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How do you create a successful podcast?
Jun 29, 2019 · 59 min
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What Goes into a Successful Podcast?
  1. Know who your target audience is and know what they want.
  2. Give it to them via audio that is not distracting
  3. Use a consistent schedule so they can add you to their routine
  4. Your content should be so good it inspires people to tell their friends.
  5. Don’t quit
  6. Don’t worry about making money for three years.
  7. Don’t OBSESS about your stats
  8. Focus on your audience.
The math of podcast downloads is

Total Number of downloads = Value X Promotion If you promote an episode that has no value, your results are pointless. If you deliver value but don’t promote it (and by that I mean you might have to get out of your chair) then your podcast will grow slowly.


9:20  My Mixer Headphone Died - Troubleshooting 18:10 Best Boom Arms.  Heil P2t, Rode PSA1, Samson MBA38 innogear bom arm 21:36 Jim's shock mount that doesn't look like a shock mount 23:35 Finding Sponsors 25:00 where are your fees? Cmon!? 31:00 Umedy vs Teachable ( Thinkific ?) 34:50 Rodcaster Pro? Thoughts? 40:10 Best computer for podcasting 42:04 Our Awesome Supporters 44:50 Randy Cantrel from Leaning Toward Wisdom is using Sweetwater gift certificates to get new gear. 46:50 Do Dave still use Audition? No, I am using Hindenburg Journalist. 48:30 Backpack Studio App is pretty cool. 50:43 Jim's Audience Loves Streamyard 53:00 Is Live streaming going away on YouTube for reals?  

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