251- Mindfulness and Self-Regulation Strategies for Children with ADHD
1 hr 2 min

Have you ever tried to calm a child in the throes of an ADHD meltdown? Varleisha D. Gibbs, Ph.D., OTD, OTR/L, explains how to build and enhance self-regulation with ADHD meditation and shares mindfulness exercises designed to calm an unsettled child.

ADHD reWired
ADHD reWired
Eric Tivers
351 | Mastermind Session: Moira in The Hot Seat Part 2
We are back with part 2 of the first mastermind episode for our Addmin from our 21st season. Today we have Roxie, Jessica, Natalie with Moira in the hot seat, continuing the discussion around rethinking her professional world and much more on this episode of . Eric and the mastermind continue the conversation around the podcast Moira would want to put out and whether she wants to do it independently or be under the ADHD reWired umbrella. They talk about what she feels her biggest weakness would be and how close she is to gather the information around her vision. Listen as Eric discusses the equipment and software she needs for the podcast and the best location to record with the best acoustics. They talk about where to research, how to podcast, who to listen to, and where to learn about editing and podcasting. The team finishes up with some words of encouragement and tells her to set a goal for when she wants to go live with her first episode and work towards that goal. We hope you found something you can take away from this mastermind session. Whatever the idea you have, we know that as people with ADHD; we have a lot of really big ideas, and we tend to be the ones who are crazy enough to think that we can do it. It always starts by figuring out what that first step is. You don't need to know all the steps; just start with the first thing and follow your passion. You'll learn: [02:16] Eric shares the things Moira would need if she wanted to podcast. [03:44] Would you want to do your own thing or do your own thing under the ADHD reWired umbrella? [04:35] Moira speaks about the time it would take to quit her job and start her new career. [06:08] What do you think your bandwidth would be? How much time could you spend? [09:07] Moira discusses being in Canada and what that would like with people in the U.S. when it comes to rates. [11:13] Eric shares what he is looking for when bringing in coaches. [12:51] People with mental health challenges and knowing how to handle them are where Moira feels her weakness. [15:10] There are many books and research out there around coaching and mental health issues. [18:34] Moira is a very visual person and has gathered a lot of information about making the change and getting a vision. [20:01] Jessica will send a form to Moira to help her get everything she needs to get her brand ready. [22:01] When would you like your first episode of the podcast air? [25:50] Moira says she might be able to air her first episode by the end of the year. [28:00] If you were to launch your podcast in the first week of January, what would you need to do this week? [30:40] Eric talks about doing a podcast on the cheap to start and what equipment she needs. [33:16] Eric lets her know she will need to learn how to edit and some suggestions on who to listen to. [35:45] Jessica and Natalie give her some words of encouragement. [37:31] Thank you for listening to part 2 of this mastermind session. [39:26] If you are a regular listener, consider becoming a patron, click on our Patreon tab at Use my Audible.com affiliate link for your favorite titles: ADHD reWired Coaching and Accountability Groups The 16th season of the ADHD reWired Coaching and Accountability groups are ending soon.  ArC 17 Summer Sessions run July 11th – Sept. 19th.   We only have 9 spots remaining. Please visit to learn more and sign-up for our Last Scheduled Registration Event on June 11th at 3 PM CT.  You don’t want to miss it! Support the Podcast on Patreon Patreon allows listeners like you to support content creators like me. With a monthly contribution, you can get access to different levels of perks.  One perk example is our Patron-only Group Coaching Sessions.  Learn more at . ADHD reWired Facebook Group: If you would like to apply to join the ADHD reWired Secret Facebook group, go to and fill out the application. Productivity Q&A Get your ADHD questions answered live! These Q&A sessions take place on the 2nd Tuesday of every month at 12:30 PM CT. Go to Want to be a guest? Hey! What about you? Do you have a story? Are you a coach? Are you an ADHD Clinician? If you answered yes to any of these questions and you’d like to be a guest, .
