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71: Three Reasons Why Men Stop Going to Church
Jan 17, 2019 · 38 min
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Why are more men not attending church or staying connecting with another body of believers?  Whether it’s in a big congregation or a smaller Acts based church meeting in someone’s home for Bible study, prayer and fellowship some men are checking out spiritually.  Jeff and today’s guest, Steve Bonenberger, discuss 3 reasons why this is happening and what the body of Christ can do about it.  You’ll also hear another reason along with some ways you can overcome this as a man.  If you’re a pastor struggling to reach the men of your community, this episode will give you practical solutions to engage those within your community spiritually and relationally.

Key Tips:

  • Whatever your situation is as a man, you’re not alone.  God is right there.  Also, there are communities of men you can reach out to.  Reach out to Men Unplugged and be part of the growing Men Unplugged community.  
  • Whatever your age and stage of life as a man, whatever your uncertainties, personal struggles, family issues, or financial troubles they are not a reason to abandon God.
  • No matter what’s going on in your life, good or bad, a big part of that purpose is to seek the face of God.  To find comfort and rest in Jesus Christ.
  • It’s ok to not be okay.  In the middle of that mess is where God finds people.
  • If you’re a pastor or ministry leader be sensitive to the need’s of the men in your church.
  • If you’re a pastor at a local church or a ministry leader at a smaller Acts based church meeting in someone’s home, reach out to Jeff Jerina at Men Unplugged for help in reaching men within your community.

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