Celtic Thanksgiving #583
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Thanks for being you, with love from the Irish & Celtic Music Podcast.

Na Rósaí, Forkroot, Anna Bosnick, Tullamore, New Shilling, Enda Reilly, Alisa Marie, Poor Man's Gambit, Graham Vincent/David Mitchell, Avourneen, Songs For Ceilidh, Ockham's Razor, Tartanic, Emerald Accent


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0:13 - Na Rósaí "Martin O'connor's/the Goats/Blackwater" from First Rain

3:08 - WELCOME

4:38 - Forkroot "Whidbey Island / Barry's Window Machine / Gunna" from Water & Shade

8:39 - Anna Bosnick "So Easily" from The Ring

12:49 - Tullamore "Paddy In America  -  -  Whisky Before Breakfast  / Rakish Paddy / Turkey In the Straw / Arkansas Traveler / Bonaparte’s Retreat" from Two To Get Ready

19:17 - New Shilling "Out of the Blue (...We'll Always Have Brugge)" from New Shilling

23:24 - FEEDBACK

27:26 - Enda Reilly "We Stick Together (The Sullivans)" from Single

30:41 - Alisa Marie "Captian O'Kane" from Winter Harp (by the fireside)

32:36 - Poor Man's Gambit "Rocky Road to Dublin" from Land of Sunshine

37:56 - Graham Vincent/David Mitchell "Seven Stars, The Sloe" from The Preservation of Fire

41:03 - THANKS

42:13 - Avourneen "King of the Fairies" from Beloved

44:13 - Songs For Ceilidh "Dad's Boat" from Falling Forward

48:53 - Ockham's Razor "Fire in the Kitchen" from Secrets and Silence [Explicit]

53:18 - Tartanic "Brick O' Bracken" from Uncharted

54:52 - CLOSING

56:35 - Emerald Accent "La Maison de Glace / Le Printemps" from The Oats Field

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Happy Thanksgiving! And welcome to the final regular episode of the year. There are, of course, more episodes coming in December. But I needed a place to stop all of the voting for the Celtic Top 20. So I want to spend time with my family and work on the Celtic Christmas Podcast.

And so…  I’m putting together one All - Request episode for December. So a quick shout out to all of our amazing Patrons on Patreon. If there’s a song or tune you’d like to request for that special thank you episode, please drop me a line.

I’d also love to share some dedications. Maybe there’s a song that means a lot to someone special in your life? Make a dedication. Email me.

I’m also looking for more Celtic Stories by musicians or about musicians' songs. If you want to be featured or you know someone, email me.

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In 2023, we’re going on a Celtic Invasion of County Mayo in Ireland. We’re gonna explore the area and get to know Grace O’Malley, the Pirate Queen. Learn more about the invasion at http://celticinvasion.com/

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John Sharkey White II emailed: “Is there a place I can download episodes going back to # 1?”

Snarkclaw posted on Apple Podcasts: "Great Music. Many thanks to Marc Gunn for this terrific podcast! I listened to the entire back catalog (a little over 520 episodes as of this review) over the past year, and have enjoyed so many great songs, including original pieces and covers of old classics. The ICM Podcast has introduced me to many bands and individual musicians I probably would never have discovered otherwise, and some are definite new favorites.

I also appreciate that the podcast is released with chapter markers and time stamps within the notes. This makes identifying (and replaying) songs very easy."

Kinnfolk replied to a Facebook post: "Pleased as always to be included in the podcast!! (By the way - we're making mac 'n' cheese sandwiches while listening.)"

Kelly emailed a photo from the Sail On episode: "Hi Marc, Here are some pictures of sailing south between Bodie Island (Kitty Hawk) and Roanoke Island while listening to the Sail On episode.

I have been a long time listener, since the very early days of your Podcast, and Proud Patreon member.  Your hard work to keep these coming is deeply appreciated. Many thanks."

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