Black Tower #635
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Climb the Black Tower with the Irish & Celtic Music Podcast #635.

Hanneke Cassel, TJ Hull and Amanda Caretta - Hull, Jesse Ferguson, Juha Rossi, Andy Irvine, Jim Sharkey, Gordon McLeod, Lauren Oxford, The Dustbunnies, Don Gabbert, Kevin McKrell, Derina Harvey Band, Beltaine, Screaming Orphans, Mànran, The High Kings


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0:02 - Intro: River Driver

0:11 - Hanneke Cassel "The Green Lady / Olivia’s Jig" from Some Melodious Sonnet

5:08 - WELCOME

7:38 - TJ Hull and Amanda Caretta - Hull "Mr. Cunningham's Maggot" from Tippy Taps

9:40 - Jesse Ferguson "Renzo" from Sea Shanties

11:43 - Juha Rossi "Spotted Dog / Kataroni" from Irish Tunes on Mandolin

14:16 - Andy Irvine "Autumn Gold" from Andy Irvine & Paul Brady

18:00 - FEEDBACK

22:26 - Jim Sharkey "The Three Ravens" from SWEET ANNE'S ROAD

26:51 - Gordon McLeod "Christy's Waltz" from Still Fiddlin'

30:32 - Lauren Oxford "On Death" from Lauren Oxford

34:56 - The Dustbunnies "Gillingham Ramshire" from What Goes Around

39:29 - Don Gabbert "My Name is McCann (Ed's Campfire Waltz)" from Donovan's Fancy

42:48 - Kevin McKrell "I Can Breath Again" from In Quarantine

45:23 - THANKS

48:21 - Derina Harvey Band "Grow" from Waves of Home

52:21 - Beltaine "Whisky Rye" from Mercy

55:22 - Screaming Orphans "Sweet Forget Me Not" from Paper Daisies

59:31 - Mànran "Black Tower" from Ùrar

1:02:50 - CLOSING

1:03:38 - The High Kings "The Streets Of Kinsale" from The Road Not Taken

1:06:36 - CREDITS

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Edward Birdsall emailed: "Greetings; What am I doing while listening  -  out for daily walk if it is not raining or snowing here in Georgia (1 - 2hours long)  also I listen while donating platelets at the Red Cross which I do on average every 6 weeks which means 2.5 - 3hrs of show for that "

Chris Raisin replied to the question, 'What are you doing while listening?': Usually lying in bed with my eyes closed (but not asleep). And for Patrick's Day? "Probably the same as I do for any other day (being 73 years old, single and living alone having lost contact with all my friends due to those infernal lockdowns we had in Melbourne." He's celebrating "By just listening to your great podcasts each time they are issued and remembering back to my days as an energetic Scottish (yes, not Irish) Country Dancer and Highland dancer (not so good at the Highland stuff…LOL). I still have a kilt in my closet (a bit moth eaten now) which I ceased fitting into about 30 years ago. Keep up your great sessions, and I look forward to (I hope) a bonus session. Slainte!"

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