Celtic Women Shine #530
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The women of Celtic music shine today on the Irish & Celtic Music Podcast.

Willowgreen, Matt & Shannon Heaton, Muireann Nic Amhlaoibh, The Bow Tides, Bang On The Ear, Achill Crossing, Elizabeth Sutherland, Steel Clover, Gaelynn Lea, Ashley Davis, Christine Weir, The Darkeyed Musician & Grimwater, Niamh Parsons & Graham Dunne, Sora, Sue Spencer

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0:06 - Willowgreen "Greenstone" from Inland Sea

3:58 - WELCOME

5:13 - Matt & Shannon Heaton "The O'Connor Donn's & The Morning Thrush" from Blue Skies Above

9:37 - Muireann Nic Amhlaoibh "Air Failirinn Iù" from Thar Toinn / Seaborne Pronunciation: Air Failirinn Iù - Air Foil-i-reen ew Thar Toinn - Har -Tone

14:12 - The Bow Tides "Bea's Waltz" from Single

16:54 - Bang On The Ear "Glengarry My Home" from F15TEEN Michelle McMillan: vocals

19:01 - FEEDBACK

22:22 - Achill Crossing "Irish Soldier Laddie" from The Rising of the Moon

25:39 - Elizabeth Sutherland "Evening Reflection" from Forest Dreams

29:01 - Steel Clover "The Rose Garden" from Finding Your Way

33:21 - Gaelynn Lea "Someday We'll Linger in the Sun" from The Songs We Sing Along the Way

38:15 - Ashley Davis "The Pity of Love" from I Am of Ireland / Yeats in Song

40:39 - THANKS

42:01 - Christine Weir "Stay a wee while (For Graham)" from Single

46:02 - The Darkeyed Musician & Grimwater "Song of a Shieldmaiden" from Illumina

50:30 - Niamh Parsons & Graham Dunne "Valentine O'Hara" from Kind Providence

54:50 - Sora "Frozen" from Ghostlines

59:25 - CLOSING

1:00:49 - Sue Spencer "Maid on the Shore" from North Shore

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Eilene Ording emailed a photo: "Marc, Here's a photo of what I do while listening to your podcast. I walk early in the morning in Kansas City, Missouri and this day, the moon was still up and walked with me.

My Scottish roots are very deep and we came to North America via Ireland. My mother's maiden name is McCamus which would equate to McKeamish or McHamish probably in Scottish. Be that as it may, we are part of Clan Gunn. One of my bucket list items is to visit the Clan Gunn Museum & Heritage Centre in Latheron, Scotland. Unfortunately, they are not open and I can't travel at the moment anyway.

I'm enjoying your podcast. I've been sending the podcast link and some band links to my son in the U.S. Navy in Guam. We share an interest in all things Celtic or Gaelic. My favorite band is Gaelic Storm (they play the KC Irish Fest every Labor Day Weekend), but I recently fell in love with Niamh Parsons' voice. I first heard her and her partner on your podcast.

Have a great day."

Rich Windsor replied to the Celtic Music Magazine: "Amazing!!! Thank you so much Marc!

Working like crazy to sell a house that my wife and I owned. Married for 35 years and she passed away from complications of MS. Its frightening how much stuff people accumulate when they stay in one place, and now I am moving to a nice small apartment for one person. As soon as I move and get my internet hooked up, will go through all of these even though it will probably be too late!  (emailing you from work!) Thanks again!

One of your favorite fans from Shoreline Washington, (just north of Seattle)."

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