Dare to Think | Mere Liberty Podcast
Kerry Baldwin
To challenge and rethink our paradigms for understanding society, by applying reformed theology and philosophy to politics, religion, and culture, in order to encourage individual freedom and responsibility within our own spheres of influence. Mere Liberty is about liberty at its most fundamental core. It’s stripping away the rhetoric that we’ve become accustomed to hearing and challenging the paradigms that face us today. Mere Liberty is not about politics per se, rather it’s about the philosophies (and theology) behind the problems presented in politics and culture. Challenging the manner in which we see these problems will push us to think beyond mere political solutions that in effect isolate us from own responsibility, and eschewing responsibility means relinquishing our associated freedoms. Mere Liberty has two ongoing series: Dare To Think which is geared toward the educated layperson and Flashes of Liberty which is for everyone.
Dare to Think | Mere Liberty Podcast
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