How to Win Life with the Defense and Offense Strategy | Dean Graziosi
48 min

In this episode of the Millionaire Mindcast, we have a stellar guest, Dean Graziosi who shares insights about the right mindset and habits you must have during this quarantine, how to meet new opportunities, how to get ahead from everyone at the end, and how to win life!

Dean Graziosi is an entrepreneur, a leader, lifelong learner, knowledge broker, investor, real estate expert, multiple NY Times best-selling author, and world-renowned success coach. He created a breakthrough course, held extremely high impact masterminds, worked with Tony Robbins, wrote best-selling books such as Millionnaire Success Habits, and Motor Million$, and hosted a top-rated podcast called The Dean Graziosi Show.

He used to travel to speak to hundreds of thousands of people and make an impact worldwide by sharing strategies and knowledge to people in order to build a happy, fulfilled, rich, and successful life. He has shared his message through The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, TIME, USA Today, The New York Times, CNBC, ABC, CNN, Fox Business, Today, Oprah, The View, Yahoo, and Business Insider.

Dean has been an entrepreneur for 30 years, he has been to multiple down markets, and this uncertainty is not new to him. The only thing he is certain is this is not the end of the world. We’ve been to wars, past pandemics, and other challenges and we’ve survived. The key is just setting the right mindset during this quarantine.

Ask yourself, who do you want to be at the end of this? Are you just going to hide in fear or are you going to find ways to get ahead from others? If you choose the latter, think about strategies to level up your life. Start on simple things that need your focus, and work on things you don’t have time before. Don’t focus on regret, on what you’ve lost, and on things, you don’t have but find ways to invest & grow, work on the relationships, start your business, and save money.

Moreover, according to Dean, this is the time where you can thrive by planting seeds so you can harvest down the road. How you spend this time is how you are planting seeds by being energized, and innovative. Look at this time as a gift to evolve and improve yourself. This is the time we need more energy. Go with self-education or get a coach, practice more, & practice when no one is looking. This is not the time to wait for someone else to fix it. This is a time to step up, to be a leader, and to show people that you can thrive.

Develop success habits and rituals. Turn on your defense and offense buttons, and be grateful whatever you have right now. Also, remember to level up your virtual connection in this social-distancing time.

Some Questions I Ask:

  • How are you supporting the people that are really struggling & scared with the circumstances we find ourselves right now? (00:59)
  • What are some of the greatest habits in the book that if you were to pick one or two right now that applied now more than ever, which ones did you highlight? (05:39)
  • What are some of the rituals and habits that help you stay more in hands with your awareness that people might not be working into their routine right now? (10:41)
  • What are you sharpening right now and putting work ethic in on right now that’s not maybe as natural or easy or habitual for Dean? (16:59)
  • What is your overall sentiment or message to those people to learn the new pieces, tools, resources, and strategies to actually succeed and adapt in this new world that we find ourselves being pushed into? (24:53)
  • What is Mastermind? (29:58)
  • Where do you see trends and opportunities in times like now, what are you paying attention to? (34:11)
  • What do you say to that person who feels being an impostor and has self-doubts to share things right now? (36:14)
  • What is your overall outlook on the economy as a whole, and on real estate in this next cycle and how are you positioning yourself to continue building wealth? (40:12)
  • I’m curious about your thoughts in regards to Recession or Depression? (42:16)
  • If you will leave something of positivity to kind of spotlight a silver lining in all of these, what would you leave them today? (45:04)

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • How to step up during this crisis (06:33)
  • Why you should be aware of your Internal Dialog (08:02)
  • Why you need to play defense and offense to win in life (11:01)
  • How to build certainty in these uncertain times (21:46)
  • Starting Over versus Transitioning (25:38)
  • Which is more valuable resources or resourcefulness (28:11)
  • Analogy about life experiences to do amazing things (37:23)


  • “How you spend this time is how you are planting seeds.”
  • “The most innovation in the world comes out when your backs are against the wall.”
  • “A leader could be a leader of your family setting example for your kids, for your wife.”
  • “People focus on what they lost or what they don’t have can never go to another level.”
  • “I believed I was born a pessimist who’s fought my whole life to be an optimist.”
  • “Success is often so simple, we overcomplicate it.”
  • “It’s the little things that add up to the big things.”
  • “Work ethic is a recession-proof.”
  • “You win games when no one is watching.”
  • “No one is going to learn on the back of uncertainty.”
  • “People need certainty in uncertain times.”
  • “If you’re not climbing you’re sliding, not growing you’re dying.”

