Cruisicin Lan #632
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Let's go roving with the Irish & Celtic Music Podcast #632.

Jared Bogle, The Bordercollies, Rover's Way, Mary - Kate Spring Lee, Eimear Arkins, Seldom Sober, Avery LeVine, Blame Not the Bard, Dervish, Brian Quigley, Eclectic Revival, The Muckers, Marc Gunn, Sam Gillogly, Dancing With Hobbits


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0:02 - Intro: John Kennedy

0:19 - Jared Bogle "Found and Lost / The Final B (Jigs)" from The Old Road Home

4:04 - WELCOME

5:21 - The Bordercollies "The Ivy Leaf/Hanleys/The Milky Way" from Sticks and Stones

9:01 - Rover's Way "Cruiscin Lan" from The Journey

12:58 - Mary - Kate Spring Lee "From Galway to Dublin/McGlinchey's Hornpipe" from Tunes in the Morning

17:27 - Eimear Arkins "Slán Le Máigh" from What's Next?

23:48 - FEEDBACK

27:42 - Seldom Sober "Raggle Taggle Gypsy / King of the Fairies" from Six Months in Confession

31:51 - Avery LeVine "Give Us a Drink of Water/Martin Wynne's No. 1" from The Rainy Day

33:50 - Blame Not the Bard "The Leaving of Liverpool" from Now and Again

37:06 - Dervish "The May Morning Dew" from The Great Irish Songbook

41:07 - THANKS

43:29 - Brian Quigley "Party Without Pants" from Tales of Distant Shores

47:50 - Eclectic Revival "Jack Haggarty" from Life & Love

51:20 - The Muckers "God Save Ireland" from One More Stout

53:32 - CLOSING

55:42 - Marc Gunn, Sam Gillogly "October Waltz" from Dancing With Hobbits

59:17 - CREDITS

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Jolena posted on Mastodon: "Hi Marc. This is Jolena, the blind woman who has commented on some of your shows. I'm still listening and loving the music as usual. I'm listening to Episode 626 of your show while sitting on the back porch. The weather has finally cooled off for a little while, so I'm taking advantage of it while I can. Take care and have a blessed day."

jendefer also posted on Mastodon: "Just listened to the new #Jiggy single of Willie Taylor, and wow, is it intense! Thanks @celtfather for another great Irish & Celtic Music Podcast episode"

Rachel Red commented on Patreon: "I saw Old Blind Dogs a few weeks ago and they performed Highland Lassies Parts 1 & 2. It was the bees knees! Glad to see it was featured this week."

Finally, Allie Ryan asks: "Hi Marc, do you know any “district 2” Irish music bands?

“District 2” being the City Council East Village, Gramercy Park, Kips Bay, Lower East Side of Manhattan ?

Our family, including our 9 & 11 yr old daughters listen to the podcast on Sundays when going to music lessons ( and to practice Irish dance lessons  )

I am running to represent the district in City Council and would love to represent/ promote a local band(s)/artist on the campaign trail. My husband is clipping together video clips and always needs a good song.

We plan to have a meet and greet at our local Paddy Reillys bar ( lot of history there !)  -  so who knows, maybe we’ll at some point have a venue / gig for them -   hopefully a victory party.

Thanks for any response. Election coming up Tuesday so we will be in full campaign mode non stop til then  -  things will happen fast.

Hope this gives you some inspiration / ideas and hope to hear from you or artists soon ( feel free to pass on this email / address ). "


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