Are Your Habits Setting You Up for Financial Success?
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“A dream without a plan is simply a wish.” — Chris Hogan

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The Dr. John Delony Show
The Dr. John Delony Show
Ramsey Network
Anxiety Medication, Will-Planning, Gossip vs. "Keeping Up with Family"
The Dr. John Delony Show is a caller-driven show that offers real people a chance to be heard as they struggle with relationship issues and mental health challenges. John will give you practical advice on how to connect with people, how to take the next right step when you feel frozen, and how to cut through the depression and anxiety that can feel so overwhelming. You are not alone in this battle. You are worth being well—and it starts by focusing on what you can control. Let us know what’s going on by leaving a voicemail at 844.693.3291 or visiting We want to talk to YOU! Show Notes for this Episode * 1:47: How do I wean off anxiety medication? * 23:45: How do I even get my head in the right place to start planning my will? * 29:53: Wife called in a while back. How do I help her through her periods of depression? * 40:41: What’s the difference between gossiping and keeping up with others when it comes to families? * 45:40: Lyrics of the Day: "Take It All Back 2.0" - Judah & The Lion tag: anxiety, family, relationships, sleep, fitness/physical health, goals/life planning, money, depression, anxiety, marriage, These platforms contain content, including information provided by guests, that is intended for informational and entertainment purposes only. The content is not intended to replace or substitute for any professional medical, counseling, therapeutic, financial, legal, or other advice. The Lampo Group, LLC d/b/a Ramsey Solutions as well as its affiliates and subsidiaries (including their respective employees, agents and representatives) make no representations or warranties concerning the content and expressly disclaim any and all liability concerning the content including any treatment or action taken by any person following the information offered or provided within or through this show. If you have specific concerns or a situation in which you require professional advice, you should consult with an appropriately trained and qualified professional expert and specialist. If you are having a health or mental health emergency, please call 9-1-1 immediately.
47 min
BiggerPockets Podcast : Real Estate Investing and Wealth Building to Help You Get Bigger Pockets
BiggerPockets Podcast : Real Estate Investing and Wealth Building to Help You Get Bigger Pockets : Joshua Dorkin and Brandon Turner
BiggerPockets Podcast 437: How Your “Worst Case Scenario” Can Set You Free From a Job You Hate with Marie Forleo
Marie Forleo, world class coach, marketer, and author, grew up with a mother that did everything. Whether it was retiling the bathroom, fixing a leak in the roof, or performing electrical engineering on small appliances, her mother seemed to be able to figure out almost anything. One day she told Marie “everything is figureoutable”, which became the mantra for her career. Fast forward a decade or so, Marie is working on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange, surrounded by the mega rich. She was stressed out and felt that she wasn’t in the right place. After a prayer and a cry, Marie knew she needed to get out from a job that was slowly killing her. She made the jump and went after coaching, without any experience, money, or clients. Before she left her job she asked herself, “what is the worst case scenario if I leave”. She calculated it out, wrote it down, and realized, the worst case scenario really wasn’t all that bad. Marie strongly believes that although you can be a victim of circumstances, you should never victimize yourself and tell yourself that you “can’t” do something. Everyone has the ability to reach their full potential, but once you start putting up excuses, it’s hard to get there. “Feel the fear”, that’s what Marie told herself in those trying times, and continues to tell herself and her clients that everyday. As she puts it “Fear is really trying to tell you to move towards something”. As real estate investors, this is something we can all relate to, but often don’t put into practice. Well, now's the time to!
