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Sales Training - 33
Apr 11, 2017 · 24 min
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Where do you start when planning an effective Sales Training Event or Global Sales Meeting.

At Catalyst Sale, we start with the following questions.

  • What is the current state?
  • What is the desired state?
  • What are your gaps?
  • How will you execute?
  • How will you follow-up and hold the team accountable?
  • Who are the experts in your organization that you can lean on?

There are no Silver Bullets, but there are some practical experiences you can put your team through to help improve performance.  

Effective training, sales or otherwise, includes the delivery of information, an opportunity to demonstrate retention/application of the new skill, and a chance to test and retest the concepts in a simulated environment. Unfortunately, most organizations stop here, reps go home, training is not reinforced, and the team operates the way they always have.  

This week Mike & Mike share their approach in planning sales meeting, implementing new sales training programs, and some background on this Catalyst Sale area of practice.

Thanks for listening & for sharing with your team. 

Catalyst Sale

Sales is a Thinking Process. Our sales process includes ValidationQualification, Fit, and Feasibility, Proposal, Closed Won & the Confirmation Step.  You can learn more about Catalyst Sale by following us on LinkedIn, Twitter, & via the Catalyst Sale Website.

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