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Knowing Oneself and Becoming A Superhuman Profitable Creator | Dane Maxwell
Jul 13, 2020 · 56 min
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In this episode of the Millionaire Mindcast, we have Dane Maxwell who shares insights about  some things that haven’t talk about before, explains what real but not true is, what is identity crisis & how to work with it, how to make friends with your mind, the best business to start with, and how to become a superhuman profitable creator!

Dane Maxwell is an entrepreneurial guru, Founder at Start from Zero, a platform that helps aspiring entrepreneurs to start a business with no ideas, no money, and no experience. He has built 2 million dollar businesses, he has 15 students that are all millionaires, very passionate about identity and creating very profitable enterprises, and building courses, and communities online making a difference for someone. 

According to Dane, the worst thing and the best thing that you think of yourself are just thoughts. That’s not who you are either. Knowing oneself and self-awareness is necessary to achieve a happier life. We buy into illusions that if something happens, it will make us happy but it’s not. When we are happy & free that’s who we are. 

On the other hand, Dane loves listening really deeply to people for their real problems. He listens to know whose life is going to improve. Ask quality questions and just listen to come up with solutions to a problem.  Dane reminds everyone that you’re worthy of helping someone and you’re worthy of solving someone’s problem.

Also, he suggested not being expert in the mechanism that you’re providing because real entrepreneurs are not the people mastering their mechanisms. Just believe in yourself that you can do it!

Some Questions I Ask:

  • Who is Dane Maxwell? How do you describe who you are to people that don’t know who you are? (01:20)
  • What is the narrative around identity right now that you do agree with or maybe don’t agree with that you think people should explore a little bit more that would serve them in a greater life? (11:21)
  • How do you keep that awareness up on a daily basis in entrepreneurial or in general? (17:39)
  • How do you find that balance that your ego doesn’t destroy you? (20:54)
  • How have you seen people strike that balance between themselves of being a conqueror and achiever, and being extremely present, intuitive, and creative and connected to source? (26:06)
  • How do you know when you really know yourself? (29:32)
  • What internal head game has served you at a high level and created the massive, valuable, impactful business that you’ve created over the last 20 years of your entrepreneurial journey? (32:35)
  • What is the mindset that people need to succeed in today’s current climate? (38:43)
  • If you have some tools or resources to share with them right now, what do you want to share with them? (41:13)
  • What are some of the things that you’re paying attention to right now that you want to push more into that will serve people and yourself at a higher level? (44:13)
  • How does someone exercise patience (44:59)
  • Does the training of an entrepreneur look the same for everybody or are there some core training fundamentals and principles that people can subscribe to? (47:05)
  • As you get to the stage of your career & being financially free and building wealth, why you’re still doing what you’re doing? (49:47)

In This Episode, You Will Learn

  • Believing a thought versus Noticing a thought (01:24)
  • Identity Addiction (03:29)
  • How to build metacognition (06:31)
  • Why identity does not make you happy (09:38)
  • The way to work your identity (15:42)
  • The methodology to make friends with your mind (21:29)
  • Why you should not put your products and sell it through Amazon (35:18)
  • The businesses that Dane can recommend (40:04)
  • How to become a superhuman profitable creator (47:24)


  • “It’s more fun to create than you could ever imagine.”
  • “Whatever you think of yourself is not who you are.”
  • “We are whatever we get to decide we want to be.”
  • “Identity does not make you happy.”
  • “The best gems are hidden in the dark.”
  • “When you’re okay with any experience you’re feeling, you’re in great territory.”
  • “You will know how to act when you know who you are.”
  • “Real entrepreneurs are not the people mastering their mechanisms.”
  • “Entrepreneurship is a sport.”

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Start from Zero book by Dane Maxwell

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