Resources Mentioned:

The Power of Now book by Eckhart Tolle

The Untethered Soul book by Michael A. Singer


Connect with Dean Graziosi on:




The Dean Graziosi Show

Millionnaire Success Habits book by Dean Graziosi

Motor Million$ book by Dean Graziosi

Knowledge Broker Blueprint

The Ultimate Entrepreneur
The Ultimate Entrepreneur
The Abraham Group
263 - What Is Stopping Smart People From Implementing Life and Business Improving Optimizations? with David Beale
Get the Exclusive Executive Whole Life Coaching offer from David here: In this episode, Jay has a pre-interview conversation with David Beale, and the insights and reflections were profound. David Beale is an executive coach who supports his clients with leadership development, team building, public speaking, training, management, and business consulting. David shares what he discovered while doing a deep-dive into the consulting space and why he believes people never reach their full potential. You’ll learn why his measure of success isn’t just performance-based but also takes into account happiness and fulfillment as well. Listen in to learn how to build your “sage” muscle in order to become a better leader, how to adopt the principles of Positivity Intelligence and apply them in your own life, and how these concepts can act as a multiplier in your life and business. 00:00 - 08:00 - Introducing David, his deep-dive study into the coaching world, human psychology, how to change your operating system, and what he has learned. 08:00 - 11:00 - On performance enhancement, achievement, happiness, and fulfillment, being in the “sage” perspective, and how to be a better leader and human being. 11:00 - 18:00 - The multiplier effect of PQ, how to get out of your own way, his program and its discovery phase, and what his clients are trying to accomplish. 18:00 - 27:30 - On getting trapped in the matrix, the three ways the judge shows up, and the issue being lack of attention (not time). 27:30 - 35:00 - The ways we limit ourselves from going deep, ways we hold ourselves back, coaching vs consulting, and how to get a sustainable performance exchange.
39 min
The Brutal Truth about B2B Sales & Selling - The show focuses on Hacking the Sales Process
The Brutal Truth about B2B Sales & Selling - The show focuses on Hacking the Sales Process
Sales - Brian Burns
HOW THIS REP IS CRUSHING IT IN HIS FIRST B2B SALES JOB AND WHAT YOU LEVERAGE FROM IT - Get Your Free E-Book on How Companies make Decisions. FAQ: * 1 YEAR ACCESS, PAY MONTHLY OR ANNUALLY NOT A SUBSCRIPTION * OFFICE HOURS EVERY  OTHER WEEK VIA ZOOM * UNLIMITED 1-ON-1’S  ARE FREE AS LONG AS THEY CAN BE SHARED IN THE COURSE * FULL ACCESS ON DAY ONE   Video Emails by Covideo =       — SAMPLE EMAIL TO EXPENSE THE COURSE MGR,   I have been listening to the brutal truth about sales podcast for X months and it speaks to the issues we face.   They currently offer a course that includes video instruction, group Q&A and One-on-One coaching. I’m committed to my own personal development and would like your help in expensing the course.   It would pay for itself if I closed only one new deal of $X value.   Please let me know by Friday if I can move forward with this 1 year course.   Thanks, ME ———————————————————————————————————— Audible 30 day Free Trial:     Check out my YouTube channel and watch my Free Sales/Social Selling Course.     Listen to The Sales Questions PodCast:     Listen to The B2B Revenue Leadership Show:   Get a 30 day Free Trial of Pipedrive with “BRUTALTRUTH” coupon at       Twitter: @briangburns LinkedIn: Brian G. Burns Facebook: Brian Burns YouTube: Brian Burns SALES PODCAST
34 min
The Marketing Secrets Show
The Marketing Secrets Show
Russell Brunson
The Atlas Shrugged Interview - Part 3 of 5
Welcome back to part 3 of this special episode series. Today Russell and Josh try to answer the question, “does everybody need to be an entrepreneur?” They also talk about celebrating other people’s success and how having kids has changed the way they work. So listen in and enjoy part 3 of this very special interview. Hit me up on IG! @russellbrunson Text Me! 208-231-3797 Join my newsletter at ---Transcript--- What's up everybody. This is Russell Brunson. Welcome back to Marketing Secrets podcast. We're about to start the third part of our five-part Atlas Shrugged interview series. I hope you guys enjoyed part one and part two. I'm sure there are things that you agreed with, I'm sure there are things you disagreed with, that's okay. This whole thing is not about me trying to force anything on you, it's more just to get us all thinking and open the conversations and help us look at things from both sides. With that said, we're going to move now into the third part of the interview series. Again, we broke down our three and a half hour interview into five podcasts episodes. I know these are long, but I hope you're enjoying them. And hopefully it's just getting the wheels spinning. Hopefully, you're enjoying it. And