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Creating Mass Movement - Dan Lok - FHR #328
Apr 9, 2019 · 40 min
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Do you struggle with creating your “mass movement”? How about optimizing your sales teams? Well Dan used these tactics to not create a 1.4 million person following on Social Media and get an 8-Figure Award. From using these tactics and strategies, like utilizing the 72-Hour Rule to optimize your sales team, you’ll be able to increase the connection with your following and the reach of your following as well.

"I’m not talking about anything slick or slimy because those things don’t work when it comes to high ticket sales. I’m talking about listening to people’s needs, asking questions, having the deep connection"

Some Topics Discussed This Episode:

  • How Don Lok Grew a 1.4 Million Person Culture
  • When Your Followers are Making 6 Figures You Are Positioned to Make 7 Figures
  • Want More Engagement? Engage More. You’re Never Too Big
  •, The Tinder of Outsourcing
  • Dan’s Secrets to Optimizing Sales Teams
  • Utilize the 72-Hour Rule
  • Why You’re Leaving Free Money on the Table

"This is the branding aspect that people have to understand. It’s not always about ugly sells, it’s like yeaaah but you need a bran. ClickFunnels is a brand, Russell Brunson is a brand"

Important Episode Links:

Preorder Dan’s New Book Unlock It Here

"The Minute I feel that ‘Oh I’m too big, I don’t need to look at the numbers’ That’s when you lose touch with your students and with your fans."

Episode Transcript:

00:00                                     Welcome to funnel hacker radio podcast where we go behind the scenes and uncover the tactics and strategies top entrepreneurs are using to make more sales, dominate their markets and how you can get those same results. Here's your host Dave Woodward.

00:17                                     Well, hey everybody, I am so excited to welcome you to the new click funnels funnel hacker radio. We actually had a cohost with me. I'm going to be interviewing him, but he's going to be interviewing you.

00:25                                     Let's ride this out. Text new cohost. Do you go?

00:30                                     Is Mister Dan Lok the one and only this guy's been, I think you've got 15 books now. Unlock it is the newest one. Is that right?

00:36                                     Yes, and I'm lucky book published by force book is my latest news. Latest book, the saying, you know what Dave, since last book that I had 10 years ago, I said to myself, I ain't been writing another book. You know like every time you write a book is like a lease, like birthing a child here. And I said no more, no more. And then you know what? He's in the last one. This is the last one that I'm not doing it.

00:57                                     Yeah, I've heard Russell say that too. But he's a, you've given birth to 15 books. That's crazy. Oh my gosh. Well, Dan also has never an inner circle. He's one of our eight figure ward winners. He had two comma club within literally like six, eight months and within the year was eight figure ward winter. Dan Is, it is such an idol on an icon and I, I hope everyone has, you guys have the opportunity to listen and you follow him. Uh, I think you have what, over 1.4 million subscribers on youtube, 2 billion hours of video. I mean, you're like the real deal and it's so, it's such an honor to have you, I'm so excited.

01:31                                     We should appreciate that. And you know, Dave, you know, we connect multiple times at, at live event at the funnel hacking live, but I'm, I'm just happy, but they'll be connect. Uh, we have conversations and look for adding value to any funnel hackers out there. Right?

01:43                                     Oh, I love it. Well, Danny, one of the things I'm so excited about is we're in the process right now of kind of changing the direction of our podcast where we're helping people really understand the importance of building a community. So we were right today actually we hit 80,000 current customers inside of click funnels. Our goal here is to get to 100,000 of rabid fans by the end of the year and we're trying to take people on this journey. You, it's the coolest thing you made mention, you know, we've seen each other a bunch of live events. Anytime I'm at a live event, you are surrounded by literally hundreds of people and because of all the value add, but if you don't mind, if you could kind of share with people kind of your journey so far, how have you gotten to a point where people literally just flocked and are sitting listening to every single word you say? How do you build such a rabid following? I mean 1.4 million people on Youtube is not an easy thing to do.

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