Real Estate Rookie
Real Estate Rookie
0 to 7 Deals in a Year Using Other People's Money with Andres Bernal
Andres Bernal came to America to play tennis with only $500 in his pocket. He thought that professional tennis is what his life would end up revolving around. After playing for 2 years and being burnt out from work, Andres decided to take some advice from his family members: start buying real estate. After buying his primary residence, he started looking into multi-family homes that could make him some cash flow each month. He later put down 3.5% with an FHA loan to purchase a triplex, and rented out the bottom 2 units while he lived in the upper 3rd unit. He sold his condo, had some cash, and was ready to start investing more. Andres had some pretty creative ways of getting funding for his real estate deals. He started calling every contact in his phone, asking if they were interested in real estate, and if they were, he packaged up a deal for them. The trade? He does the work and the analysis, they do the financing. These types of partnerships have worked well for Andres and they can work for other rookies as well. His advice is to test the partnership, build the trust, and use the BiggerPockets Rental Property Calculator! The rest will fall into place. In This Episode We Cover: * Why FHA loans are a great first financing tool for rookie investors * Calculating out your “worst case scenarios” on houses * How to treat tenants so they want to stay (and will respect your home) * Why investors need to solve a problem for tenants (especially those that cause you the most trouble) * Finding local investors and investors within your existing circles * The profitability of student housing as an investment * Using social media to grow your existing network * How to set expectations for contractors * And SO much more! Links from the Show * Real Estate Rookie Facebook Group * BiggerPockets Bookstore * BiggerPockets Forums * BiggerPockets Podcast * BiggerPockets Meetups * Find a Real Estate Agent * Brandon Turner Check the full show notes here:
52 min
The Christy Wright Show
The Christy Wright Show
Ramsey Network
Ep 35: Why Your Work Really Matters with John Bevere
Four Ways to Have More Fun with Annie F. Downs 0:53 You Were Designed to Do This 7:24 How to Understand Your Calling with John Bevere 27:49 Feel Like You’re Being Held Back? Resources Christy's Devotional - Living True: 40 Days to Get Back to You Get back to you with my brand-new devotional, Living True: 40 Days to Get Back to You. It will help you break through the busyness of life and build the confidence you need to embrace the person you want to be. Christy's 5-Day Confidence Boost Sign up for my free 5-Day Confidence Boost. You’ll receive five days of encouragement focused on helping you become a more confident you! Today we’re going to talk about something incredibly important: your calling. What gifts has God given you, and how does He want you to use them? We'll get some answers from the brilliant John Bevere—speaker, author and co-founder of Messenger International. Finally, we’ll wrap up with a few journal questions about how to put the light of God on display by walking in our calling. You Were Designed to Do This It can feel intimidating to figure out your calling, right? It’s scary to ask, What was I put on this earth to do? But guess what? Your calling doesn’t have to look and feel epic. Whether you’re working your dream job or just living life and paying bills, God can work through you to get glory for Himself. How to Understand Your Calling with John Bevere I’m so excited about today’s interview with John Bevere—bestselling author, speaker, and co-founder of Messenger International. He and I talk about the importance of taking our calling seriously. John points out that each of us has a choice to make: We can use our gifts to build God’s kingdom as intended, or we can just sit on them and do nothing. What will you do with your life? Feel Like You’re Being Held Back? You are the light of the world. A town built on a hill cannot be hidden. Neither do people light a lamp and put it under a bowl. Instead they put it on its stand, and it gives light to everyone in the house. In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and praise your Father in heaven. — Matthew 5:14–16 (NIV) You know what’s amazing? God wants to show His glory to the world, and His plan is to do that through you and me. He could’ve chosen any method, but He chose to do it through us, despite our flaws. This responsibility feels big and more than we can handle. What can one little light do on its own? But the good news is that God builds bonfires through a bunch of little candles. Let’s bring this concept home by working through a few journal questions: * Practically speaking, what does it mean to be the light of the world? What does that look like for you? * How have you felt held back by your current circumstances? * How can you let your light shine right where you are?
36 min
Real Estate News: Real Estate Investing Podcast
Real Estate News: Real Estate Investing Podcast
Kathy Fettke - Real Wealth Network
Real Estate News Brief - Federal Eviction Ban Extended, Lennar as Single-Family Landlord, Zillow Ends Free Rental Listings
In this Real Estate News Brief for the week ending January 23rd, 2021… another extension for the Federal eviction ban, homebuilder Lennar to become a single-family landlord, and no more free rental listings on Zillow. We begin with economic news from this past week, and the likely return of former Fed chief Janet Yellen as the new U.S. Treasury Secretary. The Senate Finance Committee approved her nomination on Friday the 22nd. The Senate is expected to vote today, and if confirmed, she'll be the first woman to lead the department in its more than 230-year history. Links: 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 -,local%20governments%2C%20and%20Indian%20tribes. 8 - 9 -
6 min
Master Passive Income Real Estate Investing in Rental Property
Master Passive Income Real Estate Investing in Rental Property
Dustin Heiner
How to Buy 6 Duplexes in 15 Months Investing In Real Estate
Imagine buying 12 units and making $4500 a month in passive income in just 15 months! Well, my student did just that. After buying 6 duplexes, even during the COV ID pandemic, Benjamin continued to grow his business buying 5 properties in 12 months. Get the free real estate investing course: Watch the first interview here: // WHAT TO WATCH NEXT Best Places to Invest: How to Become Successfully Unemployed: Get Money For Investing in Real Estate: How to Start Investing In Real Estate: How to Analyze a Real Estate Investing Deal in 5 Seconds: How to Set Up Your LLC for Your Business: How to Use Owner Financing to Make Loads of Money: //BEST REAL ESTATE INVESTING RESOURCE LINKS Free Property Get Business Funding Great High Interest Savings Account: Accurate Rental Rates: Self Directed IRA for Real Estate Investing: Learn more about Dustin and find resources to build an automatic real estate investing business: Join our free private Facebook group! #realestateinvesting NOTE: This description may contains affiliate links to products we enjoy using ourselves. Should you choose to use these links, this channel may earn affiliate commissions at no additional cost to you. We appreciate your support!
39 min
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