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The Marry Poppins of Clickfunnels - Julie Stoian - FHR #301
Jan 3, 2019 · 36 min
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Why Dave Decided to talk to Julie:

Julie Stoian is a digital marketing consultant and tech coach, making her mark on the internet through her popular brand Create Your Laptop Life®. Julie has inspired and equipped thousands of up and coming business owners with the skills and strategies they need to create, build, and grow profitable online businesses.

Julie started her journey to entrepreneurship as a blogger and writer, garnering the attention of media outlets like The New York Times and Washington Post with her no-holds-barred approach to social media. After a rocky divorce and unexpected pregnancy in 2014 that left her needing to build a profitable business quickly, Julie transformed her passion and love for internet marketing into the 7-figure business she has today.

She's been a head coach and funnelbuilder working with Russell Brunson and Clickfunnels for the last year, and is getting ready to take the role as VP of Marketing and official Clickfunnels partner.

Julie has been featured on media outlets like Anderson LIVE, BBC World Have Your Say, and Rachel Ray, as well as numerous business and marketing podcasts and blogs such as Content Academy, Boss Moms, GoDaddy Garage Blog, and Funnel Hacker Radio.

Tips and Tricks for You and Your Business:

(4:54) Keeping Your Chief Executive Officer From Becoming Your Chief of Everything Officer

(9:20) Freelancers Belong in the Clickfunnels Fleet

(12:52) Project Management: Making Time and Money

(15:32) THE WAFFLE

(20:06) Coaching Your Clients without Strictly Criticizing Them and Their Work

(23:15) Your Employees and Their Drive

(26:07) Help Your Contractors

(30:21) Julie Stoian’s Travel Log Over These Next Few Months

Quotable Moments:

(8:08) “For me it was more important to be on the team that was going to make the most impact than it was for me to be the captain of my own ship.”

(19:02) “That’s the thing with this whole agency thing is you have to think about how to break through as much bottlenecks as you can.”

(22:34) “Realize, as the entrepreneur, you may not be hiring people who may not be as  motivated by the same types of things that you are and may not be as driven as you are.”

Other Tidbits:

Your agency can be as large as small as your scaling allows

Get your employees to the point where they identify their work as a CALLING

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Speaker 1:     00:00         Welcome to funnel hacker radio podcast, where we go behind the scenes and uncover the tactics and strategies top entrepreneurs are using to make more sales, dominate their markets, and how you can get those same results. Here's your host, Dave Woodward

Speaker 2:     00:17         [inaudible]. Everybody. Welcome back to funnel hacker radio. This is going to be one of my funnest podcasts. Uh, you know, my guests, you had the upgrade of hearing from her quite a few different times, but she has a new role and I can't wait to talk all about that. So first and foremost, Julie [inaudible] and welcome to the show. Thank you for having me. I am so excited to. I, I have coined a new term. Would wired in excitement, excitement level at the Dave Woodward level. Oh, you're too kind too. Kind of honestly. Then that would be the type of excitement I have right now for the opportunity. I want to introduce our newest partner to click funnels, Ms Dot Julie. Yes. I, um, I, I had been waiting for this day, I feel like for my whole life.

Speaker 2:     01:06         So I want to make sure people understand what that means is a little background here. When we started clickfunnels four and a half years ago, uh, there was two cofounders, Russell Brunson and Todd Dickerson. We then brought on a third co founder, uh, Dylan Jones, who we later bought out. He was helping us primarily on the Ui side. And so todd and Russell Todd being the, uh, the whole tech guy behind the scenes who I don't know how he does what he does. I'm literally fascinated every single day. Anytime we're together, I'm like, todd, I don't get it. And I'm so glad I don't understand your magic because I would screw everything up. Russell, you guys already know because Russell is the marketing genius behind click funnels and a ton of other things. We then have four of the partners myself. I run all the business development opportunities, the top line revenue type of stuff.

Speaker 2:     01:52         Uh, our CTO is Ryan Montgomery, helps todd managed a lot of things on his side. We then have a Brinko Peters who works on our side with all of our operations and things, and John Parks. You guys know who runs all of our traffic behind the scenes for the little Julie, has it been a year now? It seems like it's been about a year, a year, and Julie's been behind the scenes literally working magic that you guys can't even. I have still totally spellbound by how you pull off what you pull off. No one gets more done in a day than Julie. I don't know how in the world she gets it done. She's actually helping Russell right now in writing a track two secrets book. She has literally been the brains behind what we're going to roll out here. Actually you guys on this call is as our new waffle and how that's all coming together as far as our internal agency, what that means to you guys and more importantly, how you can actually start doing this kind of stuff in your own business and that Julie has her own multimillion dollar business, which basically are buying to bring her over to click funnels.

