Rights of Celtic Women #571
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Stand up for the rights of Celtic Women on the Irish & Celtic Music Podcast.

Tulua, Ogham, Avon Faire, Lissa Schneckenburger, Niamh Dunne, Jocelyn Pettit & Ellen Gira, The Chivalrous Crickets, The Lilies of the Midwest, The Gothard Sisters, Low Lily, Nathan Gourley and Laura Feddersen, Gwendolyn Snowdon, Mary - Grace Autumn Lee, Clare Cunningham, Banshee in the Kitchen

There will be no public show next week. I’ll be doing some catch up. However, there will be a bonus episode Patrons of the Podcast. This episode will highlight some of the best music picked by you for the Celtic Top 20 at the end of the year.

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0:02 - Intro: Erin Ruth

0:10 - Tulua "All Hours" from Rising

  • Kayleigh Moran: fiddle, vocals
  • Caoimhe Moran: Irish harp, concertina and piano (name pron. Kwee - vuh)

5:13 - WELCOME

7:19 - Ogham "The Piper's Despair / Miss McLeod's" from The Gold Ring

  • Amanda Caretta - Hull: bodhran

10:17 - Avon Faire "The Jolly Beggar" from Tales of Love and Adventure

  • Andriette Redmann: Vocals, guitar, percussion
  • Kath Green: Vocals, guitar, percussion
  • Anna Marie Spallina: Vocals, guitar, percussion, mandolin, ukulele, recorders

13:42 - Lissa Schneckenburger "Petronella" from Dance

  • Lissa Schneckenburger: fiddle, vocals

18:14 - Niamh Dunne "Ballyneety's Walls" from Portraits

  • Niamh Dunne: vocals and fiddle

21:34 - FEEDBACK

22:41 - Jocelyn Pettit & Ellen Gira "Fleur Reels" from All It Brings

  • Jocelyn Pettit: fiddle, stepdancer, singer, and composer.
  • Ellen Gira: cellist

26:23 - The Chivalrous Crickets "Daughter of France" from The Chivalrous Crickets

  • Fiona Gillespie: vocals, Irish whistle, flute, percussion, mountain dulcimer
  • Genevieve Gillespie: fiddle, vocals

30:03 - The Lilies of the Midwest "Kitty O'Neil's Champion Jig" from Flora

  • Charlene Adzima  -  fiddle, voice
  • Kara Rogers  -  concertina
  • Jeanna Schultz  -  mandolin, box

35:26 - The Gothard Sisters "Shadow and Sun" from Dragonfly

  • Greta: guitar, violin, vocals, Irish dance
  • Willow: violin, mandolin, Irish dance, bodhran, vocals
  • Solana: vocals, violin, bodhran, djembe, percussion, whistles, Irish dance, ukulele

38:50 - THANKS

41:29 - Low Lily "ROCK OF AGES" from 10,000 Days Like These

  • Liz Simmons: Guitar & Vocals
  • Lissa Schneckenburger: Fiddle & Vocals

44:11 - Nathan Gourley and Laura Feddersen "Allistrum’s / Ned Kelly's" from Brightly or Darkly

  • Laura Feddersen: fiddle

47:57 - Gwendolyn Snowdon "The North Star Grassman and the Ravens" from Three Strand Braid

51:46 - Mary - Grace Autumn Lee "Trip to Thornfield: Hills of Coore/Seán Ó Duibhir A Ghleanna (Hornpipe/Set Dance)" from Eyre

  • Mary - Grace Autumn Lee: hammered duclimer

55:39 - Clare Cunningham "Dear Ireland" from Dear Ireland

Clare Cunningham is one of the female performers September 10  -  11 at the Middle Tennessee Highland Games & Celtic Festival in Hendersonville, TN. I’m performing there as well. If you want to come join us at the Games, you will find a special link in the shownotes where you can buy a ticket. Please come find me and get your free Irish & Celtic Music Podcast sticker.

59:05 - CLOSING

1:01:39 - Banshee in the Kitchen "Lads O' the Fair" from The Last Pint  -  Not

  • Jill England: accordion
  • Kat Edmonson: guitar
  • Brenda Hunter: hammered dulcimer
  • Kris Wilber: bass

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We are enjoying the music of the women of Celtic music this week on the podcast. There are some who continue to devalue women and strip them of their rights. But this podcast believes strongly that women too need representation. That’s why I play at least one podcast a quarter highlighting the women of Celtic music. And I’ll be honest. That’s not nearly enough.

FairPle is an organization based in Ireland that seeks to achieve gender balance in the production, performance, promotion, and development of Irish traditional and folk music. They advocate for equal opportunity and balanced representation for all. A recent look at the top festivals in Ireland revealed that less than a quarter of all musicians featured at festivals were women. Headliners are even less.

And I get it. Again, I do this feature on women in Celtic music every quarter. That’s not a lot. I hope to increase the number of these shows and to continue to highlight Celtic women. But it’s a tough process with my time constraints. If you have ideas or suggestions or want to help, make something happen, please drop me a line.

And make sure you sign up for the FairPle.com website for more details about the work they are doing.


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