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Examining Audience Growth & Online Promotion - The Busy Creator Podcast 71
Nov 16, 2015 · 1 hr 2 min
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How should a creative professional go about building an audience for an online project or brand? What can we do to connect with likeminded people and potential partners? How can bring a killer app or perfect gift to a hungry audience? 

Like many others on the Internet, I don't have all the answers, but I know a few experts.

In this episode, we hear from Johanna (@GoodVibesJo) and Charles (@TheBrownVegan), the team behind Good Vibes Life, on the hard lessons learned in their first year of online brand-building. We also hear from Ben Kreuger (@BenWKreuger), of Cashflow Podcasting, on popular and proven tactics for audience growth. Finally, Kate Erickson (@KateLErickson) of Entrepreneur on Fire and Kate's Take shares the Top 7 Strategies: How to Grow a Podcast Audience

When all's said and done, there are a few genuinely proven routes to take to building an audience, but each takes consistency, energy, and time. Lots of time. Learn what they are in today's conversation.

Show Notes & Links Tools Techniques
  • Publish recipes or other content to build a following over years (decades)
  • Speak about yourself from a place where you learned something
  • Get involved with in-person events, even if you're building an online business
  • Position yourself as a mutual learner with a community of likeminded people
  • Leverage your time to the most effective tasks
  • Batch your tasks to save time and energy
  • Growth Strategy 1: Confirm Uniqueness (format, tone, content)
  • Growth Strategy 2: Be Social (spread the word; no one else will)
  • Growth Strategy 3: Be Consistent (always!)
  • Growth Strategy 4: Create Community (make people feel welcome in comments)
  • Growth Strategy 5: Do the Rounds (guest blogging and guest appearances)
  • Growth Strategy 6: Always Listen (continuous improvement)
  • Growth Strategy 7: Have a Strong Call-to-Action (send folks to the show notes or email)
  • Go back to your archive and use previously-released content
  • Choose 3-5 groups to participate in. There are too many to join to be productive.
  • Share your personal details as well as your professional happenings
  • Observe and question the value of a "Like", make sure you're asking for valuable feedback
  • Continually answer questions to the entire audience, rather than to individuals
  • Work in 2-3 hour chunks, with breaks in between
  • Find ways to publish your content in multiple formats and media
  • Be careful about scheduled posts when a dramatic event occurs in the world
  • Continually tweak and improve your projects; give 'em time.

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