Falsetto Fireworks
47 min

Cash and T.J. talk about The Grinch, Santa Clause, the Winchester Mystery House, Old MacDonald, Sting, Bono, George Michael, Meatloaf, The Shining, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, fantasy carnival games, Ghostbusters, and ask the question, "Is the Grand Canyon natures ladle?”

This belated holiday episode is a full courtyard press, prepare yourself for a pyrotechnic full body release…


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The Mike Herrera Podcast
The Mike Herrera Podcast
Mike Herrera
#336 Theo Goutzinakis & Steven Fairweather on Gob
#336 Theo Goutzinakis & Steven Fairweather on Gob Theo Goutzinakis is a founding member of the Canadian punk band, Gob. He is the guitarist and vocalist. He also has a band called Theo and the Thugs. He has acted in the movies Going the Distance and Sharp as Marbles. Steven Fairweather is a Canadian musician and the bassist of the Canadian punk rock band Gob, founder of the Internet radio station, 'Stranger radio', show host and photographer This episode is a fun and lighthearted punk rock romp riding relentlessly into oblivion. And some of the content is not adult. Explicit Content Warning: You might not want your kids to hear this one. Now that we understand each other. Enjoy the show! Find GOB and the guys online: GOB WEBSITE Theo and the Thugs on FB Steven Fairweather MXPX INFO BELOW: MXPX TICKETS FOR DECEMBER SHOWS 2020 ------------------------- Have you subscribed to the pod? Big Thanks to RØDE MICS --------------------------------------------------- LIFE IN QUARANTINE - THE COLLECTION HOMEWARD BOUND! TEXT LIST - Join our Text list by texting MXPX to 31996 Merch still available at www.mxpx.com MUSIC -LISTENER CHALLENGE- Listen to MXPX Self Titled Deluxe Album at least once a day. Use hashtag #mxpx or #mxpxsuperchallenge The MXPX Super Challenge Playlist Big link to everything MXPX BAND LINK MXPX - Self Titled Deluxe Edition Mike Herrera - Moment's Like These: TX Mike Herrera - Superman - LISTEN HERE! I now have an Artist Series Music Man Stingray from Ernie Ball! You can order straight from the shop on the Music Man website. A portion of proceeds goes to MusicCares! MIKE HERRERA SIGNATURE SERIES BASS If you like the podcast- Subscribe, rate and review on Apple. Support what I do at MXPX.com Leave a message with your question on the Mike Herrera Podcast voicemail. (some could be aired on future episodes of the podcast) 360-830-6660 (US number) 3 min limit per message.
1 hr 45 min
The Truth About Vintage Amps with Skip Simmons
The Truth About Vintage Amps with Skip Simmons
The Fretboard Journal
Ep. 57: "Turn That Baby Down to Zero"
Once again, guitar amp tech Skip Simmons is fielding your questions on all things tube amp. This week's sponsors: Amplified Parts and Grez Guitars. Want to support the show? Be a part of our Patreon page. 2:15 Baffler Corner: The power tubes on a transitional 1963 Fender Showman head; enchiladas without breaking tortillas; last week's noisy Marshall 9:22 What's on Skip's Bench: A Gibsonette 14:35 The entire 1996 Angela Catalog, now available as a download! (link here, proceeds go directly to Steve Melkisethian) 17:29 Reversing the tube pin order in a Princeton 5F2A 19:53 Removing paint from Tolex 21:45 Recommended reading: 'Antique Radio Restoration Guide'; shimming a speaker with a rubbing dust cap 25:00 Watkins Dominators, using a Variac in front of a step-up transformer 30:41 Plate voltages on a Deluxe Reverb AB763 32:24 Modulus Music's free 5E3 cabinet plans; Skip's tomato sauce; Fender Harvards 38:55 A/B box updates; HAB hot sauce 41:06 Lectrolab S600s 43:42 Modding the first channel of a silverface Fender Super Reverb 46:43 Changing the cap value on a 5F2A tone control 48:38 Wall voltage variabilities and using a Variac 54:55 Song recommendation: "Call Me" by Aretha Franklin 55:48 Enchilada talk, fast pumpkin Thai curry soup 1:01:03 Are forums useful? Have a topic for a future episode? Email or send us a voice memo to: podcast@fretboardjournal.com or leave us a voicemail or text at 509-557-0848. Be sure to check out the ever-growing Big Index of Truth About Vintage Amp topics to see if your amp questions have already been covered.
1 hr 10 min
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