First Responders
38 min

In this episode we chat a single mama who "keeps it real" living life with her two sons who are on the spectrum.  This mom turned one of her sons continued elopment into a positive by creating the First Responder Autism Awareness Training (FRAAT) a non-profit organization that focuses on training first responders how to approach and interact with individuals with autism.  Her real life experiences and how she approches them with humor and wit make her relatable and a motivation to ALL auitism mamas.


Meet Francine Mundt, founder of  Francine shares her real life experiences with us as a single mom raising her two sons.  From meltodowns in public, to having to wear shorts for the rest of her life because one of her sons doesn't want her to wear pants, Francine talks about the real and raw stories about autism that nobody really talks about.  Her honesty and how she approaches parenting with humor makes it o.k. to talk about the difficult realities of autism. Francine's stories are relatable and funny and ones that many families can connect with.  This is an episode you don't want to miss!  




MINDSHIFT (takeaways)

  1. No matter what the doctor says, therapist, or professionals say, just always 110% go with your gut.
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