I really hope that it gives you the desire to go and read the Atlas Shrugged book and kind of see some of these principles through that lens. So, with that said, we'll queue up the theme song. When we get back, you'll have a chance to listen to part three of my interview with Josh Forti. Josh Forti: Okay. I want to circle back to one quick thing and then we can move on. Russell Brunson: Okay. Josh: So the question I was trying to ask was, when you were like, "Hey, there's the technician or there's the plumber, there's this, or there's that or then there's the person that comes in and makes it rain." There's only a few people in an organization that like, make it rain, right? Like you in ClickFunnels, you make it rain. You're the one that brings it in and, I'm sure there's other people to a certain extent, but you are that person. And you probably have what, 100, 200 people on the support team? That don't actually make the company any money, but they do play a critical role in the sense that the company couldn't function without them. And so, to those people there, how does somebody who... Two-part question. One, can you live your best life in a position like that? Can you be most alive and fulfilled and live a great life, doing something average like that? Number two, does that person need to go learn how to make it rain? Does everybody need to be an entrepreneur? Does everybody need to be... Like, you are so fascinating, you got this whole community of funnel hackers and like, "We're going to go out and choose a world. We think differently. We do it differently. We got all this stuff." Would it be good if the whole world thought that way? Or do we need people that don't think that way? Russell: There was a time in life where I thought everyone should think that way. I don't think so now. I have family members who love what they do and they're obsessed with the art, like the art is what they do. Some people... I've had good masseuses and bad masseuses. Some masseuses, that is their art, you can tell, you're just like, "Oh, my gosh. They're the best at their craft." And I think that's okay, I think if it brings fulfillment, that's more important. But people aren't fulfilled, that's the second question. If you're not fulfilled then why, you know? And I think one of the most powerful things, Myron Golden taught this at Funnel Hacking live, and he taught it at two comma club a couple times, he has a thing called the four levels of value. It's so fascinating because… Josh: Such a good one. Russell: Yeah, it's so good. The first level of value, for those who haven't heard this before, is it just talks about I'm going to not do it justice, Martin's the man. One of the greatest speakers of all- Josh: Tell YouTube. Actually I don't even know, if it's on YouTube. Russell: It's on my... Anyway, yes. So bottom level is, people work their hands, right? And this is the hardest work. Like, the person that's actually building the building. Or typing, you're doing support, or whatever the thing is, they're working with their hands. That's the lowest level of value, right? Like the most you make when you're, when you work with your hands is maybe 50, 60, $70,000 a year, but you're tapped out, you can't get higher than that. Now, if that's your calling and you're good at, and you love it, go all in. Become the best in the world at that thing, and that's totally cool. But you cap out on salary, you can't make more money at a certain point. Because that's the value of that tier value. The next tier value, if you move up one tier, is management. Somebody who can manage all of the workers. And there's people... One of the big mistakes we made inside of ClickFunnels, we took the people inside of our team who were the best workers and we upgraded them to management and they were horrible managers, amazing workers moved into management. And they weren't managers, this is a different mindset. They can go learn that, but that's not where they were gifted. And a lot of times it was irreparable, we couldn't move them back down because in their mind, like, "Oh I'm a manager now." It's like, "No." I think one of things we learned is someone can be a worker and make more money than the manager. Just because sometimes their skillset, like the programmers and developers, getting an amazing programmer to code something is, a lot of times, worth more than the managers managing that person. But in most businesses, most organizations, manager's next tier, right? Because you make more money as a manager because you're managing a lot of workers, as opposed to one. Then you go up the next tier value and it's the communicators. People learn how to talk and to sell, that's the next thing. You make more selling and you do managing, and you typically make more managing than you do actually doing the thing. And not everyone's going to be great salespeople. I think it's a teachable skill. I think you may have seen my early videos, everyone thinks this is a