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Podcasting and Business with Guest Evo Terra - 167
Dec 17, 2019 · 45 min
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On this episode, Mike is joined by Evo Terra. Evo is a podcast strategist with Simpler Media Productions.

Questions Answered:

  • Should organizations take advantage of podcasting as a way to communicate to employees?
  • Why do organizations struggle with the idea of putting together a podcast?
  • What are some advantages of communicating through the spoken word?
  • How long does a podcast need to be?
  • How can we avoid analysis paralysis? 
  • What happens if you change the style mid-stream?
  • What are some common mistakes people make when starting on this journey?
  • How do you look at audio as a secondary activity?
  • How can content be reused?
  • What can I do if I want to get started podcasting?

Key Takeaways:

  • Podcasting is a lot easier than most people think.
  • We are natural storytellers.
  • Each episode should have a theme
  • Design is important
  • Intent is important
  • Think about it as content marketing
  • Figure out a structure first
  • 25 - 30% of people listen to a podcast weekly
  • Podcasting can be a dedicated communication channel for your business, but it is also ubiquitous.
  • You can do totally private podcasting if you want. 
  • You don’t want it to appear random. 
  • There is very little correlation between how long it takes to enjoy a podcast and how long it takes to assemble a podcast.
  • The best microphone to use is the one that you have and know how to use properly.
  • Podcast listening is a found time activity.

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