St. Patrick's Day 2023, Part 1
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Happy St Patrick’s Day. This is Part 1 of your St Paddy’s Day celebration music from the Irish & Celtic Music Podcast #597. Part 2 will be out on St Patrick's Day.

Cantrip, Wild Blue Yonder, The Out of Kilters, Wolf Loescher & Mark Kenneth, The Celtic Kitchen Party, Poitín, The Elders, Mary Beth Carty, Jesse Ferguson, Mad Maudlin, Seán Heely, Rambling Sailors, The Bow Tides, Kinnfolk, The Chieftains, Tan and Sober Gentlemen, The Haar, Altan, Banshee in the Kitchen, Wakefire, Jocelyn Pettit & Ellen Gira


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0:02 - Intro: Mary Beth Carty

0:15 - Cantrip "Duncan Johnstone" from Undark

6:28 - WELCOME

8:37 - Wild Blue Yonder "LAST RUN OF THE WHITE HORSE" from single

13:17 - The Out of Kilters "Fifty Shades of Beer" from Hot Potatoes

16:24 - Wolf Loescher & Mark Kenneth "Charlie’s Cadence (2/4 Pipe Marches)" from Loescher+Kenneth

19:59 - The Celtic Kitchen Party "The Temperance Song" from Last Call

23:33 - Poitín "The Knife In The Bread" from One For The Road

27:36 - The Elders "Red Sun" from Well Alright Then

32:34 - FEEDBACK

38:13 - Mary Beth Carty Feedback and Intro

40:03 - Mary Beth Carty "Lake Ainslie to Millburn" from Crossing the Causeway

43:54 - Jesse Ferguson "The River Driver" from The Bard of Cornwall

46:11 - Mad Maudlin "Empty Chairs" from Empty Chairs

50:14 - Seán Heely "Nights in Kerry" from Edge of the Bow

54:08 - Rambling Sailors "The Wellerman" from Tales From the White Horse

58:01 - The Bow Tides "The Baton Set" from Sailing On

1:02:04 - Kinnfolk "Loch Lomond" from The Knotted Circle

1:05:21 - THANKS

1:08:48 - The Chieftains "Ril Mhór Bhaile an Chalaidh (Great Reel of Baile an Chalaidh)" from Bear's Sonic Journals: The Foxhunt  -  Live In San Francisco 1976

1:11:10 - Tan and Sober Gentlemen "Banks Of The Roses" from Regressive Folk Music

1:13:48 - The Haar "Danny Boy" from Where Old Ghosts Meet

1:19:10 - Altan "The House Carpenter (Gypsy Davy)" from The Widening Gyre

1:23:35 - Banshee in the Kitchen "The Last Pint" from The Last Pint  -  Not

1:27:43 - Wakefire "Johnny Jump Up" from Meaning of Life

1:31:49 - CLOSING

1:33:06 - Jocelyn Pettit & Ellen Gira "Johnny McGill" from All It Brings

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Tim Hughes from Madison WI replied: "1. Usually walking the dog or jogging. 2. Celebrating my birthday on the 17th with a party. 3. Blasting Celtic music on my Bose speaker and singing Welsh with the North American Welsh Choir"

Darlene replied about St Patrick's Day: “Cooking dinner. Cooking Corn beef ,listening to you."

Sarah Preston Britto emailed: "Hi MArc  -   This year we are attending the St Patrick's Day parade in New York City."

michael winchester replied: "Unfortunately I'll be working but really like listening to the show. Makes the hours fly by. Thanks for all your hard work keeping us entertained!"

Jonathan Dowell replied: "St. Pat's?  Listening to local Celtic groups.  Celtic music accounts for about 90% of what I listen to, Mediaeval & Rennaisance making up most of the rest."

Jim Burns replied: "What are your doing for St Patrick's Day? Having friends over to celebrate, listen to music and have adult beverages". He says he'll be celebrating with "The 3 P’s  -  Parades, parties and pubs."

Rodger Hara emailed: "Hey Marc, Karl Kumli and I are doing a 2.5 hour show on KGNU in Boulder on Friday morning.  It’s during our Spring fund drive, so we’ll be doing a lot of pitching.  Karl has his ready list and I’ve attached mine fyi.

I have a show on Wednesday night and will be playing an interview with Kyf Brewer with the Barleyjuice Band from Pennsylvania and playing a few new tunes from Daori Farrell, the High Kings, Doolin’, Barleyjuice and Martin Hayes.

I hope that you have a great time and fun shows."

Eric Guarin (gwa - reen) emailed a question: "Hi Mark, over time the Podcast has included bands from literally all over playing a pretty wide variety of music. Some of it strays quite far from trad pub music - I'm not complaining, it's all great, but it does make me wonder: How do you decide what to play and if it is "Celtic" enough? Cheers,"

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