gift that I was born with. It is not, it is something that's been developed. Josh: Guys, you should go look at Russell's old videos, they're so embarrassing. Russell: They are the worst ever. Yeah, when I was your age I would not have been able to do this, it's crazy. So that tier is the communicators and the top tier are the visionaries. Imagining it, you're using your brain to make money. So your use your brain, your mouth, your management skills or your hands. Those are the four tiers of value. So I think wherever you fit in there, that's cool, we need people all the tiers, but like... I did a podcast about this the other day, I'm like, "Whatever you going to be, don't just be a person doing it, become the best in the world." We were in Oakville Tony's Event and we're in a hotel and it was kind of weird because there's a spa, so like, all excited to get massages, but it's also COVID right now. So the masseuses have masks on, they have plastic gloves, it was weird. And I got my very first massage, they paid for two massage it. So I was like, "It'll be fun." The first massage was so bad. I was like, "I never want to get a massage again, ever." It was so bad and I'm sitting there on the table, it was only an hour long massage, by the time it was done I was like, "I want to get out of here, this is just weird and horrible." I did not enjoy it. And I'm a massage person. Josh: Yeah. I love massage. Russell: And I was to the point I'd never want massage again, but they'd already booked us for the next day for the second one. And I was annoyed. I went to the second one and same thing. She's got plastic gloves on like we have to do and the mask. And I'm just kind of like,…
39 min
The Mike Dillard Show
The Mike Dillard Show
Mike Dillard - How To Legally Get Free Bitcoin With Alex Adelman
I follow hundreds of crypto companies and experts on Twitter, and a few years ago I came across a Twitter account called @TryLolli. It was for a startup based in New York that was doing something pretty smart… They were partnering with the world’s biggest online retailers, and giving shoppers free Bitcoin back, whenever they made a purchase. So anytime you buy something from BestBuy, Macy’s, Foot Locker, or Sonos for example, you can get back 3-10% of your purchase back in Bitcoin. Lolli has started to catch on like wild-fire and it became one of the first mass-market use-cases for Bitcoin because savvy shoppers knew that the Bitcoin they were getting back, could literally end up being worth more than the full price they paid for their purchase. For example, if you purchased $1,000 worth of products using Lolli back in February of 2020, and got back 5% in Bitcoin, you’d have $50 in Bitcoin. At that time the price of Bitcoin was around $3,500. So you would have received .014 Bitcoin. Well today, as the price of Bitcoin hits $18,000, the value of the free Bitcoin you received would now be worth $252. If Bitcoin hits $100,000 in the year to come, that free $50 in Bitcoin you got from Lolli would be worth $1,400. Using Lolli right now to buy the things you’re already buying, could literally end up covering 100% of the cost of those items within the next 1-2 years. It’s brilliant, so I jumped on the phone the Founder, Alex Adelman to talk about Lolli, and how he created the business. He is an extremely savvy entrepreneur, and you’re going to go behind the curtain of the entire rebate industry in a way that you’ve never seen before. Now before we dive in, I want to let you know that I spent the past week creating a new course called The Beginner’s Guide To Investing In Crypto Assets. I can tell from the comments I get online that there are still a lot of you out there who would love to invest in Bitcoin or Ethereum, but you just don’t know how, and you aren’t comfortable. I totally get it, so I wanted to help. Resources: Follow Lolli on Twitter | Instagram | Facebook Music: Song: Whales - Lights [NCS Release] Music provided by NoCopyrightSounds Free Download/Stream: Watch:
45 min
Millionaire Secrets
Millionaire Secrets
Jeff Lerner
JENNY PETERSON | Stay At Home Mom Tripled Her Income Organically on Facebook | Millionaire Secrets #89
Today’s guest on the Millionaire Secrets podcast is a friend, inspiration, and living PROOF that anyone can create a profitable online business. Jenny Peterson is a stay at home mom of 3 who has built a lucrative business by growing a large online audience - TOTALLY organically. Everyone knows that, in theory, you can make a lot of money without having to invest a lot of money online. It’s the holy grail, right? But the thing is, most people don’t believe it’s actually possible for them. Well, today, I’m super excited to have Jenny here to prove that anyone can create a profitable online business. 