Speaker 2:     02:53         And we'll talk a little bit about how that's all coming together. In addition to that, uh, Julie is probably the person you will ever meet. In fact, I was just with my family, seen Mary poppins and continue to think of Julie because that's what she's like in our craziness that we have over here. So she's the one who makes all the magic happen and I just wanted to make sure everyone, you guys were listening, understand our gratitude, our appreciation for one of the major things that she's done is allowed Russell to kind of step away from doing all the stuff that is great to get us to where we're at, but won't get us to where we're going. And without Julie, none of this would happen. So Julie, my gratitude to you, my appreciation for you and so excited for 2019. So with all that said, welcome again and I'm so glad that that's all we're going to cover.

Speaker 2:     03:41         That's the start. That's the start. You know, it was so funny though, you know, watching, as you know, during the year when we were talking about kind of the org chart of clickfunnels and how Russell was in Russell at this point. Like you should be like seoing, not seoing and cmos and funnel building and copywriting, writing your own emails. It was crazy. It has been crazy. And again, if it wasn't for you stepping in, we'd still be in that same situation. Uh, so actually a little step back to last year about this time is when Steven went to go do his own thing. So Steven Larson was Russell's funnel builder and he and Russell were kind of tag teaming up, doing a lot of the stuff that really kind of got us to where we were for about two years. Russell and Steve were kind of tag teaming that.

Speaker 2:     04:32         And as Steven left, it was one of those, it was kind of a, a weird mixed blessing. I love Stephen to death. He's become a dear friend and he's helped us grow, got us to where we were, but it was time for him to go spread his wings to grow his business and what he wanted to do. And so as he left it was then a matter of saying, oh my gosh, what in the world are we going to do? How are we going to prevent Russell from doing all this stuff that steven was doing and bringing in a team that would allow us to scale and we were struggling so much as far as trying to find the right fit you have to understand to. It's to be able to get into Russell's brain is, I don't know, it's more than just a padlock. It's kind of like one of those.

Speaker 2:     05:16         It's kind of like the whole Laura Croft tomb raider type of thing where she's changing this little egg thing and it changes a million if it's shaped and there's four different keys and Julie's been able to do that and so Julie's dad had this magical key that's been able to basically work with Russell at a level that is allowed Russell to focus more on helping us grow the business and really taking her genius, which again, Julie's. I take a look at all the magic you've done in your own business. One of the things I was most impressed with was your ability to literally be able to replace yourself and so Julie had her own, again, create your laptop. Lifestyle is one of her create your laptop. Life is one of the businesses that she was doing. Again, a seven figure, two Comma Club, award winning business, crushing it, but she said, you know what guys, I really want to be involved with you guys.

Speaker 2:     06:07         I want to find a way of helping you guys get to the next level which was beyond. I mean, again, Julie, I can't thank you enough for that because it was great for us to see how you came in and without expecting anything, just said, let me help and I think that's a huge. One of the main attributes that you carry is this ability of having such just massive passion and caring for other people. Most people just don't have that. Especially when they're running their own multi, multi seven figure business. It's easier to say, you know what? I got this. I'll do my own deal. You were able to say, you know, I'm going to put this on the back burner. I'm actually going to hire other people to replace me. Which really is what, how all this started with Russell because it was at that point where thought, all right, if Julie can do that, her business, how could she help Russell do that in our business? I want to kind of dive in. I've done enough talking. So how do you do all you that you do?

Speaker 3:     07:00         Well, you know, it's so funny. As I was getting ready to like talk about this transition. I know a lot of people when I first came onto click funnels, you know, they weren't quite sure why I was doing that because it was like, well you have your own business over here. Like this is obviously not like a monetary monetary thing. And of course you know, there was part of that, but I honestly, I had this analogy of like ships that are like all going in the same direction and headed for the same promise land. And it was the SS click funnels which was like this huge ship, right? And then my little ship was like behind in its wake and we were serving the same customer base and we were both going in the same direction. And I, and my business was really flourishing in the wake of click funnels and I know Russell has talked about how cool that is when a business can like create other businesses.

