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Storytelling To Build Trust At Uniti Wireless With Sasha Baranikov
Oct 29, 2017 · 17 min
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Sasha Baranikov is an expert in storytelling to build trust. Co-founder and CEO of Uniti Wireless, she knows that stories are a powerful way to convey technical information and simplify it into relatable terms. When bringing a new product to market, you must tell the story of how it improves customers' lives.

Uniti's product is super-fast internet. Described by Sasha as "like fiber through the air", it meets a huge customer demand despite the competitive marketplace. And the business has seen rapid growth as a result. In just four years, Uniti has gone from a mere concept to a stable business with employees in two states, with further plans to expand nationally next year.

In today's episode of  Be The Drop, we chat storytelling to build trust, the constant learning of business, and Sasha reveals the key to making sales and resolving disputes...

This is Sasha's version of Be The Drop...

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