An Irish Airman #522
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Even Irish Airmen sing and dance along to this week's Irish & Celtic Music Podcast.

Emerald Accent, The Fretless, Gone Molly, Brigid's Crossing, John Doyle & Cillian Vallely, Vicki Swan & Jonny Dyer, Gaelynn Lea, Kyle Gryphon, Seamus Kennedy, Band O'Brothers, The Gartloney Rats, The Kilt Lifters, John McLean Allan, Celia Ramsay & Shay Black

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0:06 - Emerald Accent "Prairie Spring" from The Oats Field

3:24 - WELCOME

3:54 - The Fretless "June Tune" from The Fretless

7:06 - Gone Molly "Follow" from Gone Molly

11:41 - Brigid's Crossing "Indian Paintbrush" from The Fall

15:21 - John Doyle & Cillian Vallely "An Irish Airman Foresees His Death" from I Am of Ireland / Yeats in Song

18:40 - FEEDBACK

22:51 - Vicki Swan & Jonny Dyer "Spencer the Rover" from Slip Tease

27:42 - Gaelynn Lea “Medley in D Major: Spotted Pony / Going Down to Cairo / Angelina Baker / Over the Waterfall” from All the Roads That Lead Us Home

30:40 - Kyle Gryphon "Doe Hills" from DESOLATION

34:58 - Seamus Kennedy "Mairi's Wedding / The Flowers of Edinburgh" from A Smile and a Tear

38:31 - THANKS

39:52 - Band O'Brothers "Irish Yoga" from Band O'Brothers

42:56 - The Gartloney Rats "Sun for Lovers" from Some Drunken Nights (Irish Music Buried Treasures)

46:36 - The Kilt Lifters "Raise a Glass to You" from Pour Another Round

49:18 - John McLean Allan "Stand Easy Jam" from Head in the Clouds

53:21 - CLOSING

55:21 - Celia Ramsay & Shay Black "Leatherwing Bat" from Singer's Request

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What are you doing today while listening to the podcast? You can send a written comment along with a picture of what you're doing while listening. Email a voicemail message to

Sheryl Schopfer emailed: "Dear Marc Gunn,

I am a newly caught-up listener, having found the Irish & Celtic music Podcast last summer and been listening to the entire back catalog over the past year, along with the Renaissance Festival Podcast (how I originally found your numerous podcast projects) and the Celtic Christmas Podcast.  I greatly appreciate what you do with the podcast, airing music of wide-ranging musicians I would not discover otherwise.

You asked in this most recent episode (the first I listened to when it was actually released; I really did just catch up) whether we listen with others or alone.  I share podcasts and individual episodes I like, but no one I know listens to podcasts as much as I do.  So, I have taken to sharing individual songs with people, and noting that I discovered them through this podcast.  As for what I do while listening (another question of yours), this is usually working on art for a comic page or going for a walk.

Anyway, thank you so much for your podcasts and for the music they introduce to listeners like myself!  :-)"

Mathew Solomon emailed some photos: "A Bostonian expat cooking in Istanbul while listening to your podcast. Hey Marc!

I've been listening to your podcast for about a year now. I am not Irish by any means, but traditional Irish music has always held a special place in my heart. Its warmth, human spirit, and general optimism despite hardship is a source of comfort and inspiration. My hometown of Boston has a rich history of Irish music, and one of my favorite local haunts is the Burren in Somerville, a traditional Irish pub with regular Irish music featuring local and international artists.

Currently I am making a new home for myself abroad, in Istanbul, and your podcast has been a reliable way to help me feel grounded and at home in this new, exhilarating city. I am an avid home cook, and I always look forward to a new episode to give me more wonderful music to listen to while cooking. Below are pictures of some traditional Turkish meals I have cooked while listening to your podcast, and the view from my balcony from which Irish music can be heard emanating.

I am also a musician, but not one who would fit naturally into the traditional Irish folk band. Anyone who wants to help me find a way to fit trombone into an Irish folk sound, give me a call!

Thank you for spreading such excellent music; I just finished the latest episode (#520) and I am already looking forward to the next one.

Cheers, sláinte, and serefe!"


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