Speaker 3:     07:46         But for me it was like I recognized how much the success of clickfunnels was really. There was so much of that attributed to the success of my business too. And so it was like, it was a no brainer. It was like, of course I want to get on the SS click funnels and help that business succeed because a rising tide lifts all the boats. Right. And so for me, um, it was more important for me to be on the team that was going to make the most impact than it was for me to just be like the captain of my own ship. Do you know what I mean? And so for me, I'd much rather be, you know, like on the team first mate, then captain of my own little Shit, you know,

Speaker 2:     08:26         oh the great thing is your little ship was growing at a very fast pace. So it's not like it was this tiny little thing. And that's really for us, when we were able to bring that in and acquire that. So some of the things that you're going to see rolling out is this whole idea as far as create your laptop life and with that there are so many things you guys are going to see happen in 2019. I wish I could go into all of them. One of them is going to be associated with this whole concept of freelancers. Now we just rolled out a funnel Rolodex and we've got a bunch of changes were making to that between now and funnel hacking live, but that's just a small little, tiny team of what freelancers can do. Julie, you've had this magic ability to really help build agencies and to obviously you have your own agency. You've now, I've taught other people how to build their agencies and you've. You've really given the keys to the kingdom to a lot of these freelancers to truly provide them a create your own laptop life. So you don't mind. Could you spend just a few minutes kind of talking about what is a freelancer, how to. How can freelancers fit into the ecosystem of click funnels and what is, why would someone want to do that?

Speaker 3:     09:33         Well, so I, I will. I will die on my sword when I say that. If you want to get started in online business, the easiest way to really start is to offer done for you services to start because you don't need a huge following and you're essentially selling time. Right? And so like you don't have to have anything created and so I have helped a lot of more women than men, but men to jump into the online space through the done for you services and you know you could get started with copy with social media or with funnel building and funnel building could actually pay a lot more than some of the other online done for you services. And so it was such an easy a marriage to put those two things together because not only could you make money quickly, not only did you not need a product, but you were helping other business owners make money through funnels and on top of it, you could also get affiliate commissions as you fold.

Speaker 3:     10:28         Click funnels and the process, and so as I saw these, you know, a lot of moms would start coming to me, I want to make three to $5,000 a month. I was like, this is how you got to do it. And so that's where I started and then as I grew my agency, I started to teach people how to grow their agency as well, how to hire, how to project manage when you're building funnels and running ads for people as well. And even if you decide someday to not fully scale your agency and you want to go into coaching, consulting course, creation, any other business, you will now have the skillset as that you needed as an agency owner to build any kind of business you want. So it's like at this one, two punch, make money, build the skills at build the foundation for whatever your legacy is going to be. And so that's essentially what create your laptop life is all about, is like build that foundation that no one can take away from you no matter what you decide to do.

Speaker 2:     11:21         To me, that's the part I am so excited about because a lot of people are trying to do, again, this is probably gonna be posting the first week or so of, of 2019 and there's so many people out there right now her saying, you know what? I want 2019 to be a unique year for me. I want this to be like the best year ever. And you know, we hear a lot about affiliate marketing and I'm obviously we run a large affiliate program over here, but I think the cool part is this whole idea as far as creature, laptop, life, and the ability to then really control your destiny without having to have a product which so many times people spend literally years building a product that never gets launched. And that's one of the things I was so excited about is this. So first of all, if you guys go check out, create your laptop, uh, Julie's face of that.

Speaker 2:     12:09         She's done an amazing job building it. In addition to that, she's a, has an amazing team and I want to kind of talk right now, Julie, if you don't mind about this whole idea as far as project managing, it's been one, again, one of your many, many talents is I don't know how you do all that. You do, especially when it comes to project management. You're managing not only our internal agency, which we'll talk about a few minutes, but also you're managing a Russell's books. Uh, our two Comma Club coaching program. You're one of our coaches. You're managing that, uh, and providing massive content. So if you don't mind, could you help people understand when we start talking about project management, what does that really mean and what is the financial opportunity available to someone who wants to get involved in something like that?

