free hotel trips and thousands of followers are just some of the things Zach Benson specializes in: Instagram and Influencing. With his knowledge and expertise in these two areas he helps big names like Russell Brunson and Gary Vaynerchuck dominate their social media presence. Zach Benson tells Dave today how the Funnel Hacker community can dominate Instagram through simple reposting and crediting. Of course, he also walks you through how to get free hotel rooms as an influencer as a bonus for you guys.

Now about those hashtags, you’re doing them wrong. While it does seem like a no-brainer to jump into where your dream customers are, but not when it’s a red ocean. If you’re an account with only a measly couple thousand or even tens of thousands of followers Instagram isn’t going to put you at the top of lists with other accounts with hundreds of thousands of followers. You have to find out where the niche, blue oceans lie in the niches after all.

When I interviewed Zach, Co-founder of, he shared with me a hack of finding these niche hashtags. As you’re looking up the hashtags to attach to your posts (and this goes for all platforms) you look up the hashtag that has an average amount of posts. Now it’s not that you’re aiming for the low-hanging fruit here. No, you’re finding the places where people are missing out on.

If you have anymore questions on hashtagging, then you’re in luck. Mr. Benson wrote an article on hashtags for just for you.

"I always tell people to begin with the end in mind. Think about the kind of people that you want to target and get in your funnel."

Some Topics Discussed This Episode:

  • Becoming a Tribe Influencer
  • Zach’s emails to get 5-Star hotels for free
  • Instagram Punishes Automation
  • Engagement Groups, the Pay to Play
  • The Repost Travel Account

"By reposting people’s beautiful content onto your page and giving them credit you can grow your following fast and using these accounts to get free travel like I do."

You might think that simply reposting other people’s content is cheating. In reality though, you’re ahead of the curve. You’re not just simply copying content though and plastering it as your own, you’re creating something that Zach calls Repost Instagram Account.

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