Celtic Top 20 for 2022
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Listen to the Top 20 Celtic Songs and Tunes of 2022 on the Irish & Celtic Music Podcast #587.

Marc Gunn, The Gothard Sisters, House of Hamill, Altan, Socks in the Frying Pan, Screeched Inn, Flynn Cohen, John Doyle, Bow Triplets, The High Kings, Battlefield Band, Muireann Nic Amhlaoibh, The Byrne Brothers, Ed Miller, The Bow Tides, Rising Gael, The Selkie Girls, Sam Gillogly, Brad Tuck, Scythian, Syr, Ockham's Razor, We Banjo 3


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0:17 - The Gothard Sisters "Willow's Waltz" from Story Girl

5:11 - WELCOME

7:11 - House of Hamill "Superb Owl" from Folk Hero

10:22 - Altan "Dúlamán" from Island Angel

14:02 - Socks in the Frying Pan "Spaceships & Frying Pans (Live)" from Raw & Ríl (Live)

17:54 - Marc Gunn & Screeched Inn "Bright Side of Everything" from Selcouth

21:04 - CELTIC TOP 20

22:14 - Flynn Cohen "Hag's Purse / Bryan O'Lynn / Miss McDevitt's Jig" from Dead String Rhythm

27:04 - John Doyle "The Rambler from Clare (Song)" from The Path of Stones

31:59 - Heidi, Stef & Bow Triplets "Open Sky/Meghan's Reel/Canal Jig" from One Spot On Earth

37:23 - The High Kings "Marie's Wedding" from The High Kings

41:05 - Battlefield Band "The St. Louis Stagger / The Ass In The Graveyard / Sandy's New Chanter" from The Producer's Choice

45:23 - FEEDBACK

51:55 - Muireann Nic Amhlaoibh "The Emigrant's Farewell" from daybreak: fainne an lae

55:43 - The Byrne Brothers "Waikiki Reel (Finn Byrne) Seanamhac Tube Station Reel [Traditional]" from Living the Dream

59:14 - Ed Miller "My Bonnie Border Lass" from Lolander

1:02:42 - The Bow Tides "The Bow Tides Jigs" from Sailing On

1:07:05 - Rising Gael "Tam Lin" from One More Day

1:11:13 - THANKS

1:13:45 - The Selkie Girls "Star of the County Down" from Running With the Morrigan

1:17:00 - Marc Gunn / Sam Gillogly "Hobbit Polka" from Dancing With Hobbits

1:20:14 - Brad Tuck "Madeline's Might" from Stages

1:23:42 - Scythian "Fields of St. James" from Jump at the Sun

1:27:42 - Syr "Revenant" from Sentinel

1:32:33 - Ockham's Razor "Fire in the Kitchen" from Secrets and Silence

1:36:58 - CLOSING

1:39:09 - We Banjo 3 "Wynne's (Live)" from Roots to Rise (Live)

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Lou Gagliardi emailed: "Hi Marc, You ask people to email you to tell you what they're doing when they listen to the show. Sadly, I have no pictures to show but some good news to share

I've been researching my family history and can proudly say that I've been finding lots of Irish, Scottish and even Welsh ancestry. I have no problem sharing the names -  - Moon, Dunseath, Lowrie, Thomson, Dunn, etc.

So your show helps me connect, in a way, to family long lost physically but coming to me in a spiritual and emotional way. Thanks and keep up the great work! "

John Thompson wrote about episode #581: "Hey Marc, Just listened to the Irish & Celtic Music podcast episode 581 and I had a question. One of the last tracks was by Bren Holmes  -  -  a song called SOS. This is a cover song originally written and performed by the Swedish pop group ABBA around 1975 (yeah, I'm that old). I thought you had a policy about not playing covers as they're not "pod safe". It's a great song and I've heard MANY great covers performed at various festivals by various bands. It would be fantastic if you could play more but don't want you to get into any kind of trouble. I'm not quite sure how that works. If you could explain it briefly for your listeners maybe it would clear up the confusion."

George Mears emailed: "Marc, I've been a listener since the early days and a patron for several years. The podcast has been my companion for road trips, yard work, construction projects, and career changes; also raising two sons and all the changes 17 years brings. I've written a few times, including in 2018 when my sister and I had our own Celtic Invasion of Scotland after the death of our parents, which you shared with my fellow listeners, thank you. I took a deep stroll through the podcast archive recently, going back to selected episodes through the years. While the music has always been wonderful, it was insightful to hear the difference in your voice, energy, and personal topics from those days. Your podcast has been a shared experience for we, the listeners. Thank you for the virtual weekly meet - up that has brought so much joy. I'll be among your patrons for the next 17 years. Slainte!"

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