Speaker 3:     12:52         Yeah. Well, so project management, it is a, when you can find a good project manager, man, don't let them go. Like it's a unique, it's a unique skill set and there's project management as a service. Like I know people whose entire business, that's all they do is they go in and they do project management and pr and really, you know, I remember when Brandon and pool and came to click funnels and they were doing the CEO slop it stuff really at scale. When we talk about scaling and we talk about like how to, how to make your, you know, double your revenue in 10 x your revenue. We're really talking about managing people because any business, I don't care what kind of business it is, the way to scale is through people and the only way to scale with people is to have project management in place where you can manage the teams that people so that you're all moving in the same direction. Like you know, like the choreographed dances you see at the mall. What are those things called where people all of a sudden bust out into like choreography mobs. Yes. Thank you. Flash mobs. Right? It's like at its very core scaling your business is about learning how to manage people and projects. Right? Like that's it. And I know I know it, you know, that doesn't sound quite as sexy as like 10 x your revenue, but like that's really what it is. And I remember brandon saying I aspirin and I was like,

Speaker 3:     14:10         what do you do all day? And he's like, well really what I do is I'm thinking about project initiatives and the people and the project managers that we're going to need a place like because I have to keep building out the team. And I was like, it's so interesting that that's really at scale with what businesses are doing and that's exactly what Russell is doing and that's why I've kind of taken on that marketing role so he can really start to cast that vision and start to create those initiatives, those people, teams that then I can manage to help bring all the initiatives to fruition.

Speaker 2:     14:41         I love it. And I've talked a lot about who, not how. I know Russell's done podcast on, I believe you've done a podcast on who, not how. And so there's a lot of resources out there, but if you don't mind, because one of the things we were talking about in our, one of our meetings we have just recently was this whole idea as far as this waffle and there was a ton of fomo associated with the waffle. We were actually at waffle me up a hector owns the company, gave us all these necklaces that had a waffle on it. We then reflect with Ryan with regard to some of the things that he was doing from a Dev standpoint and creating a teams. And I want it, if you don't mind, let's kind of segue from, as a project manager, what does this whole waffle, how does it work in an internal agency and what are the pieces that a person would need a, if they're going to look at project management, what are the pieces they need to add to that waffle?

Speaker 3:     15:29         Yeah. Okay. So, um, the idea of the waffles, like it's a square. And so, um, basically if you imagine a square and you think of a funnel building agency, right? We have the people that you would have would be like a funnel builder, a designer, a copywriter, um, maybe a video person and a content person, right? So imagine those five people down that first column.

Speaker 3:     15:52         Okay. And those are your core team. Now, as you start to expand out, you need to create a second team and the third team and a fourth team. So you can, as you imagine that waffle, you are essentially creating a second column, a third, a fourth, and you're hiring another funnel builder, copywriter, designer, video content versus the idea is once you have that waffle all filled out at the very top, the very top row is project managers. So whenever a team is working and they need to know what to do, they're going to look up right and they're going to report to their project manager. But in any kind of agency, especially a funnel building one where there is like a skill level involved, they also need to understand how to do it. They need to have someone to report to as to how to design well or how to copy well.

Speaker 3:     16:40         And so if you look left on the waffle, right, you go over and you're able to basically ask the head funnel builder, the head designer, the head copywriter, how to make the coffee better. And so instead of an org chart, which is very flat and two dimensional, where there's just one person reporting the reality is that as a project, as a project manager in the agency, let's say Jake who is a designer, he's going to report to me for the, what of the design, but he may report to a head a head designer, he's actually our head designer. But if there were another one, he would report to that person asking about how his design is working and it just creates this three dimensional reality, which is real life, right? Because, um, that's just how agencies work.

Speaker 2:     17:25         I love it. So if you could take back, take a step back to last year. As Julie came in, she basically acted as not only a project manager, she was also a content creator. She was also part acting partly in as our funnel building side of things as well. And so as you guys were first starting your business, realize you're going to find yourself, if you were to look at this tic Tac, toe board waffle type of thing, you're going to, your name may be in a whole bunch of different places all over. It was a Julie Board for them for a while there, but the the object now is to start replacing yourself. And so we brought in, Julie brought her in as a part of her click funnels now and one of her main responsibilities here is to replace Russell from the marketing standpoint. So she's now our vp of marketing.

Speaker 2:     18:09         She's heading up all of our marketing. We've created our own internal agency, so she's hired a. We now have a yourself who basically is our chief project manager soon we'll replace that as well, but she thought I was going to be training all the other project managers that we bring them in in internal agency. It was all that really was brought in primarily just to build out our own funnels. We really didn't start this with the intention of bringing others on. Now we're actually, and we'll talk about some other stuff we're gonna be doing later, but realized that first column was you were heading up the project management. We had nick, who is our chief funnel builder. Jake is our chief designer. Karen's or chief copywriter. I'm, who am I missing here? Dan is our chief, a videographer, and then Russell and I were sharing the role of chief content creators.

