St Patrick's Day 2022
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Happy St Patrick’s Day from the Irish & Celtic Music Podcast, your guide to celebrating Celtic culture through music.

Cavort Celtic, Spoil The Dance, Rebecca Gilbert & Kellswater Bridge, The Gothard Sisters, Dave Curley, Kris Colt, W Ed Harris, Jackie Oates, ÚLLA, Stanley & Grimm, Andy Irvine, The Gatehouse Well, Marc Gunn & Sam Gillogly, Avon Faire, Tullamore, A Campo Traviesa, Tina Appel & Rüdiger Reinhardt, Eamonn Flynn, Colin Farrell,

John Weber & Friends, Billy Treacy & the Scope, The Carroll Sisters, Reilly, The Town Pants, The Byrne Brothers, Brave the Sea, Poitin Band, Vince Conaway, The Irish Rovers, Bren Holmes, Wolf & Clover, Eddie Biggins, Scythian, One Street Over, Celtic Reggae Revolution, The Dustbunnies, Warbelow Range, Hearthfire, Ellen Gibling, Syr, Celtic Woman, The Ogham Stones, Vicki Swan & Jonny Dyer, Neil Anderson, Rebels and Sinners, Jenna Moynihan

Intro from Atlanta Irish Dance.

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0:08 - Cavort Celtic "The Goat Set" from Kilted Cavort

6:48 - WELCOME

Helping you celebrate Celtic culture through music. I am Marc Gunn. I’m a musician and podcaster. I share my love of Irish and Celtic music from around the globe with you. I want to introduce you to some amazing Celtic bands and musicians.

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Happy St Patrick’s Day

7:58 - Spoil The Dance "Jigs : McIntyre's Fancy, Newtown Bridge, Inis Bearachain Jig" from Returning Home

11:50 - Rebecca Gilbert & Kellswater Bridge "As I Roved Out" from Origin

17:26 - The Gothard Sisters "Hurricane Ridge" from Dragonfly

20:52 - Dave Curley "Never Give All the Heart" from I Am of Ireland / Yeats in Song

22:51 - Kris Colt "Silver Dagger" from Arms of a Stranger

25:42 - W Ed Harris "Tiarna Mhuigheo" from Turas Ceilteach

28:49 - Jackie Oates "Brown Penny" from I Am of Ireland / Yeats in Song

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32:15 - ÚLLA "Mattie" from Ulla

35:51 - Stanley & Grimm "Genevieve's Waltz/Apples in Winter/Tarbolton/Pigeon On the Gate" from Another Round

41:00 - Andy Irvine "Plains Of Kildare" from Andy Irvine & Paul Brady

45:09 - The Gatehouse Well "Tell Me Ma" from Undone

47:23 - Marc Gunn & Sam Gillogly "Swallowtail Jig / Out on the Ocean (feat. Sam Gillogly)" from Selcouth

50:46 - Avon Faire "Leave Her Johnny" from Tales of Love and Adventure


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Peter Bengtson emailed: "Hi Mark, The mornings have been too cold for me to walk before breakfast.  I've taken to having breakfast and waiting for the temperature to rise a bit.  I've enjoyed the walks with no wind and warmer weather.

My air pods and smart phone are working fine so I'm listening to your podcasts.  Thanks for posting new ones weekly.

I've been watching various remodeling projects and water features installed in peoples front yards."

Leonard L. Streeper emailed a photo: "Dear Mr. Gunn, I love your show and thank you so much for bringing me music that I love. My only criticism is you weren't around in the late 80s when I fell in love with this genre of music and records were as rare as unicorns.

I like to write fantasy books while listening. The music helps keep me in the mindset while covering up the sounds of the modern world.

Once again, thank you so much for all you do. Sincerely,"

Fabio Fiorelli emailed: "Hi Mark! In one of your episodes I think you were looking at irish and celtic italian bands. I'd like to promote a band from my hometown, called "Whisky Trail". They are extremely genuine, even studying how the history of Florence intersects with that of the Irish"

57:18 - Tullamore "Paddy's Lamentation / Da Full Rigged Ship" from Two To Get Ready

1:02:43 - A Campo Traviesa "Harvest Home / La Botte D'Asperges (Danzas Tradicionales) (Irlanda y Francia)" from The Kid on the Mountain

1:04:47 - Tina Appel & Rüdiger Reinhardt "Theidhir Abhaile Riú" from Live in Mülheim

