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Angel Investor Is Turning 100 Entrepreneurs Into Business Millionaires | Mark Haney
Jan 6, 2020 · 53 min
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In this episode of the Millionaire Mindcast, we have a humble and amazing guy, Mark Haney who shares his entrepreneurial adventure from managing video companies to a huge security company, how he has helped lots of entrepreneurs, talks about Angel Investing, and gives tips on how to create an amazing team and culture within your business, how to take yourself to the next level and achieve your goals and vision, and the things you ‘must-have’ to be successful!

Mark Haney is a serial entrepreneur, an Angel Investor, the Host of The Mark Haney Show, an amazing dad and husband, and Co-Founder of the Haney Business Ventures, a unique platform that includes digital & broadcast media, programs & events, business services, investment, and space, all designed to provide the next generation of entrepreneurs with access to the expertise, connections, and support they need to realize their dreams.

Along with his brother and friends, they started with 12 video stores who know nothing but keeping their harmonious relationships within the company. Mark admitted that he was not a perfect leader but trying to develop a system of leadership, and understand the culture he’s creating within his team. He believes that the right set of stakeholders in your life is a huge hint whether you win or lose. So being united as a team in growing and reaching their visions and goals is an advantage.

Mark is striving hard to grow faster as it will not only create an opportunity for him but for his team. He is obsessed with the process of making people better and building the right team. Therefore, he is currently building a team with entrepreneurs in Sacramento and investing in 37 companies, and looking forward to working with a hundred influential entrepreneurs to be business millionaires.

Just knowing what you want to accomplish is a good start, and hopefully, surround yourself with people that believed in your ‘why’!

Some Questions I Ask:

  • Where did your entrepreneurial journey did start? (01:59)
  • How do you grow your business to where you at right now? What’s your actual business strategy? (05:20)
  •  What were some of the most important things that people should have as part of the equation to become successful? (08:37)
  • Did you ever envision when you first started the video companies exiting and selling it? (16:09)
  • When did you start thinking about this second phase of your entrepreneurial career and journey? What did that whole transition look like for you? (19:24)
  • What is Angel Investing mean to you? (22:00)
  • What are some of the pitfalls that you see people who are pitching you the business ideas missing and kind of a whole package to you from an investor perspective  (25:04)
  • Are there any rule thumbs in your world that people should internalize as they’re starting and structuring their business? (31:34)
  • What’s been one of your biggest takeaways recently from some of the business owners that you’ve interviewed that is something you want to pass along to that 20-year-old of you?  (44:46)

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • Mark's greatest learning experience. (06:38)
  • Mark's best decision he has ever made as a CEO. (10:59)
  • Impostor Syndrome of entrepreneurs. (13:26)
  • Mark’s billion-dollar dream. (17:21)
  • What are the traits of a good founder. (27:18)
  • Creating a hundred millionaire business partners in the backyard. (28:09)
  • Roots of entrepreneurship. (32:53)
  • Shiny Objects Syndrome – what is it. (36:56)
  • When is the time to pivot. (40:35)


  •  “If you put the right people in your life, it's not quite so scary.”


  • “None of us is great at everything.”
  • “I had more success than I was expecting.”
  • “Just being comfortable in your own skin.”
  • “I always think of myself as a team guy.”
  • “Just be you.”
  • “Just knowing what you want to accomplish is a good start.”
  • “Nobody builds a truly great business alone.”
  • “A startled strategy is the biggest recipe for disaster.”


  •  “Until you’re number 1 in the market, you’ll probably have unleashed your full potential.”

Resources Mentioned:

Exceptional Service, Exceptional Profit book by Leonardo Inghilleri and Micah Solomon

Mining for Diamonds book by Patricia M. Fero

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