44 min
Adult ADHD ADD Tips and Support
Adult ADHD ADD Tips and Support
Adult ADHD ADD Tips and Support
Adult ADHD ADD Tips and Support Podcast – Sunlight
Adult ADHD ADD Tips and Support Podcast - Sunlight. This podcast is an audio companion to the book "The Drummer and the Great Mountain - A Guidebook to Transforming Adult ADD / ADHD." In this episode, we'll discuss the "The Power of Sunlight". It turns out, getting enough sunlight is essential to reduce ADHD symptoms, improve sleep, ward off depression, and treat Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). We'll discuss scientific studies connecting lack of sunlight to increased ADHD symptoms, and a number of tools and tips to keep you functioning optimally during the winter months. Links Mentioned in this Episode: "Happy Lights" on Amazon Study: "Geographic variation in the prevalence of attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder: the sunny perspective" Psychology Today: "Sunlight and ADHD" YouTube: "How to Treat Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)"   Don't see a player? Click this link to download the MP3 file. If you have an Apple device (iPhone/iPad), you can download the podcast (and subscribe) for free at this link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/adult-adhd-add-tips-support/id988935339 Visit the podcast web page to listen to all 79 episodes: http://www.drummerandthegreatmountain.com/adult-adhd-add-podcast If you're enjoying the music on our podcast, be sure to visit Bahman's website to hear his entire catalog of albums! Photo by Kent Pilcher on Unsplash For more info, visit: http://www.DrummerAndTheGreatMountain.com
25 min
The Psych Central Podcast: Mental Health Made Simple
The Psych Central Podcast: Mental Health Made Simple
Gabe Howard (A Psych Central Podcast)
Reframing Past Traumas
What is your life story? Do you feel like a victim of your circumstances? And if so, how does this affect your future? In today’s show, our guest James Sweigert, who struggled out of a traumatic childhood, shares how the power of his thoughts and the spoken word changed his life. Are you ready to make some edits to your life story? Tune in, and James will help you go from your head to your heart so you can win the game. For more information and a complete transcript, visit Podcast: Reframing Past Traumas. Guest Information for 'James Sweigert- Reframing Traumas' Podcast Episode James Sweigert’s childhood was challenging, to say the least. James struggled to be seen and stay safe amid the chaos, eventually turning to drugs and alcohol to cope. This self-destructive pattern continued until he changed his story—and his life. Today James is a successful executive producer and director in film and television and coaches many creative executives and celebrities in Hollywood. He has built, run and sold several multi-million dollar, award winning production companies in Hollywood. He writes about a key truth: the way you conceptualize your life—the story you tell yourself—makes it what it is. If you say so. As a motivational speaker and “Life Cheerleader”, James’s ultimate purpose is to help others change their old “stories” to transform their lives so they can flourish and be amazing! About The Psych Central Podcast Host Gabe Howard is an award-winning writer and speaker who lives with bipolar disorder. He is the author of the popular book, Mental Illness is an Asshole and other Observations, available from Amazon; signed copies are also available directly from the author. To learn more about Gabe, please visit his website, gabehoward.com.
28 min
Spark Joy
Spark Joy
Kristyn Ivey and Karin Socci
Ep 160 | Organizing Your Legacy and End of Life Plan with Karen Purze
Karen Purze of Life in Motion Guide joins us to discuss a sensitive, but very relevant aspect of home organization - managing your legacy including vital information and end of life planning. Our guest helps families make end of life plans and decisions so they can focus on what truly matters in the end - people not paperwork. She is creator of lifeinmotionguide.com. When Karen’s parents both got sick suddenly and simultaneously, she helped them make difficult choices about health, housing, finances, and everything else as they gradually lost their independence. She is on a mission to make it easier for others to get their personal information organized. We want to hear from you! Tell us your burning tidying questions or share stories about how KonMari has impacted your life. Find us at www.sparkjoypodcast.com and click “Ask Spark Joy” to leave a question or comment for a chance to be featured on next week’s show. While you’re there, sign-up to join our Spark Joy podcast community and get notified when each episode airs. You can also join the Spark Joy podcast community on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter at the handle @sparkjoypodcast. Book a custom Virtual Tidying Experience with For the Love of Tidy (https://fortheloveoftidy.com/konmari-tidying-lesson/tidy-a-z-what-to-expect-from-a-konmari-virtual-tidy/) Join The Spark Joy Club today! (https://www.patreon.com/sparkjoy) In this episode, you’ll enjoy: - Karen's personal experience with helping her family make end of life decisions during an emergency inspired her brand, Life in Motion, which helps others who don't know where to start or what to do first - Reasons why it's important organize vital information and plan the end of your life - The KonMari clutter category that intersects with legacy management - Kristyn's quest to reach the end of her personal to do list (https://fortheloveoftidy.com/konmari-tidy-tips/i-reached-the-end-of-my-to-do-list/) - Where to start: planning for an emergency (medical and household) - A review of Karen's Life in Motion Guide (https://shop.lifeinmotionguide.com/workbooks-and-printables/life-in-motion-guide-end-of-life-planning-workbook/?utm_source=web&utm_medium=partner&utm_campaign=sparkjoy) - the binder Kristyn is actively using to