1:07:48 - Eamonn Flynn "Sack Em Ups" from Anywhere But Home

1:11:59 - Colin Farrell "The Drunken Acrobat: Riverton Road, The Rambling Wreck, The Drunken Acrobat" from On The Move


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1:17:12 - John Weber & Friends "The Banks of Skibbereen" from The Banks of Skibbereen

1:21:18 - Billy Treacy & the Scope "Moving This Way" from Life

1:25:51 - The Carroll Sisters "The Flight of Dawn" from Daybreak

1:29:55 - Reilly "Black Velvet Band" from Durty Pool

1:33:40 - The Town Pants "The Wall" from Something to Say


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1:39:43 - The Byrne Brothers "Broken Pledge, The Toormore Slide (Traditional), The Snapped Leash Jig - [Finn Byrne]" from Living the Dream

1:43:18 - Brave the Sea "Don't Take Me Back" from The Kraken

1:46:23 - Poitin Band "Bridle On the Mare" from Banks of Red River

1:49:25 - Vince Conaway "The Liberty Reel" from Liminal Spaces

1:52:20 - The Irish Rovers "Donovan's Pub in Ballinasloe" from No End in Sight


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1:57:42 - Bren Holmes "You Say" from Everything You Never Wanted

formerly of Young Dubliners

2:01:23 - Wolf & Clover "The James Carville Set" from Twelvemonth and a Day

2:06:11 - Eddie Biggins "Dance With Me, Dearie" from Intentionally Left Blank

2:09:48 - Scythian "Jack Dempsey" from American Shanty

2:13:41 - One Street Over "Clare Reel" from Beyond the Gate

2:17:31 - Celtic Reggae Revolution “Johnny I Hardly Knew Ye” from Single


What was it like to share the stage with Paddy Maloney, of The Cheiftans? What happens on a Flogging Molly cruise stays on it. What's your guilty pleasure? What is Irish Dance? These are some the stories that are shared on the latest Pub Songs & Stories #251. Subscribe now.

2:24:04 - The Dustbunnies "Cruiscin Lan" from What Goes Around

2:27:57 - Warbelow Range "Bean an Tí Ar Lár / The Fermoy Lasses / The Wind That Shakes the Barley" from Warbelow Range

2:31:46 - Hearthfire "Raise a Glass" from After the Fall

2:37:06 - Ellen Gibling "Reels: The Cribbies/ Vice Versa / Louise's Reel" from The Bend in the Light

2:41:44 - Syr "Revenant" from Sentinel

2:46:35 - VOTE IN THE CELTIC TOP 20 FOR 2022

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2:47:36 - Celtic Woman "Ancient Land" from Ancient Land Deluxe

2:50:18 - The Ogham Stones "The Foggy Dew / Come Out Ye Black And Tans" from One, Two, Feck You

2:57:29 - Vicki Swan & Jonny Dyer "The Halsway Parade /The Quantock Reel" from Paper of Pins

3:02:26 - Neil Anderson "Jacobites / Rights of Man" from Single

3:06:34 - Rebels and Sinners "Poison Heart" from Day's Just Begun

3:10:19 - CLOSING

3:11:32 - Jenna Moynihan “Dolina Mackay” from Woven

The Irish & Celtic Music Podcast was edited by Mitchell Petersen with Graphics by Miranda Nelson Designs. The show was produced by Marc Gunn, The Celtfather. Subscribe through your favorite podcatcher or on our website where you can become a Patron of the Podcast for as little as $1 per episode. Promote Celtic culture through music at


My latest CD features Sci F’Irish music. That means it is original songs fusing pop culture themes with Irish drinking songs. There are some traditional music on the album. But mostly, it features songwriting by Marc Gunn with guests including: Screeched Inn, The Muckers, Jamie Haeuser, Sam Gillogly, Nathan Deese, and Mikey Mason.

Selcouth means, “when everything is strange and different, yet you find it marvelous anyway.”

The album is not completely Celtic and it’s not just science fiction and fantasy. It’s a fusion of the two. It’s heartfelt and a lot of fun.

It’s now on sale in my Bandcamp store. Check out Selcouth now.


Every year, I take a small group of Celtic music fans on the relaxing adventure of a lifetime. We don't see everything. Instead, we stay in one area. We get to know the region through its culture, history, and legends. You can join us with an auditory and visual adventure through podcasts and videos. Learn more about the invasion at

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