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For You Leaders
Jun 8, 2016
How to discipline a child - Leading through fatherhood, Part Two
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Attend several parenting seminars and they will all offer you conflicting advice. Most agree that discipline plays a major role in a child’s development. Today we talk about a controversial topic - discipline. We even discuss spanking. When does it work? When does it not work? We also investigate time-tested methods of how to discipline a child.

As you might recall I turned the reigns for the next podcasts to Chip Hanna, my VP of Product and Marketing, while I’m on vacation. He’s going to be a new dad in August. He took my vacation as a chance to interview the dads in his life and learn about the most important leadership position - being a parent.


Today’s Topics Include:

- How to handle a crying kid.
- The parenting method used and endorsed by two of the dads.
- Letting your kids be responsible for their actions.
- The role of communication and consequences.
- How to ensure your kids know what you expect from you.
- Spanking - did “the dads” use it? Did it work?
- The two takeaways from “the dads” around discipline

Meet the Dads:

Bob Hanna, Chip Hanna's father, Minister - Salem, Oregon
Kirk Dando, CEO of Dando Advisors - Fort Collins, Colorado
Aaron Marez, Chip's long-time friend - Houston, Texas
Jerome Schiager, Chip's father-in-law - Fort Collins, Colorado

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