Pastor Deborah’s Podcast – Agape Love Ministry
Pastor Deborah Schleich
Pastor Deborah's Podcast Of The Ancient Hidden Treasures Of Agape Love, Love Is Here, The Discovery Of The Ancient Hidden Treasures That Have Been Hidden In Dust And Dirt Of The Heart Of Humanity Through Out Time. Journey With Pastor Deborah Into The Books Of Spiritual Archeology To Uncover, Reveal and Understand Ancient Symbols, Ancient Writings In Lost Books And Re-Discover The Wonderful Eternal Ancient Truths That Have Been Placed Into Treasure Chests And Buried In Ancient Tombs, The Tombs Of The Kings In The Valley Of The Kings. Ancient And Long Forgotten Treasures Of Long Lost Ages Of The Times Of The Kings And The Kingdoms. Royal Treasures Hidden For Thousands And Thousands Of Years In The Sands Of Time And Buried In Deep Dark Mountains That Have Been Guarded By Dragons From The Ancient Days. Dragons From Out Of The Land Of Darkness And Shadow. Join In With Pastor Deborah With A Heart Of An Archeologist And Come And Seek And Search Out The Hidden Treasures, the Ancient Artifacts, Learn How To Interpret Ancient Stories Of The Forefathers Throughout Time. Come And Learn, Come And See. Come And Believe. Love Always And Forever Pastor Deborah
Pastor Deborah’s Podcast – Agape Love Ministry
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