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The Keys To Confidence, Getting Rich And Becoming A 1%-er | Sam Bakhtiar
Apr 13, 2020 · 57 min
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In this episode of the Millionaire Mindcast, we have a great guest, Sam Bakhtiar who shares insights about winning goals, mastering your life and your time, how to build your confidence, and build huge results, gives tips on how to save money, some ways to get rich, and how to become A1%-er!

Sam Bakhtiar is a Chiropractic, a $100M dollar CEO, entrepreneur, author, and world-class bodybuilder. He runs a fitness franchising business, The Camp Transformation Center, with 110 locations that focus on transforming people's lives physically & mentally through exercise and nutrition. Sam has helped over 100,000 people transform physically and mentally. He specializes in helping people get to the top 1% in any and every aspect of their life, and become a 1%er. He is also the author of the popular books The Total Body Transformation Secrets and Becoming a One Percenter.

Also, he is a champion bodybuilder with 23 major bodybuilding titles including Mr. Orange County, Mr. Pittsburgh, Mr. California, Emerald Cup, Tournament of Champions, as well as placing runner up in Mr. USA. He has over 18 years’ experience in coaching professional, collegiate, and recreational athletes from all sports. Currently, Sam is a hands-on father of two beautiful girls, and passionate about coaching and mentoring young and upcoming entrepreneurs that need to see the bigger picture.

Dr. Bakhtiar has grown up in a culture that looked down on entrepreneurs; therefore, he got his chiropractor degree and opened a gym because he wanted to transform people’s lives. But Sam can’t transform the people without transforming himself first to boost his self-confidence. This led him to become a professional bodybuilder and later a champion not just in bodybuilding but in all areas of his life.

Sam saw his family members and friends start something but never did anything, thus he hated people who plan a lot without action. He didn’t let them influence him. Sam is all about thinking big and doing things one step at a time. He concentrates on what is in front of him, and is present at the moment. Execute daily to get not far in front of you. 

Moreover, Sam always goes back to gratitude and attacks the problem with the plan. According to him, you’ve got to plan your life. You’ve got to live by design and not by default because you just can’t wake up and win things. You’ve got to be intentional with everything, with your faith, with your fitness, with your finances, with your family, always have fun, and let loose. If you’re not going to do these you’ll be totally imbalanced.

You’ve got to master your time, master your productivity, so you can master your life. So, when things go wrong, don’t lose hope but strive hard to stand up.  There’s always a bright side of things. Don’t play like a victim of your failure, but put an action plan, see what you can do, what to give up, what needs to be adjusted, and execute the plan daily.  

Embrace every second of your journey and your failures.  The problems present a way for you to grow, and it will make you a better person. Without adversity, without obstacles, life is not worth living, and it will be boring.

On the other side, you have to have respect for money so that money will respect you. You’ve got to be militant with your budget and time management. There is a time and place for everything. It just becomes your decision that you want to get yourself to the next level but comes with the discipline of sticking to it.

“Stay focused on what you want to achieve and be relentless.”

Some Questions I Ask:

  • Where did your entrepreneurial journey start? (00:42)
  • How were you able to create this road map of success & how that evolved over time in your journey? (02:45)
  • How have you been able to exercise this daily discipline you’ve done with your body, mind, your family, and your business? (04:30)
  • What is the narrative you share with those individuals who are early on their journey that you want them to be careful of and understand? (09:47)
  • What do you say to those people that are really going through some challenging times? (14:14)
  • How have you been able to build and cultivate this confidence within you? (18:18)
  • What do you think is a principle or practice that has been tried and true 30 years ago and still true today that people are overlooking? (22:51)
  • If there were somebody that is starting on their financial fitness journey, what is the one thing you would tell them the discipline to commit to on a weekly or a monthly or a quarterly basis that will at least get them on that path? (26:53)
  • What pests you off right now and why? (29:20)
  • Tell us a little bit more about your belief in how to become A1%-er, what is that formula and DNA look like? (33:48)
  • What’s your favorite car and why? (39:42)
  • Who’s your favorite person to follow on social media and why? (40:39)
  • What’s your favorite thing to do with your daughters? (41:41)
  • What’s the next decade for Sam to look like? (46:09)

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • Ways to build something substantial. (03:06)
  • How to build huge results (05:24)
  • Why you should embrace your journey, failures, and obstacles. (11:20)
  • Sam’s analogy of life. (13:17)
  • Things that Sam have learned in his existence (14:46)
  • The keys to Confidence. (18:56)
  • Tips on how to save money. (23:11)
  • The way to get rich. (25:46)
  • What A1%-er is. (34:34)
  • Sam’s meaning of real success. (39:04)
  • Sam’s top three priorities. (42:53)
  • The biggest mistake that Sam has made. (47:14)


  • “Think big, go big but don’t lose focus on winning one day at a time.”
  • “You win the year by winning one battle at a time.”
  • “They started but they never have done anything.”
  • “It’s the little things that you do correctly every day that compounds to huge results.”
  • “You gotta plan your life.”
  • “You're gonna live by design but not default.”
  • “You just can’t wake up and win things.”
  • “You’ve got to master your time, master your productivity, so you can master your life.”
  • “Success without fulfillment is the greatest failure.”
  • “It’s not the material thing that’s going to fulfill you.”
  • “The journey of getting there was a lot meaningful than getting it.”
  • “Problems present a way for you to grow.”
  • “Without adversity, without obstacles, life is not worth living, it will be boring as fuck.”
  • “When it’s good, it’s not always gonna be good when it’s bad, it’s not always gonna be bad.”
  • “There’s always a bright side of things.”
  • “I feel like I can do anything if I put my mind to it.”
  • “If you want to live like no other, then you have to live like no other around.”
  • “You’ve got to be militant with your budget; you’ve got to be militant with your time management.”
  • “There’s a time and place for everything.”
  • “Bullying is life.”
  • “I just made a fucking decision that I want to be average and I execute that position.”
  • “When the pain of stay the same is greater than the pain of change, that’s when change happens.”
  • “When you get older, you realized that simplification is the ultimate form of sophistication.”
  • “Don’t play the wrong game.”
  • “Stay focused on what you want to achieve and be relentless.”

Resources Mentioned:

The Compound Effect book by Darren Hardy

What To Say When You Talk To Yourself book by Shad Helmstetter

The Richest Man in Babylon book by George Clason

Connect with Sam Bakhtiar on:



Mobile #: 909-200-4015



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