Inc. Productivity Tip of the Day, January 22, 2021
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Welcome to the Inc. Productivity Tip of the Day! Today’s tip: Forget Your New Year's Resolution and Just Commit to Being Terrible at Something for 30 Days From: JESSICA STILLMAN It's the fourthish week of 2021.
The Modern Manager: Create and Lead Successful Teams
The Modern Manager: Create and Lead Successful Teams
Mamie Kanfer Stewart
143: How to Support People of Color at Work with Dr. Omolara Uwemedimo
Diversity, equity and inclusion trainings are unfortunately often aimed at helping white people understand unconscious bias, microaggressions and managing white fragility. While these are important aspects of any company’s DEI journey, it’s important to also attend to the needs and experience of people of color, who have experienced the impact of these. Today’s guest Dr. Omolara Uwemedimo. Omolara is a physician and success strategist who works with women professionals to rediscover their purpose, prevent burnout, and achieve their vision - without resorting to struggle or sacrifice. Omolara and I talk about her approach to providing the space and support for people of color to do their own work while us white folks do our needed work. Omolara has provided access to the replay of her masterclass: How To Have Courageous Conversations. In it, you learn to begin building the confidence to communicate with key stakeholders, foster relationships and get what you need. To get access become a member of The Modern Manager community at Subscribe to my newsletter to get episodes, articles and free mini-guides delivered to your inbox. Read the related blog article: What Diversity Training Is Getting Wrong: 4 Ways To Help POC At Work KEEP UP WITH OMOLARA * Website: * Podcast: * Instagram: * LinkedIn: * Twitter: * YouTube: Key Takeaways: * “Code switching” is when a person of color feels pressure to change how they naturally communicate in order to make their colleagues feel more comfortable. This causes a great psychological burden. * In a large organization, managers can create an employee resource group (an affinity group) for people to speak with people who have a shared experience about vulnerable or sensitive issues. * In a small organization, encourage employees to connect with community organizations that gather people from a shared industry, race or gender such as black women in tech. * Team diversity discussions and training often focus on discovering what white people have done wrong and improving the awareness, mindset and behavior of white people. While this is important, it’s not enough. * Create space for recovery for employees of color who live with the trauma of these issues. * POC often spend a lot of energy at work proving they are not negative stereotypes. * Set up employees of color with sponsorship and mentorship opportunities to gain support from leaders in their field who can help them feel more comfortable in showing up as themselves. * Meet one-on-one with employees of color to share strategies for success. Discuss the mission and vision of the company and how it applies to that individual’s own goals and values. Follow through with a strategy of what they can do to lead to promotions and leadership opportunities that POC don’t often get. * If you are a POC managing a mostly white team, be open about how implicit biases about your capabilities as a person of color might affect your colleagues. Demonstrate that you want a workplace with open communication and courageous conversation. Additional Resources: * Episode 123: Addressing Race and Bias in the Workplace with Aaron Samuels
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HR Happy Hour
HR Happy Hour
Steve Boese Trish McFarlane
HR Happy Hour 472 – Global Perspectives on Employee Mental Health
HR Happy Hour 472 – Global Perspectives on Employee Mental Health Hosts: Steve Boese, Trish McFarlane Guest: Yaz Dalal - Head of Strategy, HCM Cloud Applications EMEA, Oracle This week on the HR Happy Hour Show, Steve and Trish were joined by Yaz Dalal from Oracle, to talk about some of the important findings from Oracle’s 3rd Annual AI @ Work study, which this year focused on employee mental health. On the show, Yaz talked about his role in supporting customers and organizations globally, how the pandemic has had really differing impacts across the world, and what the AI @ Work research revealed about the impact of the pandemic on employee mental health as experienced in different countries. Additionally, Yaz shared some of the data points from across the globe, highlighting how workers in different countries have been affected, and how that reflects differing levels of ability to acknowledge and openly discuss mental health challenges around the world. We also talked about how employers can and should utilize technology in support of their employee's mental health and wellbeing, as the data show that many employees are very open to leveraging technology and AI in support of their challenges. Finally we discussed some ideas on how HR leaders can utilize these findings to take more positive steps to help their employees address their mental health and wellbeing.. Learn more about the AI @ Work Research here.
