Nov 5, 2018
100 | Welcome to the FI community
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100 | Brad and Jonathan look back at the ChooseFI’s growth during the past 100 episodes and hit the highlights of financial independence for new community members and recap their own financial independence journeys.


  • Jonathan considers himself a reluctant frugalist, but the idea of not having to work won him over.
  • Brad and his wife were natural savers, but chose to move from Long Island, NY, so that they could save more and work toward financial independence.
  • If you want to take back your years and have the option to stop working before your 60s, you’re going to have to live differently and make different choices.
  • The key to long term freedom is saving money.
  • The benefits of pursuing financial independence are felt long before reaching FI.
  • Jonathan put himself in a position to leave his pharmacy job when it stopped working for him and his family.
  • A huge quantity of life’s stresses can go away if you’ve got some money in the bank.
  • What you earn minus what you spend = the gap.
  • The goal of the ChooseFI community is to help you grow the gap, and pursue what you’re most interested in.
  • ChooseFI isn’t about the money, it’s a life optimization strategy.
  • Small sacrifices add up in the long term.
  • What is a talent stack, and how did it change Brad’s life?
  • Starting with current income is the wrong place to start calculating the number you need for retirement.
  • FI number = 25 x annual expenses (4% rule of thumb)
  • If you’re only saving 1%, it’ll take you 100 years to replace on year of expenses.
  • Getting as close to possible to a 50% savings rate is when things really start to move quickly.
  • Being rich isn’t watches and cars – it’s money saved and pursuing what’s more important to you in life.
  • What major decisions put Brad on the path to FI?



Mr. Money Mustache

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