AEE 1479: Knock Some Sense Into Lindsay About Overusing This English Phrase
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Learn English Through Listening
Learn English Through Listening
Hilary Platt
English Speaking Is Popular And Very International Ep 402
You can find the full web article, media and transcripts for the lesson here: English Speaking Today our English lesson focuses on why the English language is so popular and continues to grow as a popular international language. We see it every year at Adept English, more and more people are choosing to learn English as their second language. So why is the English-speaking world growing? Now I’m not intending to write a complete and authoritative answer to this question in a 10 minute podcast! But I thought I would put some of my reasons for the English language continues to be the go-to second language. The native English-speaking world is not the biggest population in the world. There are plenty of larger populations, for example China and India. So why isn’t Mandarin or Hindi the go-to second language of choice? Adept English is here to help with FREE English lessons and language courses that are unique, modern and deliver results. You can learn to speak English quickly using our specialised brain training. We get straight to the point of how you should learn to speak English. We teach you in a fun and simple way that delivers results. If you want to learn to speak English, our approach to learning through listening will improve your English fluency.🎤 find us at... 🌎📺💜🎧 listen to us on... 🎙️🎙️🎙️🎙️🎙️🎙️
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Speak English Now Podcast: Learn English | Speak English without grammar.
Speak English Now Podcast: Learn English | Speak English without grammar.
#154 How to write a 
business email in English 
part #2
Hi, everybody! I am Georgiana, your English teacher and founder of My mission is to help you speak English fluently. Last week we started learning how to write a formal business email in English. Today we will learn how to close an email with a final comment and greeting. I'll also give you an example of a formal email that you can use in different situations. With a point of view story, you will improve your grammar. Sending a formal or professional email in English can always be challenging, so I decided to dedicate two episodes to this topic. If you haven't yet listened to last week's episode, I invite you to do so before listening to today's lesson. Ok, let's get started! After giving or asking for information, it's time to close with a remark. Here are some examples: 5. Closing remarks: This is how you could respond when you are answering a customer query. "If you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact me." Use this phrase to let the other person know that you are eager to hear from them soon: "I am looking forward to hearing from you soon."  This way, you encourage the other person to contact you if they need to do so. More closing phrases: "Thank you in advance for your reply / your help." "Please let me know if you have other questions or concerns." "Please don't forget to _______________." "Please get back to me: by Monday/ before Monday / soon. " "I appreciate your prompt reply." "I hope to speak with you / hear from / see you soon." 6. Complimentary Close (followed by your name) We will end our email with a complimentary close. Best Regards, Best wishes, Kind Regards, Regards, Sincerely, Thank you, Enjoy the weekend, Have a good weekend, day, Friday, Have a safe flight, Enjoy your trip, Best wishes, regards, All these can be used interchangeably as a way to pay your respects to the person who is going to read the email. I typically sign my emails with "Best Regards"; however, sometimes I use "Regards" or "Enjoy the weekend." After "Best regards," I add my name. 7. Email Samples Here's an email sample that you can use in different situations: Dear Mr. John,  Thank you for your interest in our services.  With reference to your request regarding a new SIM card for your cell phone, I would like to inform you that it should be made available to you within the next 24 hours.  I would like to inform you that we have already delivered the card to the carrier, and you will receive it during the day. Also, I would really appreciate it if you could respond to this email today confirming your billing information. I am sorry to ask you this on such short notice, but it is in your best interest to do this as soon as possible to avoid any delays. If you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact me. Best Regards, Tom. Read the transcript here:
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Plain English Podcast | Learn English | Practice English with Current Events at the Right Speed for Learners
Plain English Podcast | Learn English | Practice English with Current Events at the Right Speed for Learners
Jeff B. |
A rocky start for the vaccine rollout | Learn the expression ‘make arrangements’
" The biggest vaccination effort in world history is underway. But with that, of course, comes a host of problems, and vaccinations haven’t even begun in the developing world yet. Progress is slow and below initial expectations, but there’s still some reasons for optimism. Plus, learn what it means to “make arrangements.” -- At Plain English, we make English lessons for the modern world. -- Today’s full English lesson, including a free transcript, can be found at: -- Learning English should be fun! That’s why our lessons are about current events and trending topics you care about: business, travel, technology, health, science, politics, the environment, and so much more. Our free English lessons always include English expressions and phrasal verbs, too. -- Learn even more English at, where we have fast and slow audio, translations, videos, online English courses, and a supportive community of English learners like you. Sign up free at -- Aprende inglés gratis en línea con nuestro curso de inglés. Se habla a una velocidad lenta para que todos entiendan. ¡Aprende ingles con nosotros ahora! | Aprenda Inglês online grátis com o Plain English, a uma velocidade menor, para que todos possam entender. Contact: E-mail | WhatsApp +1 312 967 8757 | Facebook PlainEnglishPod | Instagram PlainEnglishPod | Twitter @PlainEnglishPod "
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