What's Next for 0x Protocol? - Clay Robbins, Head of Growth at 0x Labs - Ep. 127
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0x Protocol is one of the earliest decentralized exchange protocols. With more competition, increasing regulatory scrutiny and billions more in value in DeFi, we revisit the project after 2 years with Head of Growth Clay Robbins (@crabbylions):

  • How does 0x compete with new decentralized exchanges?
  • Will FinCEN's KYC rule affect dex's?
  • How to bootstrap growth as a dex

Jason Choi (@MrJasonChoi). This show is not financial advice; show host and guest may hold some of the assets discussed.



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RADIX: Radix is the first layer-one protocol specifically built to serve DeFi. Decentralized finance applications are currently built on protocols that are not fit for purpose, leading to congestion, hacks and developer frustration. Radix changes this by introducing a scalable, secure-by-design, composable platform with a DeFi specific build environment to make it easy to build and launch scalable DeFi. Find out more at www.radixdlt.com

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Disclaimer: Jason Choi is an investor at Spartan Capital, the hedge fund arm of The Spartan Group. All opinions expressed by Jason and podcast guests are solely their own opinions and do not reflect the opinion of The Spartan Group and any of its subsidiaries and personnel. This podcast is for information purposes only and should not be relied upon as a basis for investment decisions. 

Kierin - Your DeFi Guide
Kierin - Your DeFi Guide
8 POLKADOT Altcoins That Will Make Millionaires in 2021 binance
8 POLKADOT Altcoins That Will Make Millionaires in 2021  ▶Business inquiries: yourdefiguide@gmail.com  https://kusama.network/ https://www.coingecko.com/en/coins/kusama https://kardiachain.io/ https://medium.com/@secdegulleri/kardiachain-the-first-decentralized-interoperable-and-self-optimised-blockchain-ecosystem-90f6365ad714 https://www.coingecko.com/en/coins/kardiachain https://www.coingecko.com/en/coins/darwinia-network-native-token https://moonbeam.network/ https://bondly.finance/#features https://robonomics.network/blog/recap-2020/ https://blog.aira.life/what-is-robonomics-network-robot-as-a-service-and-future-parachain-of-polkadot-or-something-more-36deece9f3cb  Hi my name is Kierin and I'll be your your guide on your DeFi adventure. The DeFi space is complicated and dangerous. There are many scams, hacks, and people out there trying to take your money away from you. It's important to have the tools and knowledge to be safe in the space. Therefore, I'll be your map and compass to help you thrive on your yourney to financial independence.   🔥🚀MY FAVOURITE SERVICES 🔥🚀 ▶  Kraken : https://bit.ly/create-your-kraken-account-here▶  Coinbase (Get 10$ bonus) : http://bit.ly/buyandsellcrypto▶  Binance (Get 10% discount fees) : http://bit.ly/2TE6O87▶  Best Charts on Tradingview : http://bit.ly/31FLule▶  Hardware Wallet (Ledger): http://bit.ly/2KDk35V --------❤️ Let's Connect On Social Media---------- 🐦 Twitter: https://twitter.com/yourdefiguide The content of this video is not financial advice. You should not make any investments based on this video. I am not liable for any losses you may incur when trading crypto, always do your own research.  DISCLAIMER: This video and description contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links and then buy something, I may receive a commission. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.  -- hashtags --  #polkadot #defi
22 min
CoinDesk Reports
CoinDesk Reports
ETH 2.0: ‘Keep It Simple’: Prevent Your Eth 2.0 From Being Slashed
In this episode, Christine Kim and Will Foxley discuss with the co-lead developer of Prysmatic Labs, Raul Jordan, the common reasons behind slashing events on Ethereum 2.0 and how they can be prevented.  “Keep it simple.” Jordan’s best advice to prevent validators who have staked 32 ETH (worth roughly $56,500 at time of writing) from being booted off the Eth 2.0 network for suspicious behaviour was to make operations as straightforward and uncomplicated as possible.  “A lot of people try to get really clever at their staking setup. They’re like I need zero down time. I cannot afford having my software down for a second. … A lot of stakers at home try to go for these really complicated setups and I mean to be honest they’re fairly sophisticated. They know what they’re doing but there’s always room for something to go wrong,” Jordan said.  Validators are the equivalent to miners on Ethereum’s new proof-of-stake blockchain dubbed Eth 2.0. These users earn rewards in the form of interest on their staked ether for running software that verifies and helps produce new blocks.  