manage her important information (see exclusive discount code below) - The inspiration behind Karen's guide and how it differs from other resources that help you make plans - The importance of recognizing the process of life planning is in motion, with information that evolves over time - How to securely protect your passwords (https://lifeinmotionguide.com/where-to-store-important-documents/) and other important codes - The most essential things to focus on first when organizing your legacy - Reasons people resist pulling this information together and common myths and mistakes. Karen's decision matrix (https://lifeinmotionguide.com/choose-a-healthcare-proxy/) to the rescue - How to help loved ones organize their legacy and end of life plans - Maintenance: how often you need to revisit the information you've gathered and shared Karen’s favorite legacy organizing tip: Don't think of this as something you're doing yourself. Do it for the people you love and trust the most What's sparking the most joy for Karen: Moving back to her apartment in Chicago after a four month long construction project Connect with Karen at lifeinmotionguide.com (https://lifeinmotionguide.com/) Exclusively for Spark Joy listeners, pick up a copy of Karen's Life in Motion Guide (https://shop.lifeinmotionguide.com/workbooks-and-printables/life-in-motion-guide-end-of-life-planning-workbook/?utm_source=web&utm_medium=partner&utm_campaign=sparkjoy) binder using code SPARK15 for a 15% discount. Gems: "It's our responsibility as adults to not leave a mess for other people to clean up." "The average person in the US and Canada is likely to live over nine years in poor health." "Being organized facilitates prolonged independence by making it easier for others to help us." "It's not enough to just gather this information or store it...you also need to share it." "We can't predict, but we can prepare." "I created [Life in Motion Guide] for the feeling I had when I was done." *The Spark Joy Anniversary Give-A-Way contest prizes!* Win one of three bundles consisting of _Spark Joy: An Illustrated Master Class on the Art of Organizing and Tidying Up_, signed by Marie Kondo, a fifty dollar gift certificate to the KonMari Shop (https://shop.konmari.com) to select your own Joy Sparking gift, and a two-hour Virtual Tidying Session from _For the Love of Tidy_! Three lucky winners will receive a bundle of all these prizes! To be eligible for all of the prizes above, all you need to do is head over to: www.sparkjoypodcast.com/itunes for detailed instructions on how to leave a review via iTunes. Once there, follow the Apple Podcast instructions to leave us a rating and review in iTunes to help us reach more ears, minds, and hearts. *Most important step:* Send an email to: contact@sparkjoypodcast.com letting us know you left us a review and what screen name you left it under. This will act as your official entry. Don’t forget this step! It is the only way we can officially log you as entered into the contest. Submit your star rating and review by *November 24, 2020*. We’ll announce the winners during our season finale “Best of” show that will air on December 1st. ***Contest runs from September 1 to November 24, 2020.* Winners will be announced during our Best of 2020 show on December 1, 2020**** You can find Karin Socci at The Serene Home (https://www.theserenehome.com/) You can find Kristyn Ivey at For the Love of Tidy (https://fortheloveoftidy.com/) Special Guest: Karen Purze.
35 min
Hacking Your ADHD
Hacking Your ADHD
William Curb
Automating Your ADHD Life
One of the paradoxes of ADHD is how much work we can get done when we're interested in something... but then how little we get done when something is boring. Unfortunately in life there are a lot of things that are going to bore us. And this becomes especially true with those boring tasks we have to do over and over again. So this is where automation comes in - automation is simply something that accomplishes tasks for us without our intervention. Whether we know it or not, all of us already use a lot of automation in our lives already. We often don't think of simple things like setting an alarm as an automated process, but it's a way we can externalize a reminder that will go off with no other input from us. Today we're going to take a look at how automation can be helpful with ADHD, some of the ways that we can take advantage of automations and then go into some specific things we can look at automating. There was actually a lot to cover here so I'll be going into even more automations next week as well. Support me on Patreon Connect with me on: Facebook Twitter Instagram or ask me a question on my Contact Page Find the show note at HackingYourADHD.com/automation *This Episode's Top Tips* * Automation is a way for us to frontload our work so that we can save time in the future - it can be helpful for ADHD because it can reduce decision fatigue, reduces chances of us forgetting a step, and just saves us time. * When we're thinking about automating a process the first things we need to think about are how to systemize the task and then if we can reduce the number of steps it takes. Sometime during this process, we find that maybe we don't need to use automation but we still find a better way of doing the task. * We can use automation to help with accountability by setting up automations that will let our teammates know when we have (or haven't) done what we said we were going to do. This can be helpful because it takes the reporting process out of our hands. * There are a ton of things we can do around our house to automate our everyday tasks that will make our lives easier - from automatically locking the doors at night, to getting notifications that we left the garage door open, to getting a smart speaker to read out our daily schedule - our biggest limitation is usually just what we think is possible, so go explore some options.
19 min
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