Speaker 2:     18:55         He and I were doing that together. Um, in the content creation side. We both became the bottlenecks and that's one of the things when you're looking at this whole agency model to realize you, you've got to try to break through bottlenecks as much as you can. And as we were looking at the scale of this, especially as you start one of the, you run across two different types of bottlenecks. One is what to do and that's as Julie mentioned, again, that's where you would be looking to your project manager. The other thing is how to do it and what if you don't know exactly how and really it's not just how it's at the way in which the owner wants it done. And I know that was probably one of the biggest things and there's a lot of people who can write copy. There's a lot of people who can do design or funnel building, but it has to be done the way that the owner or the project manager wants for that system.

Speaker 2:     19:48         And I think that's what you've just done such a great job over the course of this last year, is helping communicate that in a way that, um, how do I say this in a nice. In a way that was kind of your, the kind one of the group here. Uh, I, I definitely am not, that's not one of my skillsets. I'm much more direct, but a, Julia, we were able to do this in a nurturing way. And I think it's real important when you start looking at scaling a business and scaling your company to realize that you've got to, as you're one of the main role is you as a ceo or whatever role you want to put yourself in. Anytime you're managing people, you're also a coach. And Julie, you've done such an amazing job because you have your own coaching program as well and I think because you were used to doing that type of coaching as you came into our team, you nurtured and coach people through that in a way that we go to a very fast paced as do you, but you were able to nurture in a way that brought a lot of congruency as well as a just more of a family friendly type of environment.

Speaker 2:     20:54         And again, I think it's an important thing if you don't mind, if you could spend just a few minutes far as teaching people, how do you actually coach someone and help them develop the skill set while still holding people's feet to the fire to get stuff done?

Speaker 3:     21:07         Yeah, it's a fine. It's a fine line because I think, you know, I always am. I always remind myself it was something I think, you know, probably I learned in kindergarten this idea of like the compliment sandwich and it's not necessarily like a platitude compliment, but it's like whenever you're about to go disseminate, don't forget to like express your gratitude, your encouragement, whatever it happens to be. So like say something that like shows that you recognize that they're working hard, right? Then provide whatever constructive feedback you need to provide and then wrap up with some sort of encouragement. So be like, Hey, you know, I saw that you were working on this funnel. I know you've been working hard. Thank you for putting in the extra hours. Here are the changes that really needs to be made. Right? And then you could go through and then at the end you can say, you know, thanks.

Speaker 3:     21:55         Um, I know that this has been a big project and I really appreciate you acting so quickly or whatever. It's just like validating all as much as you possibly can where you see people attempting to do a good job because people like crave that. And then that way the constructive feedback is always so much easier to handle because they know that you're seeing them. So to me that's like, I mean, it's just like they call it a compliment sandwich was not really a compliment. It's more out of that. It's just, that's always the way I try to coach people whenever possible.

Speaker 2:     22:28         I love that analogy and I think it's important for those you guys who are listening realize as the entrepreneur, the people you're hiring, they may not be motivated by the same type of things that you are and they're not going to be as driven as you are. And I know that, uh, in my earlier career it was one of the biggest mistakes I made was thinking I was bringing on a whole bunch of entrepreneurs who are going to be as excited as I was. They were going to stay as late as I was. They were all invested and understand that when you start looking at careers, there's typically three different steps to that. Jobs or positions. And typically a person when they first started working there literally are just looking for a job. It's a paycheck. That's all it is. And your responsibility as the business owner is if you can help paint a picture for a career you're going to find all of a sudden, once, once a person goes from job to career, their mindset changes a ton.

Speaker 2:     23:19         And we're starting to see that already as we look at, um, those people who are our head designers, copywriters, all that kind stuff. When they start seeing themselves as a career where they're building out other people, you will see their whole attitude towards their work changes a ton. And then when you can see when a person can go from a career to a calling, life changes completely and understand a calling doesn't need to be a person that they're the CEO or anything else. The janitor can have a calling where they understand that what they do matters. And we just, uh, gave out to all of our click funnels, employees, sweatshirts and sweatpants. And on the back of the sweatshirt bay says what we do matters. Because it really, really does. And I hoping that as you start whoever, as you're listening to this and you're looking to build out a company, you're gonna find, typically you go from a a product to a business and from a business to a company, and as you start really building out a company, you start to having to lay out a career path for those people who you're working with and if you can get from career to calling it, lily is the biggest game changer you're ever going to see in your business.