Over-engineering validator setups can lead to what are called slashing events, according to Jordan, which are penalties exacted by the network to deter users from launching malicious attacks. However, it’s impossible for the software of Eth 2.0 to discern what is a premeditated network attack from an honest mistake by a sophisticated user simply trying to maximize his or her earnings as a validator.  As a result, the best way to ensure a validator on Eth 2.0 isn’t slashed is to accept some downtime on the machine. Downtime means any period of time where validator operations aren’t actively running or connected to the internet and therefore not earning rewards.  “If you’re online for only two-thirds of the year, you’re still profitable as a validator. So why do this? The risk is not worth it,” said Jordan. “If you get slashed you’re going to lose some funds. You’re going to get ejected [from the network] and then your ether is locked in there not earning anything until you can withdraw in the future.”  Mining on Ethereum and other proof-of-work blockchains such as Bitcoin are notorious for being activities where feats of engineering and specialization actually increase the chances of earning rewards. Application-specific integrated circuits (ASICs) are prime examples of technologies built to maximize the profits of Ethereum and Bitcoin miners.  However, the potential for slashing on Ethereum 2.0 is one of the main characteristics of the network that discourages similar types of innovation from profit-motivated validators. If there’s any upside to slashing, it’s that it has encouraged Eth 2.0 developers like Jordan to work harder at building standards between all Eth 2.0 software clients to make the user experience as smooth and as seamless as possible.  To learn more about these standardization efforts and how they’re helping educate users about running validator operations on Eth 2.0, listen to the full podcast episode with Christine Kim, Will Foxley and Raul Jordan.  For more weekly insights on Eth 2.0 development, consider checking out Foxley and I’s weekly newsletter, Valid Points.  Links mentioned in the podcast:  Raul Jordan’s blog post -  https://medium.com/prysmatic-labs/eth2-slashing-prevention-tips-f6faa5025f50
34 min
The Crypto Conversation
The Crypto Conversation
Brave New Coin
Techemy Capital launches DeFi ETP on Balancer
Techemy Capital has launched Decentralized Exchange-Traded Portfolios (ETPs) on Balancer, starting with a DeFi ETP. We’re joined by Techemy Capital CEO Fran Strajnar, and Balancer CEO Fernando Martinelli who discuss why these ETPs are a potential game-changer, how to invest, and what this means for DeFi. Guests: Fran Strajnar and Fernando Martinelli Why you should listen: “Digital asset investors and traders are seeking more advanced ways to gain exposure to popular DeFi assets,” says Fran Strajnar, CEO at Techemy Capital. “BNC’s DeFi Index and ETP provides this, all with industry-leading security, transparency, and speed. Rather than having to pick one DeFi winner and hope for the best, investors can now get exposure to the success of the entire sector.” Fernando says it is validating to see funds such as Techemy Capital be early adopters of Balancer. "We're about to launch Balancer V2 which will bring massive gains in cost efficiency for gas fees. It's an exciting time for crypto and for DeFi and brilliant to see Techemy Capital provide a use case for Balancer that we foresaw from day one.” Key takeaway: The DeFi ETP is a physical representation of Brave New Coin’s Blue-Chip DeFi Index ( a portfolio of 8 key assets). The DeFi ETP gives traders non-synthetic exposure to assets in the BNC DeFi Blue-Chip Index: Yearn Finance ($YFI), Compound Finance ($COMP), Aave Protocol ($AAVE), MakerDAO ($MKR), Synthetix ($SNX), Uniswap ($UNI), SushiSwap ($SUSHI) and Uma Project ($UMA). Issued on Balancer Protocol, the new DeFi ETP mimics the constitution and weights of the BNC Blue-Chip DeFi Index. It is rebalanced in alignment with the index, providing traders an opportunity to get non-synthetic exposure to the assets that make up the index, and/or to speculate or arbitrage between the price parity of the index-powered perpetual swaps [offered by third parties such as BTSE] and the spot market for the ETP. The DeFi ETP is non-custodial, transparent, on-chain, wholly collateralized, highly liquid, and instantly redeemable. Supporting links: Techemy Capital Balancer Previous Techemy Capital podcast Previous Balancer podcast Leverj Andy on Twitter Brave New Coin on Twitter Brave New Coin If you enjoyed the show please subscribe to the Crypto Conversation and give us a 5-star rating and a positive review in whatever podcast app you are using.
