Case #116: Mooninite Panic
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Case #116: Mooninite Panic

The Boston bomb squad responds to threatening electronic devices


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Anonymous Demonstrator in Miami – Why did Floyd have to die?


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Crawlspace Media
38: “ today I’m a wizard, a gutter rat.”
On November 15th, Master (@IncelsCo) started a Twitter thread announcing that FrailPaleStaleMale has been missing for nearly two weeks. No one else has heard from him since then. Losing him is unthinkable. This episode is kind of a tribute to him, with unaired interviews and some of his favorite songs. We touch on the Minassian trial and will continue to follow it each week, and preview next week’s episode about OnlyFans, featuring Master (@incelsco). Special thanks to @bundy_rabbit and @elfaelia for their music supervision. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This week's episode is sponsored by Boston Green Health (@BGreenHealth), New England's most trusted brand for premier CBD products. Visit and get 20% off your next order by using code INCEL20 at checkout! —————————————————————————— INCEL is created and produced by Naama Kates for Crawlspace Media. Original music by Cyrus Melchor. “Zombie” by the Cranberries, courtesy of Universal Music Group. “Another Day Another Struggle” by Notorious B.I.G, courtesy of Universal Music Group.—————————————————————————— If you or someone you know is struggling emotionally, or having a hard time, please call someone, or contact one of the excellent resources provided below. —————————————————————————— Suicide Prevention Lifeline w: t: 1.800.273.8255 —————————————————————————— Light Upon Light (with Parallel Networks) e: t: 1.202.486.8633 —————————————————————————— Please contact Naama at INCEL with any comments, inquiries, or just random thoughts: e: --- Support this podcast:
45 min
Weird Studies
Weird Studies
Phil Ford and J. F. Martel
Episode 87: Glyphs, Rifts, and Ecstasy: On Arthur Machen's Vision of Art
It would be wrong to describe Arthur Machen's Hieroglyphics: A Note Upon Ecstasy in Literature (1902) as a work of nonfiction, since the book features a narrative frame that is as moody and irreal as the best tales penned by this luminary of weird fiction. But if the eccentric recluse at the centre Hieroglyphics is a fictional philosopher, he is one who, in Phil and JF's opinion, rivals most aesthetic thinkers in the history of philosophy. The significance of this text lies in its willingness to disclose a function of art that few before Machen had dared to touch, namely its capacity to generate ecstasy by confronting us with the mystery that beats the heart of existence. In this episode, your hosts discuss a work which, in their opinion, comes as close to scripture as the nonexistent field of Weird Studies is likely to get. REFERENCES Arthur Machen, Hieroglyphics: A Note Upon Ecstasy in Literature ( Thomas Ligotti, [Songs of a Dead Dreamer]( Weird Studies, Episode 3 on the White People ( J.F. Martel, Reclaiming Art in the Age of Artifice ( Weird Studies, Episode 63 on Colin Wilson’s 'The Occult' ( William Shakespeare, Hamlet ( Indra’s Net, ( philosophical concept James Machin, Weird Fiction in Britain, 1880 – 1939 ( Weird Studies, Episode 5 on Lisa Ruddick's 'When Nothing is Cool' ( Oscar Wilde, [The Soul of Man Under Socialism]( Rudolph Otto, ( German theologian
1 hr 7 min
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