Speaker 2:     24:24         Because now people are connected. They feel vested. You can tie this to culture. You can tie it to a whole bunch of different things, but realize, as Julian mentioned there, that complimentary sandwich type of approach is so critical to people because there's a lot of people who the dollar isn't as important as validation and knowing that the work matters and knowing. So as an entrepreneur, typically you, you're going to be a high d, You're going to have a high monetary drive, but that may not be and most likely isn't gonna be the type of people you're hiring. So you have to realize that you're not going to motivate them the same way as you yourself might be motivated.

Speaker 3:     25:01         And I got the understanding, the more that the CEO or, or even even the c suite level, whoever's up at the top can recognize that the ship is moving because of the work these people are doing is just. I mean like Jake. So funny put a meme about facebook of like a designer and it was so funny because you know, Jake, nick, Karen, I know and you know, maybe it comes from the fact that I used to do those roles as well. They work harder than. I mean like they just work so dang hard. It is unbelievable. And they are like actually the ones like birthing whatever asset. Right. And so like recognizing how much skill that takes just I don't know, wherever you can and whether you have an in house team or whether you have contractors, just recognizing their talent and their skill goes such a long way. Such a long way.

Speaker 2:     25:58         No, I appreciate you're mentioned as far as recognizing contractors. I think too often that isn't appreciated. I'm sure you've had in your experience, if you don't mind, to kind of talk about when a contractor doesn't feel appreciated, what typically happens and how can you actually show gratitude to a contractor?

Speaker 3:     26:17         Yeah. Well it was a big mistake that can happen for contractors. Freelancers is that they can, um, they can be treated like the monkey who just implements and this is partly the fault of the contractor if they haven't positioned themselves as like, Hey, I'm going to strategically help you and I'm not just the implementation montcalm also like the artists trying to help you figure this out. Um, but then from the, from the employer side, understanding that when you bring a contractor, they're not an employee. They are, you are bringing them on in a, in a, in essence to consult and to be the boss of whatever project it is. Right? And so, like sometimes like employers will treat contractors like employees and it just, it just hurts the relationship when recognizing if you're going to go hire a funnel builder, you're essentially saying, you're better at this than I am. I want you to come in and I want you to actually lead the charge on this. Um, you'll find that contractors will perform better if you do, you know, if you, if you, if you see it that way rather than just like the monkey who's just gonna like do the dirty jobs that you don't want to do.

Speaker 2:     27:22         No, I love that. So how do you, how do you work best with a contractor in that role and help them feel connected and have some ownership to what they're doing without having to give them actual ownership of the project they're working on?

Speaker 3:     27:35         Yeah. Well, I think the very first question you have to ask yourself is, is this really a contractor job or am I trying to fill a contractor, an employee position with a contractor? Because I will, I will gander a guess that a lot of people who are scaling their business need to start building an in house agency like clickfunnels does. Um, and they really need people who are on the team. If that's not you, if you're not in that place. And it really is a, you know, a sectioned off projects that a contractor would do. I would just say that the more you can bang out the scope of the better and just remember contractors feed on testimonials so you can do an amazing thing about making the contractor's work better by being willing to offer a testimonial and a case study because for a lot of them that's going to be like, hey, if this goes well, like I will shout it from the rooftops, I'll tell everyone I know that will help them perform better. It will also give them a nonmonetary when that they will need it to make their business grow.

Speaker 2:     28:36         Awesome. So kind of a loaded question here and that is, can contractors become good employees?

Speaker 3:     28:42         Um, I think in some cases, yes, I think it all boils down to what they're motivated by. If you meet a contractor who is, has a high economic drive, right? Who has a high drive for freedom, they're not going to be a good employee, they just won't. I will tell you that the two employees that I have now originally were contractors. Um, and both of them actually are gonna be coming and working with click funnels as well. They both were not just driven by monetary, they were freelancing because they wanted a laptop life, but they really, really enjoyed, again, being a part of a team, being part of a bigger mission. Certainty matters to both of them. And if you have someone who likes certainty are gonna, like the steady paycheck, they're going to like not having the hustle. Um, and so, so in that case, when I brought them on as employees, they didn't see it as like, they were like, yes, we're ready to be like on your team like that. Um, and so in some cases it works out, but they had both been working for me for about two years before we, before we did that. So we kind of, you know, the honeymoon was over, right? Like we all knew what we were getting into.