40 min
Magic Internet Money
Magic Internet Money
Brad Mills
Occupy Wall Street 2.0
On this episode of Magic Internet Money, host Brad Mills invites fellow podcasters Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert onto the show to discuss the stock market fiasco caused by r/WallStreetBets. The group discusses how it resembles the 2008 housing bubble and other stock market crashes. Max passionately defends Millennials and Generation Z’s “right to compete”. Brad discussed the history of fraud that Wall Street bankers have dabbled in over the years and the fallout of those controversies and how they related to the Gamestop Short. Time Stamps 00:00:19 - Intro 00:02:21 - Show start 00:04:10 - What is shorting? 00:11:20 - Why did Millennials buy GME? 00:16:18 - How GME resembles 2008 00:19:45 - The Bailout Chain 00:21:14 - Citadel, RobinHood, and how dominoes fall 00:24:00 - Occupy Wall Street in cyberspace 00:28:48 - Market rigging software 00:31:40 - London: the capital of fraud 00:35:18 - What could crash markets? 00:42:00 - Banking crisis 00:47:55 - How banks “killed Greece” 00:50:51 - “Bitcoin is the best way to do battle against crooks” 00:53:03 - Bitcoin vs “Shitcoins” 00:57:53 - “Attack on the Capital in cyberspace” and closing remarks Links to Mentions in the Show The r/WallStreetBets Short Citadel Melvin Capital Naked Shorting Regulation SHO (Reg Sho) Patrick Byrne History of US Bailouts Asymmetric Warfare How are Melvin, Citadel, and RobinHood Related? Occupy Wall Street Find Max Keiser Max Keiser LinkedIn Max Keiser Twitter Orange Pill Podcast   Find Stacy Herbert Stacy Herbery Twitter Stacy Herbert LinkedIn Find Brad Mills: Brad Mills Twitter Magic Internet Money Twitter Magic Internet Money Facebook Magic Internet Money Instagram Produced by Brad Mills - Twitter, Hamilton - YouTube, Jason Sanderson - Podcast Tech Other Credits: bitconnect theme by schmoyoho, graphics by CryptoScamHub, Magic Internet Money inspired by u/mavensbot, invention of Bitcoin & all cryptocurrencies by Satoshi Nakamoto.
1 hr 1 min
Speaking of Bitcoin (formerly Let's Talk Bitcoin!)
Speaking of Bitcoin (formerly Let's Talk Bitcoin!)
