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32: How do I Prepare for the Medical School Interview?
Jul 27, 2016 · 9 min
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Session 32

Your questions, answered here on the OldPreMeds Podcast are taken directly from the forums over at OldPreMeds.org where they pull a question and deliver the answers right on to you.

Today's question is about preparing for the medical school interview being a nontraditional student. Ryan lays out some relevant pieces of advice to help students rock the interview come interview day.

OldPreMeds Question of the Week:

Poster is a nontraditional re-applicant who applied very late in the cycle and had a mediocre MCAT score, being her two biggest hurdles. Since then she has worked to improve on several areas of her application and applied early in this year's cycle. She chose to apply to 12 schools and received an interview to interview at a school in August. How do you prepare for interviews particularly for nontraditional students?

Here are the insights from Ryan:

Know who you are.

Know what your future is going to look like. Check out Episodes 192, 19, and 91 of The Premed Years Podcast to get more tips about the medical school interview process.

Diversity is key.

What does your nontraditional background bring to your classmates and add to the diversity of the class?

Diversity is a huge buzzword these days with holistic admissions processes at medical schools. But you have to be able to tell that story as to why you're diverse.

Do a mock interview.

Talk with somebody who knows the process. Record yourself (audio or video) to see and hear yourself. Make it as real as possible and go through it so you can watch yourself. Get feedback from the person you're talking with on the answers you gave to see how it sounded like to the interviewer.

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