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The Mastermind Principle, Creating Massive Results, and Building Momentum Amid COVID-19 | Jason Medley
Sep 7, 2020 · 1 hr 2 min
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In this episode of the Millionaire Mindcast, we have a superb guest, Jason Medley who shares tips and perspectives on how to creates massive results, why integrations and connections are necessary to entrepreneurs, how to make a business healthy, the importance of Balance Sheet and what this pandemic reveals to everyone!

Jason is a serial entrepreneur, and CEO and Founder at The Collective Genius, a COMMUNITY of investors that is really focused around placing high caliber real estate investors on the FAST TRACK to becoming visionary leaders that scale their business, build wealth and give back. It brings together 140 of the nation’s top real estate investors on a quarterly basis to brainstorm about housing market changes and to share their most intimate secrets, strategies, resources and systems.

In 19 years of his career in real estate & finance, he has partnered in over 1300 multi-family doors with CG members and funded North of 1500 Loans. Therefore, Jason has built a strong foundation in his business, a huge wealth and portfolio. Hence, this pandemic doesn’t have an effect on the stability of his company and still be able to move forward towards his goals.

The connection is what Jason enjoys focusing on, that’s why he co-founded the Collective Genius (CG) that will celebrate its 10 years in February 2021. At the moment, it continues forming a strong community of entrepreneurs. Despite this quarantine, its 144 members still do life together and show up virtually for a mastermind. Accordingly, it still creates a community and massive results.

 Though it is typical to feel a little bit guilty about being very fortunate for doing well these days, he suggested staying humble and giving empathy on all sides. On the bad side, if you’re currently struggling, try to ask yourself why. For Jason, this pandemic reveals the real problem that you've been neglecting for so many years.

But even with Jason’s achievement, he admitted that there were times he still feels fears to fall down and to lose the momentum. But manage to flip the positive side and just create awareness. According to him, in order to win against COVID-19 is to focus and determine how you thrive and strive when an opportunity presents itself. Always be prepared for the opportunity.

 Besides, to win is to not wait for the pandemic to go away but learn to function in the environment you’re in right now and navigate it better than anybody else, be empathetic, and find the way to get the desired outcome. 

Some Questions I Ask:

  •  When did you start Collective Genius? (03:01)
  • How did Collective Genius come about? Where did this whole idea come from? (04:40)
  • What is a Mastermind? Why is it something of value to a business owner or to an investor? (07:35)
  • What do you like to focus on beyond the connections?  What are your identified superpowers or strengths that you like to spotlight that other people can pick and pull from in their own leadership journey?  (14:42)
  • How have you managed to balance being this hard-charging entrepreneur & still maintains that level of excellence in other areas of your life too? (19:16)
  • What are some of the big challenges you see many people struggling within their business that others could learn from? (23:55)
  • What are some of the things that you guys are paying attention to? What do you think, what do you see in? (37:20)

 In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • How the pandemic revealed the real problem that been neglecting for so many years (00:03)
  • The Mastermind Principle. (07:59)
  • The ‘genius thing’ of Collective Genius (17:02)
  • The biggest fight or challenge that Jason had faced (20:08)
  • The difference between doing what you than running the business (24:30)
  • Jason’s principle in business (29:04)
  • Why entrepreneurs should pay attention to their Balance Sheet (32:58)
  • The Dead Cat Balanced-what is it (38:30)
  • How to be a bankable person? (43:19)
  • Jason’s perspective about COVID-19 and pushing life forward (44:28)


  • “For the right person at the right time, a mastermind is a marked moment in time.”
  • Momentum is a precious thing.”
  • “Making money is a skill set, keeping money is a discipline.”
  • “Don’t get focused on the vanity numbers, get focused on the sanity numbers.”
  • “The best sales team is gonna win.”
  • “The biggest thing that you could focus right now, to determine how you thrive and strive when an opportunity presents itself. “
  • “There’s three truths: your truth, my truth, and there’s the truth.”                              

 Resources Mentioned:

Game Changers book by Mike Lupica


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