Mr. Media Interviews by Bob Andelman
890 Brian Michael Jenkins, author, "Will Terrorists Go Nuclear?"
Aug 12, 2018 · 1 hr
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Let me say this as clearly as possible: If you don’t buy Brian Michael Jenkins’ new book, Will Terrorists Go Nuclear?? then the terrorists win. And that may be the last moment of levity in this episode of Mr. Media. Brian Michael Jenkins is one of the world's leading authorities on terrorism. He has been advising the military, government and prestigious think tanks on the dangers of escalating terrorism for more than 30 years and is currently a senior advisor to the president of the Rand Corporation. Some of the questions that he explores in the book include; Are nuclear weapons instruments of coercion or of pure destruction?; Are those we label religious fanatics constrained by political and strategic calculations?; If a nuclear attack took place on American soil, what life and death decisions would the President be forced to make? Jenkins covers Al Qaeda in his book as well as the scenarios and plots covered in movies and novels. He separates real and imagined dangers and gives a level-headed analysis of the situation. Brian Michael Jenkins  • 
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