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Negotiations Ninja Podcast
Negotiations Ninja Podcast
Mark Raffan
The Dynamics that Make a Multiparty Negotiation Effective
How do you manage multiparty negotiations? What should the preparation process look like? What kind of outcome do you strive for? Multiparty negotiations are a different beast. So how do you manage it? Mihai Isman joins me in this episode of Negotiations Ninja to share how he and his team tackle multiparty negotiations.  Mihai is based in Cologne, Germany, where he heads up I&P Negotiation Consulting. They do commercial, political, and even union negotiations. Multiparty negotiations are their bread and butter. Listen to this episode to take advantage of his wide-ranging expertise!Outline of This Episode * [1:35] Multiparty negotiations * [2:13] Who is Mihai Isman? * [3:20] What most people don’t consider * [5:32] Align with others to play it safe * [6:40] Start with one-on-one conversations * [9:11] How you move from “position” to “interest” * [11:27] Choose your location(s) wisely * [14:29] The outcomes to look for in a multiparty negotiation * [17:08] How Mihai’s team works with multiple parties * [18:04] The pre-mortem analysis + optimism * [22:09] How to work through language differences * [24:38] How to connect with Mihai IsmanConnect with Mihai Isman * I&P Negotiation Consulting * Connect on LinkedInConnect With Mark * Follow Negotiations Ninja on Twitter: @NegotiationPod * Connect with Mark on LinkedIn * Follow Negotiations Ninja on LinkedIn * Connect on Instagram: @NegotiationPod Subscribe to Negotiations Ninja
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Digital HR Leaders with David Green
Digital HR Leaders with David Green
David Green
57. How Unilever has Created a Culture of Internal Talent Mobility (Interview with Jeroen Wels)
When the CEO cites the internal talent marketplace you have helped to create, as a major contributor to revenue during the company's quarterly earnings call, you know you have achieved something pretty special. That is what happened to my guest for this week's episode of The Digital HR Leaders Podcast. Jeroen Wels is the Executive Vice President of HR at Unilever and the architect of Flex Experiences. Flex Experiences is Unilever's thriving, internal talent marketplace, which is currently used by 65,000 global employees who are able to share their skills and experience with people in other teams and in other countries. During their quarterly earnings call for the first quarter of 2020, Unilever CEO, Alan Jope, highlighted how by using Flex Experiences the company had been able to redeploy over 3000 people from parts of the business with low demand, to the areas that were seeing high demand due to the pandemic. As you will hear from Jeroen in this episode, Flex is a standout example of a talent marketplace and the impact, both to the business in terms of agility and unlocked hours and employees in helping them discover their purpose and support their careers, is huge. In our conversation, Jeroen and I discuss: * The journey of talent marketplace at Unilever so far and what is coming next * How the events of 2020 cemented the business case for talent marketplace in Unilever * Jeroen’s horizon thinking approach to working with HR technology companies and startups * Whether the talent marketplace will mean that jobs won't exist anymore This episode is a must listen for anyone interested or involved in agile transformation, employee experience, learning and internal mobility. So that is Business Leaders, CHROs and anyone in a people analytics, learning or HR business partner role. Support for this podcast is brought to you by gloat. To learn more, visit
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People and Projects Podcast: Project Management Podcast
People and Projects Podcast: Project Management Podcast
Andy Kaufman, PMP, PMI-ACP
PPP 316 | Why Humor Is a Secret Weapon in Business and Life--And How Anyone Can Harness It. Even You.
The Power of Levity for Project Teams We’re talking about humor today and I'm joined by Jennifer Aaker and Naomi Bagdonas. They’re the authors of a new book entitled Humor, Seriously. It’s a great read and in today’s discussion, you’re going to learn how bringing more levity to your team pays back in a big way. Learn more about Jennifer and Naomi at Accelerate Your Ability to Lead We've opened up applications for this year's Leadership Fast Track Program. Join other listeners from around the world who are committed to accelerating their ability to lead and deliver. Learn more at Let's Stay In Touch! I hear from listeners almost every day and I love it! How about you and I connect on LinkedIn? Go to and Follow me (I've maxed out the connections but if you Follow me, I'll Follow you back!) Thank you for joining me for this episode of The People and Projects Podcast! Talent Triangle: Leadership Puppet Dance by Frank Schröter Link: License: Look Busy by Kevin MacLeod Link: License: Lost in Translation scene from Oceans 12, available on YouTube at I Love to Laugh scene from Mary Poppins, available on YouTube at
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