6 years ago, she started an online business with a network marketing company. Within 15 months, she hit the top of that company and went on to add influencer and affiliate marketing to her business. When she started 6 years ago - Jenny had nothing. She had zero followers; she didn’t know what she was doing. But in those 6 years, she’s organically built an audience of over 150 thousand followers on Facebook. She’s just started growing her Instagram account and already has more than 41 thousand followers. And back before she was running a hugely profitable online business, Jenny would have told you she’s “not a salesperson.” But this year alone, she has sold over $2 Million in product for the companies that she affiliates for. As she points out in the video, we’re all programmed to sell. We do it every single day; we’re either selling or being sold to. Sales is really just sharing the things you love with the people you love. Today, Jenny is here to show you how to REALLY make it work online: Check Out More of Jenny’s Content Here 👇 💻   💡   🎙️ Social Media Influencer Podcast 👉   ℹ️ LinkedIn 👉   📺 YT 👉   🖥️ FB 👉   🖥️ FB 👉   📲 IG 👉
1 hr 6 min
Sales Gravy: Jeb Blount
Sales Gravy: Jeb Blount
Jeb Blount
Why You Should Stop Trying to Sell Yourself
Sales Myth: You Have to Sell Yourself Most of us, at one time or another in our careers, have heard some trainer or manager exclaim, “You have to sell yourself.” “If you want to get that job, son, you have to sell yourself.” “The real key to sales is your ability to sell yourself.” “If you want others to like you, you’ll have to sell yourself.” The Sell Yourself Cliche This philosophy is prevalent in business culture. A while back, I was at an Ivy League University for a speech by a successful businessman to a group of MBA students from the top business schools in the world. The speaker was so well respected that when he walked into the room there was a hush. The audience members were on the edge of their seats in anticipation. And what was the message? What was the secret of success that this revered businessman offered? “Never forget how important it is in business to first sell yourself.” The entire audience nodded in unison. For this wise man and many others, the phrase sell yourself  has become an easy-to-use cliche´. It just rolls off the tongue. Like the audience at the speech I attended, most people will nod their heads in agreement to the statement as if some prophet on a hill had just read it from stone tablets. People Buy You for Their Reasons, Not Yours Sales expert and bestselling author Jeffrey Gitomer teaches a simple philosophy, “People love to buy but they hate to be sold.” In other words, most people prefer to buy on their terms. They do not want or appreciate a hard pitch or a features dump. They buy for their reasons not yours. Yet daily salespeople across the globe, on the phone, video calls, email, social media, and in person, sell to their customers by dumping data, pushing their position, or simply trying to talk their way into a sale. They sell themselves to anyone else they can get to stand still for more than five minutes. But it does not work, because people like to buy, they don’t like to be sold. When You Try to Sell Yourself You Push People Away The harder you try to sell yourself to others, the more you push them away. A conversation where the other person tells you all about themselves, their accomplishments, and how great they are is a turnoff. It is a features dump. Think about it, the most unlikeable human in the world is the person standing in front of you talking about themself. You don’t walk away from that conversation thinking how much you would like to spend more time with them. Instead you think, “What a jerk,” or “How boring,” or “Wow,  that guy is full of himself.” We Love to Talk About Our Favorite Person Still, we do love the opportunity to sell ourselves. Most of us, if given the opportunity, will talk for hours about our favorite person, oblivious to the negative impact it has on how we are viewed by others. When pressed, experts who are quick to tell you to sell yourself, are unable to explain exactly how to do it. Sure, they will offer tips, but it's mostly hyperbole. Here is the brutal truth: You cannot sell yourself to others; you have to get others to buy you on their terms. You're Talking, They Aren't Buying Even if you are preceded by a great reputation and others are anticipating meeting you, your attempts to sell yourself can backfire. I learned this lesson at a speech I gave to a large dinner group. One of the audience members was such a big fan of one of my books, that he lobbied the meeting organizer to be seated right next to me. During dinner he asked me questions, and I talked and talked and talked—about me. A few days after the speech, I called the meeting organizer to follow up and offer my thanks. I thanked him for seating Daniel next to me and asked him if Daniel had had a good time. He hesitated for a moment and finally said, “I’m telling you this because I like you; but Daniel did not come away with a very good opinion of you.” It was like being punched in the gut!
7 min
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