Real Estate: The Greatest Career in the World #253
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“Not only is America still a land of opportunity, but real estate is the very essence of that land of opportunity.” – Brian Buffini

Brian Buffini has been working in the real estate industry for the past 35 years. In this episode, he explains how real estate set him up for many more opportunities in life and how, with the right training, it can do the same for others. Topics discussed include: the importance of constantly developing your skills, why systems are the key to consistency and how you can successfully kickstart a career in the industry.



  • Why real estate is fair.
  • Why real estate is hard.
  • Why real estate is rewarding.



The National Association of REALTORS ®

The Alchemist,” by Paulo Coelho

Episode 226, The Magic of Owning a Home

100 Days to Greatness



“The real estate business is not perfect. The real key is, is it perfect for you?” — Brian Buffini

“The same wind blows on us all; the winds of disaster, opportunity and change. Therefore, it is not the blowing of the wind but the setting of the sails that will determine our direction in life.” — Jim Rohn

“Don't wait for the right opportunity: create it.” — George Bernard Shaw

“In this business, top earners are top learners.” — Brian Buffini

“Real estate is a contact sport. You need to be connecting with people and building relationships.” — Brian Buffini

“Real estate rewards action, and the rewards are enormous.” — Brian Buffini




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The ONE Thing with Geoff Woods
The ONE Thing with Geoff Woods
How Shared Values Multiply Your Impact
No one succeeds alone. In fact, our ideas and impact can multiply when we collaborate with the right people, at the right time, on the right ONE Thing. Last week, we shared about a new ONE Thing tool to help people discover their core values and live their purpose—the Core Values Deck. We’re going to dive into the story of how the idea for that deck became a collaboration in order to reach more people and make a bigger impact. Opportunities are everywhere, and with every new opportunity, you have to choose: do you say yes or no? And when you’re a leader, this choice affects everyone within your organization. But when everyone understands each others’ core values, you’ll be able to align your decision making with what matters most and multiply your efforts. When you understand someone’s core values, it can be a compass to predicting how successful you will be together and the scale of the impact you can have. If you want to learn more about the Core Values Deck, visit In this episode, you will learn... * [05:08] How two different ideas come together to form a collaboration * [11:40] How your values lead to your purpose * [16:24] Being honest about your values * [23:10] Finding out how to add more of your value into your life Links & Tools From This Episode * -- Do you run a small business? Small business owners wear a lot of hats. Some of those hats feel incredible to wear. However, filing taxes and running payroll... well, for most of us, they don’t feel great and they’re not our ONE thing. That’s where Gusto comes in to help you make payroll, taxes, and HR easy. So ask yourself, it time to take off some of your hats? You can get three FREE months when you run your first payroll at -- Setting new health and fitness goals this year? FitTrack can give you in-depth insights on your fitness progress to help you reach your goals faster. FitTrack is all about measuring health, not just weight. Get personalize insights and a clearer picture of your overall health by honing in on your body type that gives you information that will help you achieve the results you want. Stop measuring weight, and start measuring health. Take 15% off your order plus an additional 10% off at
28 min
The Great Man Within
The Great Man Within
Dominick Quartuccio and Bryan Stacy
Elevated Sex Talk for the Mature Man feat Shana James
#202. What might you be able to learn about elevating your sex life from a woman who’s coached over 1,000 men in the last 15 years? Well, stick around for the next 60 minutes with our guest Shana James, and you’ll find out. Shana’s here to share her wisdom of how men can have a mind-blowing sex life…by passing through the gateways of connection and intimacy. Who is Shana James? * Shana is a coach for men focusing on Love, Leadership and Legacy * She runs the Man Alive Podcast * Guests such as Dr John Gottman, Ben Greenfield, Jordan Gray * Episodes like “What Makes a Woman Trust You,” “Reimagining Men’s Sexuality” and Impotence Could be The Best Thing That Ever Happened to You” * Has a TEDxTalk called “What 1,000 Men’s Tears Reveal” In This Episode: * Unpacking sex and relationship insights from 1,000 male clients over the last 15 years * Mostly from a heterosexual perspective * 2 areas men abdicate leadership in the bedroom (and how to change that) * Why men need to have better conversations about sex with their partners outside the bedroom * How men can wake up new parts of our bodies to expand our erogenous zones * Exploring the mindset of “what if there were no problems in the bedroom?” RESOURCES Shana’s Website: Man Alive Podcast: TEDx Talk "What 1000 Men's Tears Reveal" Shana’s 36 Advanced Questions:
52 min
Empire Show
Empire Show
Bedros Keuilian & Craig Ballantyne
E175 - Elite Spartans
Alex shares his inspiring story of loss, suicide, immigration and achieving ultimate success. You’ll also hear Alex share about the power of mentorship, how Bedros called him out during a live mastermind and why it takes ten plus years to become a successful Empire Builder. * 01:15 - Meet today’s guest Alex Zuniga, founder of Elite Spartans. * 02:15 - Alex shares how he joined Mexico City’s most prestigious military school at the age of thirteen and the impact it had on his life. * 05:25 - After Military school Alex loses his father, his family's wealth crumbles and he even battled suicide. * 07:25 - Next, Alex shares how his mom desired for him to leave the country and come to America to continue building his education. * 11:35 - Discover the beginning of Alex’s Entrepreneurial journey and hear about the founding of his company Elite Spartans. * 12:50 - How getting good at selling gym memberships led to the foundation of Alex’s empire building. * 13:58 - Alex gets hit by a drunk driver and needs two years of recovery to be able to walk again. * 17:52 - Alex shares the very first time he ever came to learn about Bedros and how his mentorship led to his business transformation. * 21:10 - Bedros calls Alex out and brings the heat during a live Mastermind. * 31:10 - Next, Alex shares the value of mentorship and how it’s the single greatest action you can take to accelerate your growth. * 53:22 - Stay up to date and follow Alex on Instagram and Facebook: @elitespartans "Every single successful person who’s achieved great things, has put at least 10 to 20 years behind them in hard work and dedication " - Alex Zuniga Follow me on Instagram: @bedroskeuilian Buy Man Up and get Bedros’ High Performance Leadership Course for FREE: Listen on iTunes and leave us a review: Subscribe to My Channel for weekly videos:
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