Ask the Podcast Coach
Should I Launch My Podcast With a Patreon Campaign?
Jan 5, 2019 · 1 hr 1 min
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Dave Jackson of the School of Podcasting and Jim Collison from the Average Guy Network catch up after being off for the holiday, and talk a little clarity in podcasting, promotion, and the following subjects

3:43 Are you moving toward your goal

7:15 We need to get on Instagram

8:00 Don Miller's Storybrand Book and having a clear message

12:57 The early episodes of Ask the Podcast Coach were HORRENDOUS

16:00 Thanks to our $20 Supporters! as you get mentioned every show

17:33 Should I launch my podcast with a Patreon Campaign?

27:00 Lead your audience by the hand to subscribe (video)

28:40 80% of Europe is on Android

30:50 Thanks to our $10 Subscribers you are listed on our website

32:00 How do you create a competition to have your audience vote on new artwork?

33:30 Dave struggles with Divi and web design

37:12 Tracking plays on your website, but it may depend on your audience

42:26 How do I know if My audience is growing (video available to patrons - join today)

45:48 Thanks to our $5 and below supporters! 

54:07 OBS and adding a crawler to the show

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