Speaker 2:     29:54         I, it take off here in a few minutes. I want to kind of wrap up with a couple of things, most importantly, how people can get ahold of you and some of the things that are coming over with youtube click funnels. So you had mentioned as far as we, we have the opportunity of having two amazing people being brought over to the team as we're so great. Your laptop is one of the things. So if you don't mind, tell people what that is and why, why somebody would want to go there and what they're going to get.

Speaker 3:     30:20         Yeah. Alright. So, so much is changing but it's going to be amazing. It's going to be so, so create your laptop. Life is basically a membership community for people who want to start service based businesses. So um, I would probably say about 60 to 70 percent of the membership. It's not a thousand people right now. Our funnel building agencies, digital marketer. So if you are interested, that is a great, great community to get hooked in. There's some great content. I go live once a week. I answer your questions and that has been running for three years and it is amazing community, so that is coming over. That will be, I don't know how it's all going to like unfold that I know that it's only going to get better hooked up to the SS click funnels, so that's remaining, um, the second thing that I do, which is going to become an official partner brand click funnels stamp his funnel, gorgeous, which is our premium more feminine, but we also have some funnel handsome in there to a design for heart centered female entrepreneurs who want something that's gorgeous and beautiful. So that's exciting. Um, and then most of my other contact is really going to get worked into the fabric of click funnels. So if you're interested in the two Comma Club x coaching program, um, any of the content that's going to be coming in 2019 is going to be all, all pushed through there. So I will be found in the funnel hacker community. I'm at clickfunnels. That's where the bulk of my content will be going.

Speaker 2:     31:50         Starting January first. Awesome. And she'll be speaking at funnel hacking live so you can go on stage. They're also to get a lot more. Julie, I highly recommend you check out her podcast. So let's talk a little about your podcast. So right now we have this podcast. You guys are listening to funnel hacker radio. We have a marketing secrets, which is just russell talking about his own thing. So obviously for those of you listening to this one, I typically bring other people on like a bread Giuliani multiple times a will bring other people into fight outside feedback and content. I do send my own, uh, thoughts and things here. But do we have to help people understand what your podcast is, why they should go there and how they actually get more of your podcast as well?

Speaker 3:     32:32         Yeah. So create your laptop when you go to that website. If you just go to forward slash podcast, you'll see my podcast, the, your laptop life podcast is literally about laptop life living. And what that means is when you are working on from home on your laptop, most of the time I'm talking about people who are in the freelance market, um, but people who are building a life and building a business that is the nontraditional business. So I talk a ton about marketing online business. I talked about productivity and some balance stuff because you know, when you're not in a traditional office, there's a lot of things that happen when you're trying to balance that work life balance. So all of that stuff. And a huge dose of funnels and marketing are over overact career, laptop, lifestyle.

Speaker 2:     33:19         Alright? So take checkout, create your laptop Check out her podcast. Uh, you'll see our funnel hacking live. If you don't have your ticket, by all means. I don't know why you haven't bought it yet or not. I can please. Last thing I want is for us to sell out like we always do. And then people are saying, I didn't get my ticket yet to go get your ticket. You don't want to Miss Julie speaking from stage. He's going to be crushing it as always. Uh, Julie, anything else before we wrap things up here? No. You gotta hit out pretty quick.

Speaker 3:     33:43         Yeah. No, I'm just, I'm just so excited for this new chapter. I'm excited for what together we can. We can do. I mean the one funnel away challenge was probably the best example I could see of what happens when you put heads together and you put all those skillsets together. You have russell with the strategic marketing genius that he is, um, my skill set which is really systematic teaching I would say. Um, and taking that strategy and then steven who is just totally the funnel preacher is what I call him because he's just going to like kick your butt and when you put those three things together, we saw the power of what happened. And so I'm just excited to be able to do more and more of that and to, to not have to duplicate my efforts in two different ships and to just like bring more value to the funnel Hartford community

Speaker 2:     34:37         now. Well, we are so excited to have you as a partner. We're super excited to bring your content, your businesses over to click funnels…

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