Adam B. Levine
SOB #455 Privacy & Scale - Everything You Need To Know About Bitcoin’s Taproot
In this episode of Speaking of Bitcoin (originally recorded in early January, 2021), join Adam B. Levine, Andreas M. Antonopoulos, Stephanie Murphy and Jonathan Mohan as they dig into the much discussed but often poorly understood ‘Taproot’ improvement. This long-in-the-works, multi-part bitcoin improvement proposal is nearing deployment but will likely take years to fully manifest in the wallets and applications we use. Even so, taproot is set to impact the protocol significantly in the areas of scale, privacy and the ability to create and execute more complex ‘smart contracts’ on bitcoins’ native layer. In this episode, we dig into the meaning and implications of the upgrades major componants in an easy to understand way and then go into the technical explanation to provide you with all the technical details as well. Prefer to listen as a Podcast? Subscribe to Speaking of Bitcoin: Apple Podcasts: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/lets-talk-bitcoin/id1463398832?uo=4​ Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/show/2u3oXWilTSFmZ034vQeUGq​ Google Podcasts: https://www.google.com/podcasts?feed=aHR0cHM6Ly9hbmNob3IuZm0vcy9iNDIxZmQ0L3BvZGNhc3QvcnNz​ PocketCasts: https://pca.st/DU8V​ RadioPublic: https://radiopublic.com/lets-talk-bitcoin-8jOrdv Image credit: Ricardo Gomez Angel/Unsplash modified by Speaking of Bitcoin --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/originalltb/message
24 min
AMA with Hart Lambur, Co-Founder of UMA Protocol
UMA Protocol (https://umaproject.org/​) provides open-source infrastructure for developers to efficiently create secure synthetic assets. Hart Lambur is Co-Founder. ----- 🚀 SUBSCRIBE TO NEWSLETTER: http://bankless.substack.com/​​ 🎙️ SUBSCRIBE TO PODCAST: http://podcast.banklesshq.com/​​ ----- 💪BECOME A BANKLESS PREMIUM MEMBER: Lock in $12/month for life before March 1! http://bankless.cc/membership​​ ----- GO BANKLESS WITH THESE SPONSOR TOOLS: ⭐️ AAVE - BORROW OR LEND YOUR ASSETS https://bankless.cc/aave​​ 🚀 GEMINI - MOST TRUSTED EXCHANGE AND ONRAMP https://bankless.cc/go-gemini​​ 💳 MONOLITH - GET THE HOLY GRAIL OF BANKLESS VISA CARDS https://bankless.cc/monolith​​ 📱 DHARMA - MOBILE ONRAMP DIRECTLY INTO DEFI https://bankless.cc/dharma​ ------ 📣LATTICE | NEXT GENERATION OF HARDWARE WALLETS https://bankless.cc/gridplus​ ------ Relevant Links: UMA Protocol https://umaproject.org/ Hart on Twitter https://twitter.com/hal2001?s=20 ------ Don't stop at the video! Visit the official Bankless website http://banklesshq.com/​​ Follow Bankless on Twitter https://twitter.com/BanklessHQ​​ Follow Ryan on Twitter https://twitter.com/ryansadams​​ Follow David on Twitter https://twitter.com/TrustlessState​​ ----- Not financial or tax advice. This channel is strictly educational and is not investment advice or a solicitation to buy or sell any assets or to make any financial decisions. This video is not tax advice. Talk to your accountant. Do your own research. Disclosure. From time-to-time we may add links in this channel to products we use. We may receive commission if you make a purchase through one of these links. We'll always disclose when this is the case.
1 hr 4 min
Zero Knowledge
Zero Knowledge
Fredrik Harrysson, Anna Rose
Episode 169: Arkworks SNARK libraries with Pratyush Mishra
In this week’s episode, Anna (https://twitter.com/AnnaRRose) and Robert Habermeier (https://twitter.com/rphmeier) chat with Pratyush Mishra (https://twitter.com/zkproofs), co-author of the Arkworks toolkit. Arkworks is a collection of Rust libraries designed to simplify development with SNARKs, both for developing high-level application circuits and building custom SNARK implementations. Pratyush lays out what possibilities and trade-offs Arkworks offers, diving into the details of the Rust implementation and why it is the best language for developing cryptographic primitives. Anna, Rob and Pratyush then branch out into the philosophical and practical questions of open-source and blockchain development. Here are a few links to Arkworks and the topics they discussed: Arkworks GitHub (https://github.com/arkworks-rs) page and Telegram (https://t.me/joinchat/FqkNt8u_OenonTJ4) group. Pratyush’s GitHub (https://github.com/Pratyush), Twitter (https://twitter.com/zkproofs) and Berkeley (https://people.eecs.berkeley.edu/~pratyushmishra/) pages. Bellman (https://github.com/zkcrypto/bellman) and Libsnark (https://github.com/scipr-lab/libsnark), some of the other libraries that are similar to Arkworks. The Celo (https://docs.celo.org/overview) and Mina (https://minaprotocol.com/docs) protocols, two major projects using Arkworks. Here (https://medium.com/cornellblockchain/a-brief-dive-into-zk-snarks-and-the-zokrates-toolbox-on-the-ethereum-blockchain-cb7bd7f00fdc) is a basic explainer of what projects like Arkworks are trying to do and why it’s useful, with a particular focus on ZoKrates, one of the languages Pratyush mentioned. Intros to Circom (https://iden3.io/circom), Leo (https://developer.aleo.org/developer/getting_started/overview/) and Zinc (https://github.com/matter-labs/zinc), some of the higher level languages. Be sure to subscribe to the zkMesh Newsletter (https://zkmesh.substack.com) - a monthly rundown of the latest in decentralised privacy-preserving technologies, privacy protocol development and zero knowledge systems research. Put together by Anna & Mikerah (HashCloak). Thank you to this week’s sponsor Least Authority (https://leastauthority.com). Least Authority is a security consulting and product development company known for pushing the limits on how to build privacy-respecting solutions. They are a team of security researchers, open source developers, privacy advocates and cryptographers. They have developed an end-to-end encrypted cloud storage product that minimizes the collection of any data related to its users, called PrivateStorage (https://privatestorage.io/). PrivateStorage implements privacy and security by design, not by policy. PrivateStorage is based on Tahoe-LAFS an open source distributed file store PrivateStorage is launching in the second half of this year. Visit PrivateStorage.io (https://privatestorage.io/) to learn more and to sign up to be notified about its release. *If you like what we do: * Follow us on Twitter @zeroknowledgefm (https://twitter.com/zeroknowledgefm) Join us on Telegram (https://t.me/joinchat/B_81tQ57-ThZg8yOSx5gjA) Catch us on Youtube (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYWsYz5cKw4wZ9Mpe4kuM_g) Read up on the r/ZKPodcast subreddit (https://www.reddit.com/r/zkpodcast) Give us feedback! https://forms.gle/iKMSrVtcAn6BByH6A Support our Gitcoin Grant (https://gitcoin.co/grants/329/zero-knowledge-podcast-2) Support us on the ZKPatreon (https://www.patreon.com/zeroknowledge) Donate through coinbase.commerce (https://commerce.coinbase.com/checkout/f1e56274-c92b-4a99-802f-50727d651b38) *Or directly here: * ETH: 0xC0FFEE1B5083230a5154F55f253B6b6ae8F29B1a BTC: 1cafekGa3podM4fBxPSQc6RCEXQNTK8Zz ZEC: t1R2bujRF3Hzte9ALHpMJvY8t5kb9ut9SpQ
58 min
The Token Metrics Podcast
The Token Metrics Podcast
Token Metrics
Helium Network (HNT) Project Update | How BIG is This Going to Be? Token Metrics AMA
Helium Network (HNT) project update. How big is this going to be? Sign up for Token Metrics at https://tokenmetrics.com​ Token Metrics Media LLC is a regular publication of information, analysis and commentary focused especially on blockchain technology and business, cryptocurrency, blockchain-based tokens, market trends, and trading strategies. Like the podcast to let us know you like the content! Sign up for Token Metrics at https://tokenmetrics.com​ ✔ Podcast: https://tokenmetrics.com/podcast​ ✔ Blog: https://blog.tokenmetrics.com/​ ✔ Forum: https://forum.tokenmetrics.com/​ Follow us on social media below: ► Telegram Alerts Channel: https://t.me/TokenMetrics​ ► Telegram Discussion Group: https://t.me/TokenMetricsDiscussion​ ► Twitter: https://twitter.com/tokenmetricsinc​ ► Instagram: https://instagram.com/tokenmetrics​ ► Facebook: https://facebook.com/tokenmetrics​ Token Metrics Media LLC does not provide individually tailored investment advice and does not take a subscriber’s or anyone’s personal circumstances into consideration when discussing investments; nor is Token Metrics Media LLC, registered as an investment adviser or broker-dealer in any jurisdiction. Information contained herein is not an offer or solicitation to buy, hold, or sell any security. The Token Metrics Media LLC team has advised and invested in many blockchain companies. A complete list of their advisory roles and current holdings can be viewed here: tokenmetrics.com/disclosures.
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