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Clint Clarkson - Comics, Business, and Creativity - 174
Feb 4, 2020 · 36 min
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On this episode, Mike is joined by Clint Clarkson. Clint is the Founder of eLearning Alchemy and is an author of L& D Scenes - Comics for Learning Professionals. Mike and Clint discuss the value of comics in business today as well as how to get our creativity flowing.

Questions Answered:

  • Why can we convey an interesting message in comics? 
  • How do you do it so it doesn’t take away from the story?
  • How does spacing impact communication?
  • Why is it important for someone to relate, but not feel attacked?
  • What are the negative connotations of sales?
  • How can we initiate the creative process?

Key Takeaways:

  • Abstraction allows people to recognize it as a human experience while keeping it far enough away that they don’t feel attacked.
  • There is often confusion around engagement and interaction. Engagement = “brains-on” activities while interaction = “hand-on” activities.
  • Questions automatically make a person think.
  • We can’t communicate or learn effectively if we are in fight or flight mode
  • The moment you are trying to actively sell without adding value, people will find a way to tune you out and get rid of you.
  • People are the heroes of their own story. 
  • When working on being more creative, ask how what you are working on can be more human. Fun, engaging, interesting. 
  • We are all creative in some way.

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